Changi East Depot

Changi East Depot
Artists Impression
Artists Impression
Location Changi East
Lines Served   Cross Island Line
Operator TBA
Type At-grade
Rolling Stock TBA
Opening 2029

Changi East MRT Depot is a future MRT train depot serving the Cross Island Line (CRL). Currently under planning, the depot is envisioned as a 57-hectare at-grade rail depot in the Changi East region, adjacent to Aviation Park Road, Tanah Merah Coast Road and the northeast edge of Changi Airport.

Changi East MRT Depot will house the Operations Control Centre and provide stabling and maintenance facilities for about 80 CRL trains. It will be one of two depots serving the Cross Island Line; another depot in the Tuas West region is currently under planning, and will be located on the former site of Raffles Country Club.

Changi East Depot will be constructed as part of Contract CR101 – Design and Construction of Changi East Depot.

More details will be released when made available.


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  • 1 February 2019 at 8:14 AM

    Most likely the operator will be smrt


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