Causeway Link CW2

Causeway Link CW2 is a 24-hour cross-border bus service operated by Malaysian bus operator Handal Indah (Causeway Link), connecting Queen Street Bus Terminal and Johor Bahru CIQ Complex via the Causeway. It is one of three Causeway Link routes across the Causeway, alongside CW1 and CW5.

Commuters can start and end their journeys at Larkin Bus Terminal for the same fare by transferring to Causeway Link CWL at JB CIQ. However, passengers boarding at Larkin must pay a facilities charge on top of the bus fare.

Johor Bahru Checkpt
Johor Bahru
W’Lands Checkpt
Woodlands Crossing
Queen St Ter
Queen St
Queen St Ter
Queen St
W’Lands Checkpt
Woodlands Crossing
Johor Bahru Checkpt
Johor Bahru

Route Overview
Route JB CIQ ↔ Queen Street Bus Terminal
Passes Through Woodlands CIQ
Operator Information
Current Operator Handal Indah Sdn Bhd (Causeway Link)
Operating Hours
Departure Timings from JB CIQ
24-hour operation
Departure Timings from Queen Street
24-hour operation
From JB CIQ / Queen Street
15–20 mins day frequency | 45 mins night frequency (23:00–5:00)
5 mins (Peak hours, 0400–0800 and 1700–2200)
Subject to prevailing traffic conditions
From JB CIQ (night) 2300 2345 0030 0115 0200 0245 0330 0415
From Queen St (night) 2345 0030 0115 0200 0245 0330 0415 0500
Fare Information
Fare Section fare payment, ManjaLink/Visa Card accepted.
EZ-Link accepted from Queen Street (unavailable from 23:30–6:30)
RM4.80 (Max) towards Queen Street, S$4.80 (Max) towards JB / Larkin
CW2 buses at Queen Street Terminal
CW2 buses at Queen Street Terminal

Service CW2 is a cross-border route connecting Queen Street Bus Terminal to Johor Bahru CIQ via the Causeway. The route is one of three daily cross-border bus services operating out of Queen Street, along with Service 170 and the Singapore-Johore Express.

Causeway-plying CW services do not stop at any bus stops in Singapore except the designated boarding point (at Queen Street for CW2). Due to varying traffic conditions at the Causeway, travel times and waiting times may increase significantly when traffic congestion occurs.

The route duplicates the Singapore-Johore Express (SJE) entirely between Queen Street and JB CIQ. Service 170 on the other hand, plies a local route between Queen Street and Woodlands CIQ Complex via Bukit Timah and Upper Bukit Timah, and as a result, has a significantly longer journey time. Crossing the border, Causeway Link offers greater flexibility with passengers able to board any Causeway Link bus across the causeway after clearing immigration (Causeway Link operates a total of 3 routes).

Formerly a day-time service only (04:00–22:30 from JB CIQ; 06:30–23:45 from Queen Street), the service was converted to 24-hour operation starting from 1 August 2022, at 12 am.

To and from Larkin Terminal

Causeway Link operates a connecting bus service CWL between JB CIQ and Larkin Sentral. It accepts valid tickets purchased by connecting passengers from CW2. From Larkin to JB CIQ, the route also sells CW1/CW2/CW5 tickets to Singapore-bound passengers. Kindly inform the CWL driver of your intended final destination in Singapore (Kranji / Queen Street / Newton Circus) to be charged the correct fare from Larkin towards JB CIQ.

Passengers at JB CIQ heading towards Larkin Sentral can board Service CWL to Larkin Sentral after clearing immigration. Between Larkin Sentral and JB CIQ, CWL also serves additional stops along Skudai Highway (Kedai Motor Susuh & Opp Bomba Larkin towards Larkin and Opp Kedai Motor Susuh towards JB CIQ.

Fares & Inter-Checkpoint Transfer:

Causeway Link buses accept fare payment in cash and contactless card. A printed ticket will be issued upon cash fare payment.

At each checkpoint on the Singapore and Malaysian side of the border, passengers will have to alight and clear customs before boarding the bus again. When travelling between Woodlands CIQ Complex and Johor Bahru CIQ Complex in either direction, commuters may board any Causeway Link bus (Service CW1, CW2 or CW5) with a valid ticket. Commuters using contactless card options should tap their card upon entry.


Charges section fares. Only Singapore currency is accepted when boarding the bus in Singapore, and Malaysian currency is accepted when boarding from Malaysia.

