SBS Transit Feeder Bus Service 803

SBS Transit Feeder Bus Service 803 is a Feeder service operating from Yishun Bus Interchange and looping at Yishun Avenue 6, passing through Yishun Avenue 9, Yishun Ring Road and Yishun Street 31. Introduced on 16 Feb 2014, it is the 21st service to be introduced under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP).

Yishun Int ↺ Yishun Ave 6 (Loop)
59009 Yishun Int NS13 Yishun Ave 2
59169 Bet Blks 201/202 Yishun Ctrl
59179 Blk 241 Yishun Ave 9
59389 Opp Blk 314 Yishun Ring Rd
59641 Bet Blks 333C/333D Yishun St 31
59621 Bet Blks 318A/318B Yishun Ave 6
59181 Opp Blk 245 Yishun Ave 9
59171 Blk 309 Yishun Ave 9
59161 Opp Blk 201 Yishun Ctrl
59072 Yishun Stn Exit E NS13 Yishun Ave 2
59009 Yishun Int NS13 Yishun Ave 2
Technical Information
Route WAB_logo_20px
Yishun Bus Interchange ↺ Yishun Avenue 6 (Loop)
Passes Through Yishun Avenue 9, Yishun Ring Rd, Yishun Street 31
Route Length 4.2 km
Travelling Time 21 – 37 mins
Operator Information
BCM Route Package Seletar Bus Package
Current Operator SBS Transit Ltd
Current Depot Seletar Bus Depot (SEDEP)
Current Fleet 12-metre Single Deck Buses:
– MAN A22
Departure Times from Yishun
0520hrs – 0055hrs (Weekdays & Saturdays)
0530hrs – 0055hrs (Sundays & Public Holidays)
Frequency Loop Service
0630 – 0830: 05 – 07 mins
0831 – 1659: 05 – 08 mins
1700 – 1900: 04 – 08 mins
After 1900: 04 – 09 mins

Service 803 provides residents of Yishun Neighborhoods 2 and 3 with greater connectivity to Yishun Town Centre, MRT and Bus Interchange. It also serves other amenities in the neighborhood, such as Northpoint City Shopping Centre, Nee Soon East Community Centre and schools such as Yishun Town Secondary School and Xishan Primary School. This is the twenty-first bus service to be introduced under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP), as well as the third feeder service.

The service plys Yishun Street 31, a road not served by then existing bus routes. The route benefits residents of newly-built residential developments in the area, namely the HDB Bulit-to-Order (BTO) developments of Yishun Greenwalk and Yishun Riverwalk.

MRT Station Served

Fare: Fares for Feeder Services are capped at 3.2km. See Bus Fares.

Gallery (SBS Transit)
Gallery (SMRT Buses)

Operator History
  • 2014 – 24 Mar 2018: SMRT Buses Ltd
  • 25 Mar 2018 onwards: SBS Transit Ltd

The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) for this route will be renewed in 2023 under the Seletar Bus Package.

  • 2014 (16 Feb): Introduced from Yishun Int to Yishun Ave 6, via Yishun Ave 9, Ring Road and Street 31. This bus service is under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP).
  • 2014 (02 Mar): Designated wheelchair-accessible bus route (WAB)
  • 2015 (14 Mar): Amended to Yishun Temp Int
  • 2018 (25 Mar): Operations transferred to SBS Transit as part of the Seletar Bus Package
  • 2019 (08 Sep): Amended to Yishun Integrated Transport Hub

Past Routing

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  • 9 September 2019 at 6:23 PM

    803 on SG1749E on the second day (9 September 2019) of Yishun ITH!!

  • 27 December 2018 at 11:30 PM

    Will the route be extended to cover yishun st42 since the original route is too short. And the some residents have move into BTO blossom spring, with only bus 806 plying at yishun ave 6?

  • 20 October 2018 at 7:56 PM

    Today I saw a Mercedes Benz sbs 803


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