Volvo B10BLE


The front portion of the bus seats three-abreast with a central aisle running the length of the bus. Grab poles and overhead hand grips are located on both sides of the aisle. All seats also have hand grips to provide commuters with additional support.

Bus stopping bell-pushes are located around the bus cabin, mounted to stanchion poles. Emergency hammers are mounted on pillars in-between windows.

At the front of the bus, located just behind the driver, is a granny seat for one. The ticket validator is retained as a ticket printer after magnetic farecards were phased out, and issues paper tickets as proof of cash payment.

The bus also features a small standing area opposite the exit door. Although the bus features a low-entry design, no wheelchair ramp was installed or retrofitted to this bus. In other regions, wheelchair ramps are installed and the standing area doubles as a wheelchair bay.

Towards the rear of the bus are more forward-facing seats. The last row of the bus has five forward-facing seats.

Driver’s Compartment:

Gallery (Diesel variant):

Gallery (CNG Variant):

Soon Lee Depot:

Gallery (CNG Refuelling):

Gallery: (Miscellaneous Interior shots)

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  • 4 September 2019 at 3:03 PM

    All Volvo B10BLEs were de-registered on 2 Sep 2019.


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