Causeway Link – Causeway route fares (CW1, CW2, CW5)
From Singapore to JB CIQ or Larkin Adult Fare (Cashless) Adult Fare (Cash) Concession Fare (Card/Cash)
From Kranji MRT or Woodlands Checkpoint S$2.00 / *S$1.80 S$2.60 S$1.30
From Queen Street S$4.80 S$4.80 S$2.40
From Newton Circus S$4.60 S$4.60 S$2.30
From JB CIQ / Larkin to Singapore Adult Fare (Cashless) Adult Fare (Cash) Concession Fare (Card/Cash)
To Woodlands Checkpoint or Kranji MRT RM2.60 RM2.60 RM1.30
To Queen Street RM4.80 RM4.80 RM2.40
To Newton Circus RM4.60 RM4.60 RM2.30
Non-cross border fares Adult Fare (Cashless) Adult Fare (Cash) Concession Fare (Card/Cash)
JB CIQ → Larkin RM2.60 RM2.60 RM1.30
Woodlands Checkpoint → Kranji MRT / Queen St / Newton Circus Same as fares from JB CIQ / Larkin to Singapore (S$2.00 / S$4.80 / S$4.60)
  • Cashless payment by EZ-Link only from Singapore
  • Cashless payment via Manjalink / Visa credit card accepted on all route sectors
  • * = Promotional fare of S$1.80 for Woodlands Checkpoint → JB CIQ / Larkin sector for Manjalink card only, starting 15 May 2023
  • Passengers boarding at Larkin must pay an extra RM1 facilities charge on top of the bus fare.
  • Terms & Conditions on Causeway Link website

More detailed fare information for Manjalink users and concession fares are attached in a separate section below.


Fare Information for Contactless Card users

Contactless card users must tap-in when boarding Causeway Link cross-border services. No tap-out is required.

Fares are deducted in stages. For example, when boarding CW1 at JB CIQ towards Singapore, passengers will be charged RM2.60 for the inter-checkpoint sector. When re-boarding the bus at Woodlands Checkpoint, tapping the ManjaLink card on the reader will not further deduct any fare, as the fare from Malaysia to Singapore (Woodlands Checkpoint or Kranji MRT) is the same.

Cashless payment by EZ-Link is accepted only from Singapore.

Fare Information for ManjaLink users

As the ManjaLink card is loaded with values in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), passengers boarding from Singapore and paying fares in Singapore Dollars (SGD) will be deducted in MYR based on the prevailing exchange rate determined by ManjaLink, rounded up to the nearest 10 cents. The prevailing exchange rate for ManjaLink can be found on the ManjaLink website.

Concession Fares

From Johor Bahru to Singapore, children under 7 years old travel free, and half-price concession fares are applicable to:

  • Children between 7 and 12 years old
  • Students in primary and secondary school uniform
  • Senior Citizens aged 60 and above
  • Persons with disabilities holding the OKU Card

From Singapore, half-price concession fares are applicable to:

  • Children below 12 years old

Route Map towards JB Customs
Route Map towards Queen Street

  • 2004 (7 Oct): Introduced between Larkin Ter and Ban San Street (Queen St Ter). Fares were $2.40 from Singapore and RM2.40 from Malaysia.
  • 2006 (1 Jun): Fares from JB to Singapore increased from RM2.40 to RM2.50
  • 2013 (18 Nov): Fares increased: RM2.60 from JB / S$2.50 from Singapore
  • 2014 (6 Oct): Fares increased to S$3.30 from Singapore / RM3.40 from JB after an increase in Causeway toll charges
  • 2020 (18 Mar): Suspended amid COVID-19 pandemic cross-border travel restrictions
  • 2022 (1 May): Services resumed after the lifting of cross-border travel restrictions. Fares increased to $4.80 from Singapore and RM4.80 from Malaysia.
  • 2022 (1 Aug): Start of 24-hour operations
  • 2023 (May): Improvement of peak-hour frequencies to ~5 mins per bus during peak hours [Link]

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    CW2 bus time every 45minutes have bus but 2:40 I reach ready, here no bus. Is it time chart bus correct or they not follow. Which time I and my friends follow? Pls ask your team update the timing of arrive bus timing.

  • 15 November 2019 at 3:38 PM

    3 choices to get from Singapore to Johor:
    Bus 170
    Bus CW2

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    Yesterday I a very BAD EXPERIENCE , yesterday between 5pm-6pm was very busy during the working hours. We queue (1 an half hours in the line ) waited for 4th to 5th bus only we manage to get on the bus. while on the way up the bus, an old local ah beng uncle ( CW2 bus worker) shouted ( with rude tone) & stop my sister from going up the bus. He pro-claim we didn’t queue up. Come on laAAA!!!! , we already in the line for nearly an hour , we even have witness behind us too. WHY YOUR STAFF ah beng uncle can just shouted like mad dog to my little sister? his colleague also told him that we are in the queue. but ah beng uncle dont care, he keep using his finger pointing on me & my sis. he even never apologize but keep shouting and shouting and shouting… OH MY GOD !! DAMN Rude sial !!! this old ah beng uncle should be send to anger management !! I hope that he can change his temper & bad attitude, We are all human being , he don’t have to treat people like animals. hopefully CW2 management can look into it.

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    pls arrange more bus !!!!waiting more than half hour,bus still not coming!!!!


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