Linkker LM312 Electric Bus launched on Bus Services 38, 40, 176 & 976

The Linkker LM312 Electric Bus has been launched on 25 August 2021, operating on Bus Services 38, 40, 176 & 976.

20 units of the Linkker LM312 have been acquired by the Land Transport Authority as part of efforts to build a more environmentally friendly public bus fleet. These buses are the first public buses in Singapore to be charged via overhead pantographs at bus interchanges.

Overhead pantograph chargers were installed at Bukit Panjang Integrated Transport Hub and Bedok Integrated Transport Hub to support the daily operations of these buses.

All 20 buses were registered between 13 July–13 August 2021. The first unit (SG3088R) was registered to SBS Transit on 13 July 2021, while the first unit for SMRT Buses (SG3073H) was registered on 19 July 2021.

All units are expected to enter service by the end of this year, as stated in an LTA press release in October 2020 (having been delayed from 2020).

First Day Observations

The Linkker LM312 was launched in the afternoon of 25 August 2021.

  • Bus 38
    SG3071M* SG3079S SG3082G SG3088R SG3089M
  • Bus 40
    SG3070R SG3072K SG3078U
  • Bus 176
    SG3083D SG3084B SG3085Z SG3086X
  • Bus 976

*SG3071M broke down at Bedok South Road.


  • From 25 Aug 2021 – Bus Services 38, 40176
  • 25 Aug 2021 to Jul 2022; 10 Oct 2022 onwards – Bus Service 976


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