Dennis Trident


Lower Deck

The lower deck of the Batch 3 Volvo Olympian features 29 seats. The bus has two doors: an entrance door at the front, and an exit door in the middle. While the entry door is inward sliding, the exit door is an outward-swinging plug door. Both doors are double-leaf and supplied by Deans. Retracting belts at the front door remind commuters to keep clear of the door movement area.

The front section of the bus has two front-facing priority seats as indicated in green seat covers. On the right and underneath the staircase is a ticket validator, which is used only as a ticket printer since magnetic farecards have since been phased out. Upper deck seat counters are developed in-house by SBS and fitted to the Dennis Trident as standard.

The rear section of the upper deck just behind the staircase features a standee area with stanchion poles and grab poles near the window. Just behind the exit door, a row of front-facing seats are designated priority seats and are indicated using green seat covers.

Although the bus features a low-floor design, no wheelchair ramp was installed or retrofitted to this bus. In other regions, wheelchair ramps are installed and the standee area doubles as a wheelchair bay.

Towards the rear of the bus are more forward-facing and side-facing seats. The last row of the bus has five forward-facing seats.

Upper Deck

The upper deck of the Dennis Trident seats 56 in a conventional four-abreast seating, with the rearmost row seating five. Unique to the Dennis Trident is its single side-facing seat next to the staircase.


A single staircase connects both upper and lower decks of the bus.

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2 thoughts on “Dennis Trident

  • 29 June 2018 at 8:30 PM

    majority of them going to retire soon ezcept some of them got one year ezctension

    • 24 August 2018 at 10:44 PM

      Cut short. Dennis trident all now at HGDEP, awaiting transaction for scrapping and deregistration. For now, its still HGDEP SP since technically, the transaction didnt get through yet. As of 24 Aug 2018, 10:44PM.


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