Clementi Bus Interchange

Clementi Bus Interchange is an Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) located at Clementi Town Centre, serving residential areas around Clementi and West Coast.

The interchange is the sixth air-conditioned bus interchange in Singapore, integrated within Clementi Mall and Clementi Towers, and seamlessly connected to Clementi MRT station. Nearby public amenities include the Cityvibe Mall, Clementi Polyclinic, 321 Clementi and Block 448 Market & Hawker Centre.

Currently, SBS Transit is the anchor operator of Clementi Bus Interchange. With the rollout of the Bus Contracting Model (BCM), the future operator of the Clementi Bus Package will take over as anchor operator of this interchange.


Name Clementi Bus Interchange¬†|¬†ťáĎśĖáś≥įŚ∑īŚ£ęŤĹ¨śćĘÁęô
Address 441 Commonwealth Avenue West, Singapore 120441
BCM Route Package Clementi Bus Package (Anchor Operator)
Other Packages: Bulim, Bedok, Clementi,¬†Sengkang ‚Äď Hougang
Anchor Operator SBS Transit
Bus Routes 9 (SBST), 5 (Tower Transit)
Berths 5 sawtooth boarding berths, 3 alighting berths
Rail Connection  EW23   Clementi

The Interchange:

Clementi Bus Interchange is a bus station located in the residential town of Clementi. Connecting with Clementi MRT station along the East West MRT Line, the interchange is a transport node for commuters heading in and out of town, allowing for convenient transfers between the rail network and the many bus services at the interchange.

Clementi Bus Interchange - Bus Park
Clementi Bus Interchange – Bus Park

Opened in November 2011, Clementi Bus Interchange was the sixth Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) to be opened in Singapore, after Toa Payoh in May 2002, Sengkang in January 2003, Ang Mo Kio in April 2007, Boon Lay in December 2009 and Serangoon in September 2011. The interchange is integrated within the Clementi Mall (shopping centre) and the HDB Clementi Towers residential flats, hence combining retail, residential and transportation facilities under one roof.

The interchange has a single vehicular concourse area with a bus park in the middle. The vehiclar ingress is located along Clementi Avenue 3, and a separate egress leads to a signalised traffic junction with Clementi Avenue 3.

The passenger concourse features five sawtooth boarding berths and a linear alighting berth (with space for 3 buses). Pedestrian entrance/exits lead to both Clementi Mall and the outside of the building.

Historical Background

  • 1980: Clementi Int opens
  • 2006: Moved to temporary interchange
  • 2011: Moved to new Clementi Interchange ITH
Layout of old Clementi Bus Interchange
Layout of old Clementi Bus Interchange

Before Clementi Interchange came about, a roadside bus terminal along Clementi Ave 3 was first established in November 1977.

On 16 November 1980, Clementi Bus Interchange was first opened along Clementi Ave 3. Prior to the construction of Jurong East Bus Interchange in 1985, this interchange handled many routes heading to Jurong East and was frequently overcrowded and operating over-capacity. Things would improve later on with the addition of more trunk and feeder bus routes, such as the introduction of feeder service 287 to serve West Coast.

On 29 October 2006, bus operations were moved to Clementi Temporary Bus Interchange across the road, at 3161 Commonwealth Ave West. The old interchange was demolished to make way for a new Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) that would combine a shopping mall and residential block into a single development. As a result of construction delays, the temporary interchange remained in operation for five years, a particularly long time for a temporary bus facility.

On 26 November 2011, the new Clementi Integrated Transport Hub opened. The interchange is an integrated development consisting of Clementi Mall and two blocks of HDB flats collectively called Clementi Towers (Blk 441A and 441B). It is the sixth air-conditioned bus interchange to be built, and the second along the East West Line after Boon Lay.

