Early Closure of Punggol LRT Line (December 2019)

Early Closure along the Punggol LRT (PGLRT) line will take place on Saturday, 7 December 2019, for maintenance works, with last trains departing Punggol at around 10:15 pm.

News of the closure was released on 3 December 2019. This is the second time in 2019 that the Punggol LRT has been affected by early closures at short notice; two months earlier, early closure and late opening of the Sengkang-Punggol LRT system for urgent maintenance works was announced just 1 day before the closure.

Affected LRT Stations

Punggol LRT
East Loop
West Loop

Note: PW2 Teck Lee is not affected as the station is not in operation.

Affected Hours & Dates

  • During Early Closure on Saturday, 7 December 2019,
    last trains for the East & West Loops will depart at around 10:15 pm from Punggol LRT Station.

Shuttle Bus Services

Shuttle Bus Services plying the East and West loops will be provided, stopping at all affected LRT stations.

However, unlike the previous Sengkang & Punggol LRT Early Closure event two months ago, fares will be charged for the shuttle bus services, which follow the same fare structure as the LRT.

Shuttle Operating Hours

From Punggol Bus Interchange:

First Bus Last Bus
Punggol LRT Bridging Bus (East Loop) 2215 hrs 0040 hrs
Punggol LRT Bridging Bus (West Loop) 2215 hrs 0040 hrs

Shuttle Bus Service Route

Previous occurrences

Two months earlier, in October 2019, the Sengkang-Punggol LRT system was closed early for urgent maintenance works. The Early Closure & Late Opening was announced on 3 October 2019, the day before it took place on 4 October 2019. However, the late opening was cancelled and train service returned to normal on the morning of Sunday, 5 October 2019, after works were completed during the Early Closure the night before.


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