Go-Ahead Bus Service 68

Go-Ahead Bus Service 68 is an trunk service serving between Pasir Ris Bus Interchange and Tampines Bus Interchange, via Elias Road, Pasir Ris Street 71, Tampines Avenue 10 and Tampines Concourse.

Go-Ahead Bus Service 68 will be launched on 1 April 2018.

Bus Service 68: Pasir Ris ↺ Tampines
From Pasir Ris
Looping at Tampines
  • Pasir Ris Dr 3
    – Pasir Ris Int EW1
    – Blk 500A
    – Pasir Ris Elias CC
  • Elias Rd
    – Elias Mall
    – Blk 613
    – Opp Ris Grandeur
  • Pasir Ris St 71
    – Blk 778
    – Bet Blks 771/772
  • Pasir Ris Dr 10
    – Blk 741
  • Pasir Ris Dr 1
    – Blk 740
  • Pasir Ris Dr 12
    Blk 747A
  • Tampines Ave 10
    – Aft TPE
    – Opp HNS Micro Siltronic
    – Opp Tampines Dormitory
  • Tampines Ave 11
    – Opp Reebonz Bldg
  • Tampines Ave 6 (Express)
  • Tampines Ave 9 (Express)
  • Tampines Concourse
    – The Tampines Trilliant
    – Opp Blk 519A
  • Tampines Ctrl 1
    – Tampines Int EW2DT32
  • Tampines Concourse
    – Blk 519A
    – Bet Blks 524B/523D
  • Tampines Ave 9 (Express)
  • Tampines Ave 6 (Express)
  • Tampines Ave 11
    – Reebonz Bldg
  • Tampines Ave 10
    – Tampines Dormitory
    – Bef Tampines Ind Ave 5
    – Bef TPE
  • Pasir Ris Dr 12
    – Aft TPE
  • Pasir Ris Dr 1
    – Blk 738
  • Pasir Ris Dr 10
    – Meridian JC
  • Pasir Ris St 71
    – Opp Blks 771/772
    – Opp Blk 778
  • Elias Rd
    – Ris Grandeur
    – Blk 638
    – Blk 633
  • Pasir Ris Dr 3
    – Opp Pasir Ris Elias CC
    – Opp Blk 500A
    – Pasir Ris Int EW1


Technical Information
Route Pasir Ris Bus InterchangeTampines Bus Interchange
Passes Through Elias Rd, Pasir Ris St 71, Tampines Ave 10, Tampines Ave 11, Tampines Concourse
Route Length TBC km
Traveling Time 65 mins
Operator Information
BCM Route Package Loyang Bus Package
Current Operator Go-Ahead Singapore
(Go Ahead Loyang Pte Ltd)
Current Depot Loyang Bus Depot
Current Fleet TBC
Departure Times from Pasir Ris
0530hrs – 2345hrs (Daily)
Departure Times from Tampines 0530hrs – 0015hrs (Daily)
Frequency Loop Service

Service 68 serves as a residential trunk route connecting the estates of Pasir Ris West and Tampines North. It serves residential developments along Elias Rd, Pasir Ris St 71 and Tampines Concourse with enhanced connectivity to transport nodes at Pasir Ris and Tampines, and key amenities such as the Tampines Retail Park (Courts, Giant, IKEA), Our Tampines Hub, Tampines Mall, Tampines One and White Sands Shopping Mall. It was launched on 1 April 2018.

The route is operated by Go-Ahead Singapore under the Loyang Bus Package. It was slated to be launched in April 2017, but later delayed to April 2018, likely as a result of new roads under construction in Tampines North Estate, such as Tampines Avenue 11 and Tampines Avenue 6 (Extension).

In tandem with the surrounding developments in the Tampines North Estate, 3 more pairs of bus stops will be added in the future to serve the Build-to-order (BTO) flats of Tampines Greenview, Tampines Greenweave, Tampines Greenridges and Tampines Greenverge along Tampines Avenue 6.

MRT Stations Served:

Special Departures:
  • Tampines Ctrl 1 (Tampines Int) → Pasir Ris Int
    Daily: 0530hrs, 0545hrs

Fare: Charges basic distance fares. See Bus Fares. Calculate your bus fare using LTA’s fare calculator on MyTransport.sg here.

Service 68 Route Launch Poster
Service 68 Route Launch Poster

Operator History:

  • 2018: Go Ahead Loyang Pte Ltd

The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) for this route will be renewed in 2021 under the Loyang Bus Package.

Route History:

  • 2018 (01 Apr): Route Launched. Wheelchair-accessible at launch


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10 thoughts on “Go-Ahead Bus Service 68

  • 22 March 2018 at 11:09 AM

    Hopefully for this fleet,LTA will lease 4 SG A22 and the 3 A95.

  • 2 March 2018 at 11:46 AM

    Will be using Tampines berth 7

    • 18 March 2018 at 10:41 AM

      Hi, This Go Ahead Singapore Bus Service 68 Will Be Launch On Next Sunday 25th Of March 2018.

      This Is My Handphone Number Is [Removed].
      From Nicholas Lee Jun Hui.

  • 1 October 2017 at 4:48 PM

    Maybe GAS Svc.68 Might be launced next year?????


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