Marina Centre Bus Terminal

Marina Centre Bus Terminal is a bus terminal along Raffles Boulevard and underneath the Benjamin Sheares Bridge. It serves as a starting and terminating point for bus services serving the Marina Centre region and the City, with no boarding and alighting allowed at the terminal. Currently split into two portions and co-operated by both SBS Transit and SMRT Buses, night bus routes make up the majority of the route count at the terminal.

The terminal will be replaced by a new facility in the near future, capable of housing all bus services under one roof.

Name Marina Centre Bus Terminal ¬†| ¬†śĽ®śĶ∑šł≠ŚŅÉŚ∑īŚ£ęÁĽąÁęô
Address Marina Centre Bus Terminal, Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 884006
BCM Route Package Day operating routes: Bulim, Bukit Merah,¬†Sembawang ‚Äď Yishun,¬†Choa Chu Kang ‚Äď Bukit Panjang,¬†Woodlands
Night Routes only: ¬†Sengkang ‚Äď Hougang,¬†Bedok, Tampines,¬†Clementi, Bishan ‚Äď Toa Payoh
Anchor Operator SBS Transit Ltd
Bus Routes 8 (SBST), 6 (SMRT), 2 (Tower Transit)
Berths No Boarding and Alighting
Rail Connection  CC4  DT15   Promenade

The Terminal:

Marina Centre Bus Terminal is a bus terminal located in the City area with no commuter facilities, but rather, serves as a terminating point for bus routes terminating in the City. There are two parts to the terminal, namely a roadside terminal occupying the rightmost lane of Raffles Boulevard (between Temasek Avenue and Republic Boulevard), and a newer extension built on the left side of Raffles Boulevard with a dedicated bus and coach park. Both facilities, opposite each other, are collectively referred to as Marina Centre Bus Terminal.

Marina Centre Bus Terminal - SMRT Roadside parking
Marina Centre Bus Terminal – SMRT Roadside parking

Currently, SMRT occupies the roadside lots, and¬†SBS Transit occupies the new extension, with both operators operating out of separate terminal kiosks and toilets. Tower Transit, which does not have any facilities at the terminal, park at the new extension and use SBS Transit’s facilities. Combined, there are 25 bus parking lots at the terminal.

No boarding and¬†alighting¬†activities are allowed at this terminal. The last stop for terminating buses is 02089 Pan Pacific Hotel¬†and the first stop is 02101 Aft S’pore Flyer located outside the Singapore Flyer.

Overnight bus routes contribute to the bulk of the bus route count at this terminal; many of them start their rounds from Marina Centre before heading to River Valley, Orchard and respective housing estates.

Historical Background

Marina Centre Bus Terminal sits on reclaimed land completed in the 1970s. Construction on the reclaimed land only started in the 1980s, and following the construction of Marina Square and other developments, Marina Centre Bus Terminal was opened on 30 November 1986, taking over a temporary roadside terminal along Raffles Avenue in use since 24 November 1985 when Service 189 was extended to the Marina Centre area.

The roadside Marina Centre Bus Terminal previously occupied the leftmost and rightmost lane of the unidirectional Raffles Boulevard between Temasek Avenue and Republic Boulevard, with SMRT bus lots on the left, and SBS Transit lots on the right. As terminal facilities are located on the right of the road, SMRT drivers were faced with the added trouble of crossing the road to reach the terminal kiosk. Both SBS Transit and SMRT buses had operator kiosks at Marina Centre Terminal beside each other.

In June 2015, the Marina Centre Terminal expansion opened, along with a public coach park, both located north of Raffles Boulevard (opposite the bus terminal operator offices). The new bus park, located directly opposite the existing terminal offices, had a total of 17 parking lots. As a result, roadside parking on the leftmost lane of Raffles Boulevard was abolished. SBS Transit, which moved all its operations to the new extension, built a container office with a portable toilet at the expanded bus park. SMRT took over the roadside lots along the rightmost lane of Raffles Boulevard comprising a total of 8 parking lots, which it continues to operate from.

Future Terminal:

On 10 November 2017, LTA revealed future changes to Marina Centre Bus Terminal with the release of Contract PT193 (Proposed Design and Construction of Bus Terminal and Associated Works at Marina Centre), which would involve relocating the current roadside parking to a permanent facility capable of housing all bus services under one roof. The contract was awarded to Tat Hin Builders Pte Ltd for SGD $5,750,000.00 on 7 Aug 2018.

The facility is situated underneath Benjamin Sheares Bridge, in between Raffles Boulevard and Raffles Avenue. With 24 bus parking lots, the new facility has sufficient room to consolidate all bus services under one roof. The terminal building contains offices, staff lounges, toilets, and other ancillary rooms.

