Ulu Pandan Bus Depot Carnival

Singapore Bus Academy

Unlike the previous 3 LTA Depots, Ulu Pandan Bus Depot is the first to house Singapore Bus Academy’s Bus Technical Specialist Certification Centre (BTSCC). Previously launched on 28 August 2018, the BTSCC supports the training needs of technicians by providing a conducive environment for technical training and certification, with specialised training facilities that use innovative technologies such as augmented reality and tablet devices to provide an interactive learning experience

BTSCC features 3 training rooms and individual rooms for Chassis, Digital Technology (Augmented Reality), Door System, Engine System, Transmission System, as well as a general space for Brake, Steering & Suspension, and Air-Conditioning System.

The Digital Technology Room allows trainees to learn about the parts and workings of a bus engine through Augmented Reality, which was produced in partnership with EON Reality. Visitors were offered an experience of the technology using tablets displaying a Volvo D9B Engine.

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An appreciation board was set up for visitors to pen messages of appreciation to public transport workers. A game board, “Know My Bus Services”, also allowed visitors to test their knowledge of bus services under the Bukit Merah Bus Package. A paperbus folding station was also set up for visitors to keep as a memorabilia.

Apart from the chassis display, several booths were also set up by vendors.

  • Esso (Diesel Fuel)
  • Volvo Buses
  • Talonz Technologies Pte Ltd (Video Analytics)
  • TNT Surveillance (iSafe consisting of Golden Eye Driver Anti-Fatigue System, Mobileye Anti-Collision Alert System & Safe Green Eco Telematics System)
  • SolarGy Pte Ltd (Photovoltaic Solar Panel System)
  • NEWater
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11 thoughts on “Ulu Pandan Bus Depot Carnival

  • 4 October 2018 at 9:12 PM

    Do all bus services’ buses assigned to Bukit Merah Bus Package be eventually transferred to Ulu Pandan Depot? I noticed for instance service 145 buses some of them are still coming from Braddell Bus Park.

    • 16 October 2018 at 8:58 PM

      Some routes not belonging to Bukit Merah contract are also based at UPDEP. These are 65, 80 and 132.


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