Go-Ahead Bus Service 43M

Go-Ahead Bus Service 43M is a trunk service plying between Punggol Interchange and looping at Serangoon Central, passing through Sengkang East Road, Buangkok MRT, Buangkok Green and Yio Chu Kang Road. It is a route variant of Service 43, introduced under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP) and was launched on Sunday, 16 November 2014.

Service 43M will call at an additional bus stop (Punggol Stn/Int) along Punggol Ctrl from 26 Nov 2017.

Go Ahead Loyang Pte Ltd (Go Ahead Singapore) has taken over operations of this bus service from SBS Transit from 4 September 2016 under the Loyang Bus Package.


Punggol Temp Int ↺ S'goon Ctrl (Loop)
Punggol Temp Int
Punggol Pl
Punggol Stn/Int
Punggol Ctrl
Bef Blk 264
Punggol Ctrl
Soo Teck Stn
Punggol Way
Twin Waterfalls
Punggol Way
Blk 286B
Sengkang East Rd
Blk 261
Sengkang East Rd
Sengkang Community Hub
Sengkang East Rd
Blk 204C
Sengkang Ctrl
Buangkok Stn Exit B
Sengkang Ctrl
Blk 557
Buangkok Dr
Blk 565
Buangkok Green
Blk 579
Buangkok Green
Blk 911
Buangkok Green
Blk 969
Buangkok Green
Blk 953
Yio Chu Kang Rd
Gracehaven S Army
Yio Chu Kang Rd
Opp Blk 139
Yio Chu Kang Rd
Toho Green
Yio Chu Kang Rd
Aft Serangoon Nth Ave 1
Yio Chu Kang Rd
Aft Serangoon Gdn Way
Yio Chu Kang Rd
Bef Tai Seng Chr Ch
Yio Chu Kang Rd
Serangoon Sports Cplx
Yio Chu Kang Link
Serangoon Stadium
Boundary Rd
Paya Lebar Camp
Upp S'goon Rd
S'Goon Stn Exit B
S'goon Ctrl
Blk 261
S'goon Ctrl
Opp S'Goon Sports Cplx
Yio Chu Kang Link
Bef St. Helier's Ave
Yio Chu Kang Rd
Aft Serangoon Nth Ave 1
Yio Chu Kang Rd
Blk 133
Yio Chu Kang Rd
Blk 138
Yio Chu Kang Rd
Opp Gracehaven S Army
Yio Chu Kang Rd
Opp Blk 953
Yio Chu Kang Rd
Opp Blk 968
Buangkok Green
Opp Blk 910
Buangkok Green
Opp Blk 579
Buangkok Green
Opp Blk 565
Buangkok Green
Opp Blk 558
Buangkok Dr
Buangkok Stn Exit A
Sengkang Ctrl
Blk 201C
Sengkang Ctrl
Blk 323B
Sengkang East Rd
Opp Blk 261
Sengkang East Rd
Opp Blk 293D
Sengkang East Rd
Punggol Way
Soo Teck Stn
Punggol Way
Opp Blk 264A
Punggol Ctrl
Punggol Temp Int
Punggol Pl
Route Details (Click to expand)
Service 43M: Punggol Serangoon Central (Loop)
  • Punggol Place
    – Punggol Temp Int  NE17  PTC 
  • Punggol Ctrl
    – Punggol Stn/Int  NE17  PTC 
    – Bef Blk 264
  • Punggol Way
    – Soo Teck Stn   PW7 
    – Twin Waterfalls
  • Sengkang East Rd
    – Blk 286B
    – Blk 261
    – Sengkang Community Hub
  • Compassvale Dr (Express)
  • Sengkang Central
    – Blk 204C
    – Buangkok Stn Exit B   NE15 
  • Buangkok Dr
    – Blk 557
  • Buangkok Green
    – Blk 565
    – Blk 579
    – Blk 911
    – Blk 969
  • Yio Chu Kang Rd
    – Blk 953
    – Gracehaven S Army
    – Opp Blk 139
    – Toho Green
    – Aft S’goon Nth Ave 1
    – Aft S’goon Gdn Way
    – Bef Tai Seng Chr Ch
  • Yio Chu Kang Link
    – S’goon Sports Cplx
  • Boundary Rd
    – Serangoon Stadium
  • Upp Serangoon Rd
    – Paya Lebar Camp
  • Serangoon Central
    – S’goon Stn Exit B NE12  CC13 
    – Blk 261
  • Yio Chu Kang Link
    – Opp S’goon Sports Cplx
  • Yio Chu Kang Rd
    – Bef St. Helier’s Ave
    – Aft S’goon Nth Ave 1
    – Blk 133
    – Blk 138
    – Opp Gracehaven S Army
    – Opp Blk 953
  • Buangkok Green
    – Opp Blk 968
    – Opp Blk 910
    – Opp Blk 579
    – Opp Blk 565
  • Buangkok Dr
    – Opp Blk 558
  • Sengkang Central
    – Buangkok Stn Exit A   NE15 
    – Blk 201C
  • Compassvale Dr (express)
  • Sengkang East Rd
    – Blk 323B
    – Opp Blk 261
    – Opp Blk 293D
  • Punggol Way
    – Aft TPE
    – Soo Teck Stn   PW7 
  • Punggol Ctrl
    – Opp Blk 264A
  • Punggol Place
    – Punggol Temp Int   NE17  PTC 