More photos of Clementi Temporary Bus Interchange can be found at Clementi Bus Interchange: Gallery.
Feeder bus services:

Clementi Interchange started off with three feeder services, Service 282 (Clementi Avenue 5), Service 284 (Clementi Avenue 4) and Service 285 (Pandan loop). Service 287 was later introduced to Clementi West Street 2, but was withdrawn in 1988 and integrated with Service 282.

Service 284M was introduced in 2009 as an extension of Service 284 which operated during off-peak hours. It brought direct bus connections from Clementi Avenue 4 to Clementi Polyclinic and Clementi MRT before returning to Clementi Temp Int, and was withdrawn with the opening of the new Clementi Interchange.

Government Contracting Model:

Having been awarded the tender for the Bulim Bus Package under the Government Contracting Model (GCM) in 2015, Tower Transit took over operations of Services 96, 173, 282, 284 and 285 from SBS Transit/SMRT in June 2016. Despite operating the feeder bus services from Clementi Interchange, SBS Transit remains as the anchor operator, continuing to operating a majority of bus services in the interchange.

Interchange facilities:
  • Interchange offices (SBS Transit & Tower Transit)
  • Ticket Office provision
  • Drivers lounge
  • NTWU Canteen (Closed in 2014)
  • Boarding and alighting berths
  • Information boards &¬†Bus arrival displays
  • Service guide racks
  • Retail outlets
  • Toilets
  • Top Up Kiosk

Clementi Interchange has one vehicular entrance and exit, both along Clementi Avenue 3.

Bus Services:


Service Berth Destination Remarks
7 B3 Bedok
7B B3 Orchard Road (Dhoby Ghaut Stn) Short Trip Service
14 B5 Bedok
96 B1 ‚Üļ Kent Ridge Crescent (National University of Singapore)
96A B1 Kent Ridge Crescent (NUS Raffles Hall) Short Trip Service
99 B5 Joo Koon
147 B4 Hougang Central
156 B1 Sengkang
165 B4 Hougang Central
166 B2 Ang Mo Kio
173 B1 Bukit Batok Looping Point
175 B2 Lorong 1 Geylang
196 B3 Bedok
282 B3 ‚Üļ Clementi West Street 2
284 B4 ‚Üļ Clementi Avenue 4
285 B2 ‚Üļ Pandan Loop


Berth Allocation:
Berth Services
A1 – A3 For alighting only
B1 96/96A, 156, 173
B2 166, 175, 285
B3 7/7B, 196, 282
B4 147, 165, 284
B5 14, 99


Gallery (Layout maps):

For more pictures, visit the Clementi Bus Interchange: Gallery

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7 thoughts on “Clementi Bus Interchange

  • 17 January 2024 at 3:24 PM

    184 Should loop at Clementi ITH instead of Clementi MRT
    96 Should extend to Jurong East since its under Tower Transit
    99 Should extend to Buona Vista covering sectors of 185
    185 should terminate here at Clementi ITH

  • 25 December 2022 at 4:11 PM

    Hi, it’s Christmas Day afternoon. There’s a dead end on Ave 4 and cars are not supposed to park there but occasionally it happens and bus 284 will honk otherwise the bus can’t make its way on, but the honking should be controlled not incessant. The decibels are way above 100 each toot and really tears at residents ears even a block away. Thank you for looking into it.

  • 30 January 2017 at 12:06 PM

    I notice that there are 28 designated lots plus can park another 2 buses along the side..Should make 173 start from here also.

  • 21 May 2016 at 9:22 AM

    Another design and space failure by LTA.This Interchange should be more bigger.

    • 30 May 2016 at 3:01 PM

      I don’t think so. The old interchange was smaller.

  • 11 April 2016 at 3:04 PM

    96,282,284,285 should just stay with SBST.Its very funny for TT to control only 3 feeders and 1 short trunk.LTA should just let TT take over 99 and 175 as well as the existing 4 service in exchange for 66 & 143/M.

    • 6 March 2019 at 9:06 PM

      r u serious? Tower Transit at Lor 1 Geylang? 175 has KUB & Volgren


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