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Welcome to the brand new Land Transport Guru website! Formerly PublicTransportSG@Wordpress, we decided that time was ripe to re-brand ourselves. We would like to thank each and every one of you who supported our website throughout the 3 years on PTSG.

We’ve set up a spanking new interface to cater you viewers, allowing essential information to be read easily. More graphics have been added, on top of our large database of quality images, to make your browsing experience better. (Try the image tiles at the Bus page for a start) We are also expanding, diversifying into the other modes of land transport, encompassing trains and taxis.

For new visitors, do be informed that we are an independent website, and we consolidate information about land transport from multiple sources. We do not represent nor bear any affiliation with any government organisation or public transport operator.

At Land Transport Guru, it’s all about going the extra mile. While keeping abreast with current developments, we strive to continually improve on our content and delivery methods. You can look forward to regular news updates, blog posts and opinion pieces in addition to the many factual articles we currently have. In the future, we will be introducing more interactive features and avenues for reader contributions, so stay tuned!

During the first few weeks, you might encounter broken links and outdated or incomplete articles. Stay cool as we are actively working to iron these bugs out. You could also tip us off through the Contact Us section at the website footer, and we will get them fixed ASAP!

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