Technical Information
Route WAB_logo_20px
Punggol Bus Interchange ↺ Serangoon Central (Loop)
Passes Through Sengkang East Rd, Buangkok MRT, Buangkok Green, Yio Chu Kang Rd
Route Length 18.7 km
Travelling Time 70 mins
Operator Information
BCM Route Package Loyang Bus Package
Current Operator Go-Ahead Singapore (Go Ahead Loyang Pte Ltd)
Current Depot Loyang Bus Depot
Current Fleet 12-metre Double Deck Buses:
Volvo B9TL
Departure Times from Punggol
0550hrs – 2305hrs (Daily)
Frequency Loop Service
0530-0830: 10 – 13 mins
0831-1659: 12 – 18 mins
1700-1900: 12 – 17 mins
After 1900: 14 – 18 mins

Route History

Service 43M is a supplementary route of Service 43, duplicating its parent service between Punggol Bus Interchange and Serangoon Central. It relieves demand and improves reliability of bus services for commuters along Service 43’s most crowded stretches of route. It was launched on Sunday, 16 November 2014.

The service operates daily from 5.50am to 11.05pm, serving residential areas around Punggol Way, Sengkang East Road, Sengkang Central, Buangkok Green, Yio Chu Kang Road and Serangoon Central. It will provide better access to key transport nodes such as Punggol and Serangoon Bus Interchanges, Punggol, Buangkok and Serangoon MRT Stations, amenities such as Ren Ci Hospital & Medicare Centre, Serangoon Sports & Recreation Centre and NEX as well as schools such as Hougang Secondary and Hougang Primary.

Shortworking trip 43A, which plied from Buangkok Green to Serangoon Central, was withdrawn after the introduction of 43M due to duplicating sectors. So were evening downroutes of Service 43 which started from Serangoon Central to Punggol Interchange.

While Service 43M serves Boundary Road, it skips the bus stop outside Serangoon Stadium (63149 S’goon Stadium) as its parent Service 43 does not serve that stretch of road (it was later amended to call at that stop from 24 Jan 2016). All bus stops along Service 43M’s route are also served by Service 43.

MRT Stations served by this route:

LRT Stations served by this route:

Route Variants:

  • Service 43: Punggol Bus Interchange ↔ Upper East Coast Bus Terminal  WAB_logo_20px

Fare: Charges basic distance fares. See Bus Fares. Calculate your bus fare using LTA’s fare calculator on MyTransport.sg here.


Operator History:

  • 16 Nov 2014 – 03 Sep 2016: SBS Transit Ltd
  • 04 Sep 2016 onwards: Go Ahead Loyang Pte Ltd

The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) for this route will be renewed in 2021 under the Loyang Bus Package.


  • 2014 (16 Nov): Introduced between Punggol Int and Serangoon Ctrl under LTA’s Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP)
  • 2014 (03 Dec): Designated wheelchair-accessible bus route (WAB)
  • 2014 (07 Dec): Calls at a pair of new bus stops along Punggol Central (Blk 264 / Opp Blk 264)
  • 2015 (30 Aug): Calls at a pair of new bus stops along Punggol Way
  • 2016 (24 Jan): Calls at 63149 Boundary Rd – Serangoon Stadium
  • 2016 (4 Sep): Operations transferred to Go Ahead Loyang Pte Ltd from SBS Transit Ltd.
  • 2016 (13 Nov): Calls at a new pair of bus stops along Sengkang East Rd (Opp Blk 293D / Blk 286B)
  • 2017 (26 Nov): Calls at an additional bus stop along Punggol Central (Punggol Stn/Int)

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