SMRT Worker’s Transport Service

See Employee Bus Services.

Worker’s Transport Service (commonly abbreviated WT) are non-scheduled bus services mostly plying between bus depots and housing estates or dormitories. They primarily serve SMRT depot staff members, mostly Bus Captains, as a means of getting to and from work during the after-hours when public transport ceases to operate. They are similar to SBS Transit’s Employee Bus Services.

Route Information
Route Plies between bus depots and housing estates / dormitories
Passes Through Calls at enroute stops; no fixed route
Fares Free travel
Operator Information
Current Operator SMRT Buses
Current Depot All depots
Current Fleet Any available bus, usually single-deck buses

Worker’s Transport Services are numbered with the prefix “WT”, followed by a number, starting from 1 and ascending in numerical order. The exact number of WT services are unknown, but service numbers as high as WT23 have been spotted.

These services do not ply fixed routes, but they do have specific areas of coverage. Hence, they benefit SMRT employees which live around certain areas. As a company shuttle bus, travel is free but only available to employees of SMRT. Some WTs also ply between bus depots and bus parks.

WT services are part of SMRT Buses’ internal bus operations and detailed information is unavailable to the public. As such, deployments and routings are largely based on observations.


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