Changi East Depot

Changi East Depot
Artists Impression
Artists Impression
Location Changi East
Lines Served   Cross Island Line
Operator TBA
Type At-grade
Rolling Stock TBA
Opening 2030

Changi East MRT Depot is a future MRT train depot serving the Cross Island Line (CRL). The depot is a 57-hectare at-grade rail depot in the Changi East region, adjacent to Aviation Park Road, Tanah Merah Coast Road and the northeast edge of Changi Airport.

Changi East MRT Depot will house the Operations Control Centre and provide stabling and maintenance facilities for 70 CRL trains. It will be one of two depots serving the Cross Island Line; another depot in the Tuas West region is currently under planning, and will be located on the former site of Raffles Country Club.

In an press release by the Land Transport Authority in January 2019, it was stated that the depot provides “stabling and maintenance facilities for up to 80 CRL trains”. However, in a May 2021 update, the figure was revised to “70 CRL trains”.


Changi East Depot will be constructed as part of Contract CR101 – Design and Construction of Changi East Depot, which was awarded to China Jingye Engineering Corporation Limited (Singapore Branch) at a value of $1.05 billion in May 2021.

The construction contract includes architectural, civil, structural, electrical and mechanical works, along with the provision of administration, maintenance, operation and support facilities in the depot

Construction is expected to commence in second half of 2021 with completion slated for 2030.

Contract CR102Design and Construction of Tunnels between Aviation Park Station and Depot was awarded to Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co (Singapore) Pte Ltd – LT Sambo Co., Ltd. (Singapore Branch) Joint Venture at a contract value of $780 million in December 2021.

Engineering Highlights – Contract CR102

The 6 kilometres long tunnels will be constructed under Aviation Park Road at an approximate depth of 20 metres below ground level. At their deepest, the tunnels are expected to be around 40 metres deep, compared to other stations which are typically around 30 metres deep. The ground conditions in this area are expected to be challenging as they comprise thick layers of underlying soft marine clay and extensive works will have to be carried out to strengthen the soil condition to ensure that construction works proceed safely. The works will be carried out under strict compliance to regulations including aviation height restrictions given its proximity to the Changi Airport compound. LTA and the contractor will monitor the works closely to ensure that they are carried out safely and take measures to minimise any inconvenience.


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