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TowerTransit-logoTower Transit was first established in London and Cambridge where it operates 650 buses, employs 2,000 people and carries over 115 million passengers a year. It was shortlisted for the title of Bus Operator of the Year in the 2015 London Transport Awards. It is a sister company of Australia’s leading Transit Systems Group which has over 19 years of operating experience with tendered government contracts in Australia. It now operates over 1,000 buses, employs more than 2,000 people and carries over 55 million passengers per year.

Tower Transit Singapore entered the Singapore bus scene when it was awarded the Bulim Bus Package, a tendered route package comprising 26 bus routes based out of the newly-built Bulim Bus Depot. This was the first contract awarded by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) as part of the Bus Contracting Model (BCM), which would introduce a competitive scene of bus operators bidding for various route packages and a share of the market.

In May-June 2016, Tower Transit took over the 26 bus routes in 3 tranches, as well as the managing of Jurong East and Bukit Batok Bus Interchanges. The company will operate these routes for five years, with a two-year extension granted based on good performance.


  • 8 May 2015: Bulim Bus Package awarded to Tower Transit Singapore
  • 6 Dec 2015: Bulim Bus Depot open house cum official opening (Article)
  • 29 May 2016: Took over operations of 9 bus services originating from Bukit Batok Bus Interchange. (Article)
  • 12 Jun 2016: Took over operations of 6 bus services originating from Jurong East Bus Interchange. (Article)
  • 26 Jun 2016: Took over operations of 11 bus services originating from Jurong East and Clementi Bus Interchanges. (Article)
  • 6 Dec 2016: Bulim Depot workshop becomes first IRTE-accredited workshop in South East Asia
  • 13 Mar 2017: Starts trial of 3-door Double Deck bus (Article)
  • 14 Nov 2017: Launch of TowerCARE staff welfare and engagement programme. (Article)
  • 28 Feb 2018: Launch Engineering Centre of Excellence (Article)
  • 8 Apr 2018: Launch of Bus Service 974 under Tower Transit
Company initiatives

With strong Public Relations efforts and constant initiatives to improve all aspects of the public bus industry, Tower Transit Singapore is often the subject of positive media coverage. Its first event, an open house cum official opening at Bulim Bus Depot (A Bulim Carnival Day), was attended by over 2,000 visitors.

In February 2017, the company rolled out its ‘signature scent’, a perfume mixture intended to improve the commuting experience. It is the first such initiative for bus operators in Singapore, and the scent was gradually rolled out to 100 buses operating on Bus Services 66, 97 and 106.

The company also celebrated Valentines Day and International Women’s Day with several initiatives rolled out for staff members. In December 2016, it also awarded a Bus Captain with a leisure trip to London as a reward for good service.

The company formerly operated Singapore’s first 3-door double-deck bus as part of a six-month trial initiated by the LTA, which ended in September 2017.

In November 2017, the company launched TowerCARE, a staff welfare and engagement programme designed to keep its 900 employees engaged, healthy and happy at work. TowerCARE brought together an extensive programme of staff events, activities, amenities and benefits, such as a new gym at Bulim Depot, wellness initiatives, engagement and cohesion activities, and discounts at over 20 partnering merchants.

In 2019, Tower Transit launched on-demand employee bus services using the Bridj platform, which is owned by parent company Transit Systems. Go-Ahead Singapore also provided a similar service (EB Ride) using a platform developed by Via Transportation.


In December 2016, Tower Transit’s vehicle workshop at the Bulim Bus Depot became the first in Southeast Asia to receive Workshop Accreditation by the Institute of Road Transport Engineers (IRTE), a mark of excellence given to workshops that complied with industry best practices. An audit of the Bulim workshop found that both the facility and operation fully met, and in many areas, exceeded the requirements of the IRTE Accreditation standard. The workshop was given high scores in key areas such as premises, equipment, technical and clerical staff, management, documentation, quality and appearance.

In February 2018, it launched its Engineering Centre of Excellence to provide professional accreditation and international qualifications for vehicle technicians in the automotive industry. It is the first in Singapore to offer diplomas from the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), an international association promoting professional standards in the automotive sectors all over the world. The diplomas are in vehicle parts, and heavy vehicle maintenance and repair, and are open to all technicians in the automotive industry. The Centre of Excellence is also the only place outside the UK where vehicle technicians can be assessed for an irtec licence – widely-recognised throughout the UK as a benchmark of a vehicle technician’s competence.

Bus Services & Fleet

Tower Transit Singapore operates 26 bus routes based out of Jurong EastBukit Batok and Clementi Bus Interchanges. All buses are based at Bulim Bus Depot.

The company operates the following bus models leased from the LTA:

In addition, Tower Transit Singapore previously operated a MAN Lion’s City DD L (SG5999Z) in 2017 as part of a six-month trial initiated by the LTA.

Bus Services

Service Destination 1 Destination 2 Type
41 Jurong East ↺ Jln Anak Bukit Trunk
49 Jurong East ↺ Jur West St 42 Trunk
66 Jurong East Bedok Trunk
77 Bukit Batok Marina Centre Trunk
78 Jurong East ↺ Clementi Ave 3 Trunk
79 Jurong East Boon Lay Trunk
96 Clementi ↺ Kent Ridge Cres Trunk
97 Jurong East Marina Centre Trunk
97e Jurong East Marina Centre Express
98 Jurong East ↺ Jurong Pier Way Trunk
98M Jurong East ↺ Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim Supplementary Service
106 Bukit Batok Shenton Way Trunk
143 Jurong East Toa Payoh Trunk
143M Jurong East ↺ Jurong Town Hall Road Supplementary Service
173 Bukit Batok Clementi Trunk
177 Bukit Batok ↺ Bukit Panjang Peak Hour
183 Jurong East ↺ Science Park Rd Trunk
189 Bukit Batok ↺ Clementi Ave 1 Trunk
282 Clementi ↺ Clementi W St 2 Feeder
284 Clementi ↺ Clementi Ave 4 Feeder
285 Clementi ↺ Pandan Loop Feeder
333 Jurong East ↺ Jur East St 32 Feeder
334 Jurong East ↺ Jur West St 42 Feeder
335 Jurong East ↺ Jur West Ave 1 Feeder
941 Bukit Batok ↺ BBT West Ave 8 Feeder
945 Bukit Batok ↺ BBT West Ave 4 Feeder
947 Bukit Batok ↺ BBT Rd Feeder
974 Bukit Panjang MRT Joo Koon Trunk
990 Bukit Batok ↺ Jurong Gateway Rd Trunk

Services 98M and 143M are classified as Supplementary Services and do not add to the overall service count. In addition, the following City Direct services were allocated to Tower Transit:

Tower Transit City Direct Bus Services 663 & 665
Tower Transit City Direct Bus Services 663 & 665
651 Jurong West Ave 3 Marina Blvd Express
663 Yishun Ave 6 Shenton Way Express
665 Marsiling Drive Shenton Way Express

Bus Models

Single-Decker Bus

Double-Decker Bus

MAN Lion’s City DD (Trial)

More photos of Tower Transit Buses at Tower Transit Bus Gallery.


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