GrabWheels – eScooter Sharing

GrabWheels is an electric scooter sharing service launched in late-2018 in Singapore. It currently operates in National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Central Business District area.

GrabWheels’ starting prices are SGD $0.50 every 30 minutes with no deposit required. Users simply need to connect with their GrabPay account to start riding.

Electric Scooters can be found at GrabWheels’ parking stations across its operation areas provided by parking partners. These can be easily identified by green floor decals, or the ‘P’ logo on the app. Currently, there are 25 parking stations in NUS and around 50 parking stations in the Central Business District area.

GrabWheels uses Segway Electric Scooters which provide a range of 45km on full charge. The electric brake and accelerator can be found on the left and right sides of the handle respectively, while a foot brake is available on the back wheel for emergency purposes. The scooters have a top speed of 25km/h, and climb slight terrains effortlessly. However on steeper terrains, riders may need to dismount and push the scooter.

Insurance coverage is included in all rides, and the e-scooters meet regulation standards – a maximum weight of 20kg, maximum width of 70cm, and maximum motorized speed of 25km/h – as stipulated by the Active Mobility Act and the UL2272 fire safety standard.

To prevent errant parking, users are required to scan the QR code located at parking stations in order to end their trip.

GrabWheels was launched as a three-month pilot trial in NUS on 23 November 2018 with 8 initial parking stations. Users were charged $0.20 every 30 minutes. Since 21 December 2018, GrabWheels was rolled out to the public and made available both in NUS and CBD at a starting price of $0.50 every 30 minutes.

Available on the Play Store and App Store.

Prices (accurate as of 21 December 2018)

Normal Rides $0.50 every 30 minutes
Commuter Plan
50 rides for 30 days
Flexible Plan
20 rides for 14 days
Starter Plan
10 rides for 7 days

Plans covers first 30 minutes of each ride, and $0.50 every 30 minutes thereafter.


Parking Stations in National University of Singapore

  • Kent Ridge Bus Terminal
  • Ventus Bus Stop
  • AS3 Bus Stop
  • Computer Centre
  • AS8
  • University Sports Centre
  • Yusof Ishak House
  • Ridge View Residential College
  • University Hall
  • Science Drive 4 in front of Lee Wee Kheng Building
  • Faculty of Science S15
  • Faculty of Science S17
  • Faculty of Science Bus Stop
  • Prince George’s Park Bus Terminal
  • TCOMS Bus Stop
  • BIZ2 Bus Stop
  • Kent Ridge Hall
  • Mochtar Riady Building
  • UTown Dover Entrance Bus Stop
  • UTown Tembusu Bus Stop
  • UTown ERC, 2nd floor above Starbucks
  • UTown SRC Bus Stop
  • NUS UTown Bus Stop
  • Alice Lee Plaza
  • Kent Vale

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