Maiden Trip

Maiden Trip of MAN Lion's City SD 3-Door (SG4002G)
Maiden Trip of MAN Lion’s City SD 3-Door (SG4002G)

A maiden trip, a term originally from the shipping industry, has been extended to various other types of transport. For the public bus industry, it can refer to the debut of a particular bus, the introduction of a new route, the first revenue service trip of a particular bus, and so on.

The novelty of buses on their maiden trips is a draw for many bus enthusiasts in Singapore who take the opportunity to experience and document a newly-introduced bus model or bus route. With information becoming more accessible, more bus enthusiasts are able to quickly receive information about maiden trips and track the whereabouts of buses.


Bus Models:

Bus Contracting Model era – Maiden Trips:
Bus Model Operator Registration Bus Route  Date 
MAN A95 (Batch 2) SMRT Buses Multiple units Multiple routes 01 Sep 2016
MAN A95 Facelift (Batch 3) SMRT Buses SG5800M & SG5801K 190 & 972 14 Feb 2017
MAN Lion’s City DD 3-door concept bus Tower Transit SG59999Z 143 13 Mar 2017
MAN Lion’s City SD 3-door concept bus SMRT Buses SG4002G 190 19 Jun 2017
Alexander Dennis Enviro500 (Batch 2) SMRT Buses SG5703K 964 14 Aug 2017

Pre-BCM maiden trips by Bus Model

This list is not exhaustive

SBS Transit:
Bus Model Registration Bus Route Date
Mercedes-Benz Citaro SBS6000L 28 01 Jun 2011
Scania K230UB (Euro 4) Multiple units 100, 174 01 Nov 2007
Scania K230UB (Euro 5) Multiple units 3, 36 08 Apr 2009
Scania K310UD SBS7888K 133M 15 May 2010
Sunlong SLK6121UF14H SBS8000Z 185 08 Aug 2010
Volvo B5RLE Hybrid SBS8002T 506 01 Mar 2015
Volvo B9TL CDGE Multiple units 21 27 Jun 2006
Volvo B9TL Wright SBS7502Z, SBS7506M 185 01 Nov 2010
Volvo B9TL Gemilang SBS7777Y 7 17 Feb 2014
SMRT Buses
Bus Model Registration Bus Route Date
Alexander Dennis Enviro500 SMB3501L – SMB3503G 972 13 Jul 2014
MAN NL323F (A22) MCV SMB138Y 961 29 Dec 2010
MAN NL323F (A22) Gemilang (Production Batch) SMB189A 963 Sep 2011
MAN NG363F (A24) Demonstrator SMB388S 190 18 Apr 2013
MAN NG363F (A24) Production Batch SMB8001E 190 15 Mar 2015
MAN A95 Demo SMB5888H 190 05 Nov 2014
MAN A95 PB1 SMB5889H 868 07 Sep 2015
Mercedes-Benz Citaro SMB136C 855 16 Mar 2010
Mercedes-Benz Citaro (Production Batch) SMB140P 75 Mar 2011
Mercedes-Benz Citaro (SBS Transit-spec) Multiple units Multiple routes 25 Apr 2016
Mercedes-Benz OC500LE SMB1H 190 29 Jun 2008
Yutong ZK6126 SMB135E 854 Aug 2010
Zhongtong LCK6121GHEV SMB137A 945 19 Jan 2011

Maiden trips in the past:

Bus Model Registration Bus Route Date
Leyland Olympian 3-axle Mixed 7 01 Sep 1993
Volvo B10MA-70 Superlong SBS997A 76 19 Oct 1995

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