Third Tranche of Tower Transit Bus Services

Today (26 June 2016), Tower Transit Singapore has taken over full control of all its tendered bus services, as the third and final tranche of bus services transferred operators early this morning. Eleven (11) bus services formerly operated by SBS Transit (7 from Jurong East Bus Interchange and 4 from Clementi Bus Interchange) were transferred to Tower Transit under the Bulim Bus Package’s third tranche of bus services. Services 98 / 98M is categorized as one service.

Bus services started smoothly this morning, with the first bus trips of the various bus services departing timely.

Under the Government Contracting Model (GCM), Tower Transit will operate 26 bus services and 2 bus interchanges for 5 years, with a possible extension of 2 years granted based on good performance. The Anglo-Australian Company started operations on the first 9 bus services on 29 May 2016.

Tower Transit deployed buses with its in-house bus wrap advertisements on some of the Jurong East and Clementi services to increase awareness of its operations.

Third Tranche Bus Services

Bus Services

Service Destination 1 Destination 2 Type
41 Jurong East ↺ Jln Anak Bukit Trunk
49 Jurong East ↺ Jur West St 42 Trunk
96 Clementi ↺ Kent Ridge Cres Trunk
98 Jurong East ↺ Jurong Pier Way Trunk
98M Jurong East ↺ Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim Supplementary Service
183 Jurong East ↺ Science Park Rd Trunk
282 Clementi ↺ Clementi W St 2 Feeder
284 Clementi ↺ Clementi Ave 4 Feeder
285 Clementi ↺ Pandan Loop Feeder
333 Jurong East ↺ Jur East St 32 Feeder
334 Jurong East ↺ Jur West St 42 Feeder
335 Jurong East ↺ Jur West Ave 1 Feeder

Start of the Day

As the Anchor Operator of Jurong East Bus Interchange, Tower Transit had already taken over the main Passenger Service Counter (PSC) from SBS Transit during the second tranche transfer. The PSC for SBS Transit now operates from an adjacent smaller room. Additionally, Route Information boards at Jurong East were updated to display all Tower Transit Bus Services.

For Clementi Bus Interchange, Tower Transit took over a smaller office that was not manned. Information boards at the interchange retained their format, but had the service number background changed from red to green. SBS

Bus Deployments on First Day of Service

Service Deployment
41 SBS3327P SBS6315D SBS6332D SBS6337R SBS6338M SBS6390K SBS6394A SBS6404E
49 SBS3312G SBS3314B SBS3363J SBS3370M SBS3406Y SBS3413Z SBS3425P SBS6309Y SBS6315D SBS6337R SBS6362S SBS6374H SBS6389R SBS6404E
96 SBS6305H SBS6317Z SBS6319T SBS6416X
98 SG5028B SBS3321E  SBS3323A  SBS3339E SBS3353M SBS3368X SBS3371K SBS3372H SBS3378S SBS3383B SBS3392A SBS3418K SBS3432T
98M SBS3315Z SBS3327P SBS3359Y SBS3383B SBS3392A SBS3393Y
183 SG1003Z SBS3308U SBS6300X SBS6308A SBS6318X SBS6335X SBS6338M SBS6362S
282 SBS6307C SBS6314G SBS6357H SBS6360Y SBS6387X
284 SBS6313J SBS6330J SBS6364L
285 SG1006G SG1032P SBS6354R SBS6371R SBS6376C
333 SBS6321K SBS6345S SBS6349G SBS6358E SBS6363P SBS6370T SBS6386Z
334 SG5010B SG5036C SBS3311J SBS3328L SBS3390E SBS3421A SBS3423U
335 SG1007M SG1036D SBS6300X SBS6308A SBS6316B SBS6328S SBS6349G SBS6363P
Buses marked in Green are the very first buses of each service to depart from Jurong East / Clementi Bus Interchange.

Additional Observations:

  • Former SBS Transit buses were running in SBS Transit corporate colours with the company logo peeled off, which was removed in the week upcoming to the takeover by Tower Transit.
  • Similar to the first day of operations of Tower Transit at Bukit Batok, several Bus Captains had trouble logging in to the Common Fleet Management System (CFMS) which resulted in the delayed departure of buses.
  • Instances of missing buses across the various Tower Transit bus services at Jurong East resulted in long headways.
  • The printed Service Guides for Bus services 183, 285 and 334 have errors in the map (compass pointing in the wrong direction). Additionally, Bus service 98M’s guide was not printed with the Sunday operating timetable.


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