2021 Year In Review

Changes to Bus Services

4 new Bus Services were launched in 2021:

  • Service 807B
  • Service 66C (later withdrawn in December 2021)
  • Service 248M
  • Service 117M

In April 2021, bus services with terminating trips were renumbered to a standardized format: Standardisation of Terminating Trips. These bus services are 60T, 63A, 73T, 83T, 857B, 859T, 860T, 965T, 966A, 975C.

6 Short Trip Bus Services were withdrawn: 66A, 66B, 66C, 75A, 856A & 883A.

Bus services 22, 66 and 506 were cut short as part of Bus Rationalizations for Downtown Line Stage 3.

Tower Transit began operations of the second tendered package term for the Bulim Bus Package in May 2021, and took over bus services from SMRT Buses under the Sembawang-Yishun Bus Package in September 2021.

New Bus Interchanges

4 new bus interchanges and terminals opened this year.


Solar Panel Bus Trial

In March 2021, Go-Ahead Singapore launched a 6-month proof-of-concept trial for buses with roof-mounted solar panels on 2 MAN A22 buses.

Early Retirement of Volvo B9TL CDGE & Scania K230UB Buses

In Q4 2021, SBS Transit was allocated over 200 single deck & double deck buses which were transferred from other Public Transport Operators / LTA Bus Storage and new bus registration.

These buses are to replace the bulk of the remainding Volvo B9TL CDGE buses as well as some Scania K230UB buses which were not selected for mid-life refurbishment in early 2022.

Several units were already taken out of revenue service to be scrapped.

Retirement of NSEWL Rolling Stock

Decommissioning of the first three generations of the NSEWL rolling stock is ongoing, and trainsets have been progressively sent for scrap.

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One thought on “2021 Year In Review

  • 31 December 2021 at 9:42 PM

    Year of SBST & TTS.
    SBST will get 5 extended contracts and lease more SG Buses from TTS,GAS & SMRT.I wonder why LTA don’t plan for SBS plate buses?
    BCM going one side..


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