2021 Year In Review

As 2021 comes to a close, let’s take a look at the happenings of this year!

Launch of Thomson-East Coast Line Stage 2

Six stations along the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) Stage 2 opened on Saturday, 28 August 2021.

The opening of Caldecott station marks the addition of a new interchange station to the rail network, offering transfers between the Circle Line (CCL) and the TEL.

New Bus Models

New 3-Door Buses were rolled onto the roads this year – the MAN A95 (Euro 6) 3-DoorAlexander Dennis Enviro500 3-Door, and the Linkker LM312.

The Linkker LM312 is the first public bus model in Singapore to be capable of opportunity charging, quick charged via overhead pantographs at two bus interchanges.

In addition, two new demonstrator buses have been delivered to Singapore – the BYD K9RC and CRRC TEG6125BEV03, the latter having started revenue service with Go-Ahead Bus Service 3 in December.

The ST Engineering Retrofitted Electric Bus returned to revenue service in October 2021, after being taken out of revenue service for retrofitting works in 2017.

Tower Transit Bukit Batok Accident

A major bus accident occured at Bukit Batok Bus Interchange on the evening of 12 July 2021, involving two Tower Transit buses collided at Bukit Batok Bus Interchange, leaving one bus toppled on its side. The incident sent shockwaves throughout the public bus industry over safety concerns, despite efforts to improve bus captain safety over the years with the installation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems on buses.

Heritage Walkway @ WITH

In a collaboration together with SMRT, the Heritage Walkway at Woodlands Integrated Transport Hub was launched in July 2021, featuring memorabilia of SMRT and Trans-Island over the years.

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One thought on “2021 Year In Review

  • 31 December 2021 at 9:42 PM

    Year of SBST & TTS.
    SBST will get 5 extended contracts and lease more SG Buses from TTS,GAS & SMRT.I wonder why LTA don’t plan for SBS plate buses?
    BCM going one side..


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