The vehicle ingress is located at the south side, facing the Bayfront Bridge. The egress is located at the north side, facing the former Marina Centre Terminal.

Periods of Closure:

Due to the terminal’s proximity to The Float @ Marina Bay and Marina Bay, major events with road closures happen a few times every year and result in terminal closure. Most services will layover at 02089 Pan Pacific Hotel¬†and loop via Temasek Avenue, calling at 02171¬†Opp The Ritz-Carlton. In the event of large-scale diversions such as Formula 1, refer to¬†bus operators’ press releases for more information.

Bus Services:

Service Destination Remarks
56 Bishan
75 Bukit Panjang Temporary Bus Park
77 Bukit Batok
97 Jurong East
97e Jurong East Express Service / Weekdays Evening Peak
195 ‚Üļ¬†Commonwealth Avenue
195A Tiong Bahru Road (Tiong Bahru Stn) Short Trip Service
960 Woodlands
960e Woodlands Express Service
1N Yishun Ring Road (Opp Khatib Stn Exit D) Night Service
2N Tampines Avenue 3 (Blk 888) Night Service
3N Choa Chu Kang North 5 (Blk 708) Night Service
4N Pasir Ris Drive 1 (Blk 210) Night Service
5N Jurong West Street 92 (Blk 924) Night Service
6N Punggol Field (Opp Blk 201A) Night Service
NR2 Sembawang Drive (Blk 317) Night Service
NR5 Jurong West Street 64 (Blk 685B) Night Service
NR8 Bukit Batok West Avenue 5 (Blk 531) Night Service

Current Facilities (2017)
Marina Centre Bus Terminal - SMRT lots at full capacity
Marina Centre Bus Terminal – SMRT lots at full capacity

For more pictures, refer to the Marina Centre Bus Terminal: Gallery

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6 thoughts on “Marina Centre Bus Terminal

  • 9 January 2021 at 10:43 AM

    Can extend 170/A here also.170 can end @ JB Sentral and 170X can start from Gali Batu Ter to Larkin Ter.950 also can extend to Larkin Ter if the restrictions is removed.

  • 16 May 2020 at 8:19 PM

    True,There is no need for bus hub at Marina South albeit there’s plan for condos and private housing.
    LTA should built a new ITH at Woodlands North instead for future usage.

  • 20 June 2019 at 12:39 PM

    I think all services might move to Marina South interchange one day.

    • 5 October 2019 at 1:41 PM

      True. The new facility may just be a temporary one.
      And also, the terminal is affected by usual road closures(esp. F1 road closures) so relocation is the best option.

    • 9 February 2020 at 8:39 PM

      Marina South and Promenade are one reservoir apart. With only bus service 400 at Marina South, and one new MRT line coming up (TEL), and two new MRT lines already around (NSL and CCL), I honestly think that there is no market case for a bus station facility at Marina South.

      The Marina South ITH has been proposed for a very long time already. The earliest I heard of it was in 2008 when the Land Transport Master Plan 2008 was announced.

      Furthermore, since then, the 2 bus services that used to operate at Marina South have merged into 1 bus service.

      Considering there is really no market case for a bus station facility at Marina South, the authorities should really forget about the Marina South ITH idea.

      With regards to Marina Centre Bus Terminal, the new facility is probably a permanent facility.
      Relocating the Marina Centre Bus Terminal is not possible, as all the bus routes, when viewed on Google Maps, are best hosted at Marina Centre Bus Terminal where it is currently. Otherwise, if relocated, it would lead to duplication of resources in the process as the bus routes would have to cover additional roads to connect to the other location, which is also very messy. So, best is to remain at Marina Centre Bus Terminal where it is currently.

      The new Marina Centre Bus Terminal, which replaces the container offices, portable toilets and parking lots, would provide the proper sanitation facilities (toilets), proper working environment (offices), and proper dining environment (canteen). I believe the new Marina Centre Bus Terminal will allow for alighting and boarding activities, like the new Shenton Way Bus Terminal.

      This is already a massive upgrade of the Marina Centre Bus Terminal from a roadside bus terminal that is currently is, to a proper bus terminal with the proper facilities.

      Plus, the new Marina Centre Bus Terminal costs five million dollars to build. Costing so much means that it should be used for a very long time.

      Also, the Marina Centre Bus Terminal is around 180 meters from Promenade MRT Station Exit A, which is around 3 minutes walking time. If the LTA builds a sheltered walkway from Promenade MRT Station Exit A to the new Marina Centre Bus Terminal, the latter would be as good as an Integrated Transport Hub already, as the commercial activities, MRT and Bus Terminal are right next to each other.

  • 21 May 2016 at 9:25 AM

    LTA should just make the terminal to public buses only so SMRT together with TT can utilise it,Roadside parking is dangerous nowadays


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