Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub

Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub is a future Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) currently under construction.

The interchange will be located next to Jurong East MRT Station along the East West Line, North South Line, and the upcoming Jurong Island Line.

Jurong East region

Bus interchanges in Jurong East have undergone several changes since the first interchange opened in 1985. This original interchange closed in 2011 to make way for a new Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) expected to be developed on the existing site, so buses were shifted to the first Jurong East Temporary Bus Interchange (2011-2020).

However, changes to planning decisions led to the new ITH being sited with a new MOT-LTA building located at the site of the first temporary interchange. As a result, in 2020, operations shifted to the second Jurong East Temporary Bus Interchange (2020-~2027) across the road.


Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub will be constructed as part of Contract J120 – Design and Construction of Integrated Transport Hub at Jurong East, which was awarded to China Communications Construction Company Limited (Singapore Branch) at a contract value of S$477.4 million in February 2021.



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4 thoughts on “Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub

  • 29 March 2024 at 7:28 AM

    [sorry, i know i wrote 3 times already. please take this final version, and reject the earlier 2 versions.]

    Recently, at the Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub telegram group (https://t.me/rlec1j120), they posted one video showing the scale model of Jurong East ITH, with emphasis on the bus interchange component.

    From what I see in the video,
    Approximate number of lots at the Jurong East ITH = (9 lots x 3 rows) + (8 lots x 1 row)
    = 27 + 8
    = 35 lots.

    The 1st generation Jurong East TBI got 44 lots.

    That’s like, approximately 79% of the original Jurong East bus interchange capacity, that time when it was at the 1st generation temporary bus interchange. Which had 21 bus routes.

    79% Ă— 21 = 16.59 bus routes.

    If my approximation is correct, this means a reduction of 4 to 5 bus routes.

    Jurong Town Hall Bus Interchange has already taken over 5 of the bus routes that used to call at the 1st generation Jurong East temporary bus interchange.

    Most probably, whatever is left at the 2nd generation Jurong East temporary bus interchange will move over to the Jurong East ITH when it is ready.

    Whereas for Jurong Town Hall Bus Interchange, I think eventually, eventually, when CRL up and the Jurong Country Club area got more things, it will become a ITH on its own. Now 6 bus routes. Probably a small ITH with 18 lots, that can cater to 9 bus routes eventually.

    This pretty much solves all the mathematical questions regarding bus interchange capacity at Jurong East.

  • 2 May 2023 at 7:56 PM

    I have seen renders of the Jurong East ITH, it looks like almost all of the 1st floor will be dedicated to the bus interchange, which means to say the bus interchange may have around 20 to 30 bus parking lots.

    A safe estimation would be 25 bus parking lots, which means around 12 bus routes. This means 6 or 7 bus routes would really have to be re-routed to originate from other bus interchanges.

    • 27 May 2023 at 6:15 PM

      To be honest, there’s no need to think until so complicated.

      The Jurong East Integrated Transport Hub (ITH), judging from the artist impressions available in the Jurong East ITH construction telegram group, will probably have no end-on lots. Instead, it will be all layover bays, with approximately 4 diagonal rows, each with approximately 9 lots. Which means to say, we can expect up to 36 parking lots.

      The previous Jurong East Temporary Bus Interchange (TBI) had 44 parking lots. If the Jurong East ITH can have up to 36 parking lots, it would mean a reduction of 18% from the previous Jurong East TBI, which had 19 bus routes. (18% = 3.42)

      2 bus routes, 78 and 79, already not calling at Jurong East TBI since the relocation in late 2020. Probably another 2 more bus routes, by the time the Jurong East ITH replaces the current Jurong East TBI (could be earlier, as in, route amendment in tandem with the opening of the nearby Jurong Town Hall Bus Interchange).

      Personally, I would recommend the other 2 bus routes to be 506 (which has very low utilisation rate and can actually be cancelled), and 49 (logically speaking, 49’s catchment is only at Taman Jurong and Hong Kah, and they take the bus to and fro Lakeside MRT station, not Jurong East bus interchange or Jurong East MRT station.

      78, 79, 506 and 49 can be re-routed to the nearby Jurong Town Hall Bus Interchange. The remaining 15 bus routes at Jurong East TBI can be entirely relocated to the Jurong East ITH when it is ready.

      This pretty much solves the mathematical question.

      • 3 October 2023 at 11:20 AM

        lol what no need make it so complicated u making it more complicated instead


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