Electric Buses in Johor Bahru

Electric buses have been introduced to Johor Bahru in 2023 as part of the myBAS Johor Bahru scheme, with electric bus operations commencing in April 2023.

Initially, at the 2018 pre-launch of the myBAS scheme, up to 27 electric buses were proposed. At the February 2022 soft launch, this was revised to 8 electric buses to be trialled across two bus services. A Skywell electric bus was also displayed at the ceremony.

On 28 March 2023, the myBAS electric bus was launched at a ceremony held at Larkin Sentral, featuring a Foton electric bus. The eight electric buses would be launched in 2023 across two routes, namely myBAS F100 (JB Sentral–KSL City (Loop)) and myBAS T13 (JB Sentral–Larkin Sentral).

Foton Electric buses:

Foton C10 / C12 (Causeway Link)

Two models of Foton electric bus entered service in April 2023. Operated by Causeway Link, the Foton C10 and Foton C12 are 10 and 12 metres long, respectively, and built to similar interior specifications.

Foton C12

In late March 2023, a Foton electric bus was spotted at Larkin Sentral, registered JVT1254. This bus is a Foton C12 as identified by the bus badging (specific model: Foton BJ6123EVCA) with a battery capacity of 385 kWh and operated by Handal Indah (Causeway Link). Similar buses were also delivered to Santiago, Chile, in 2022.

The bus was first sighted on revenue service in April 2023.

Foton C10

On 28 March 2023, a Foton electric bus registered JVT1237 was featured at a media event commemorating the launch of the myBAS50 travel pass and electric bus for myBAS Johor Bahru. This bus is a Foton C10 as identified by the bus badging (specific model: Foton BJ6105EVCA) with a battery capacity of 303.4 kWh and operated by Handal Indah (Causeway Link).

At the event, this bus was decorated with additional decals promoting the myBAS50 travel pass, which grants unlimited bus rides for 30 days, priced at RM50.

The bus was first sighted on revenue service in April 2023.

Foton C8L (Causeway Link)

Causeway Link appears to have procured the Foton C8L midibus for use on its own bus routes. This is in contrast to the other Foton electric buses it operates, the Foton C10 and Foton C12, which were introduced as part of the Federal government-funded myBAS Johor Bahru scheme. The Foton C8L entered service in June 2023.

Asiastar Electric bus:

External Link: Handal Indah Enters into MoU Signing with PETRONAS and Gentari Green Mobility (causewaylink.com.my)

A white Asiastar electric minibus was exhibited by Causeway Link at a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony with PETRONAS and Gentari Green Mobility. Through this MoU, three PETRONAS stations in Johor will be installed with DC fast EV chargers to provide opportunity charging for Handal Indah’s electric buses serving the route, as well as to the public.

Another photo of this bus (bearing the registration JVT1249) was uploaded by Causeway Link to its Facebook page on 6 April 2023 but deleted shortly after.

Skywell Electric bus:

Previously, at the soft launch of the MyBAS Johor Bahru held in February 2022, a Skywell electric bus was presented in the myBAS Johor Bahru livery. It is not known if this bus will enter service in Johor Bahru.

Higer Electric bus

In February 2018, a Higer KLQ6109GEV electric bus was unveiled and tested at the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Johor campus. The bus is said to have a range of 88 km and can be quickly charged in just 20 minutes using a dual-plug charging setup.

Just two months later, at the pre-launch of the myBAS Johor Bahru service on April 2018, the same bus (now registered VBF577) was displayed in a blue-themed myBAS livery.

The whereabouts of this bus is not known.

Iskandar Malaysia Bus Rapid Transit (IMBRT)

In preparation for the planned IMBRT bus rapid transit system, a three-month pilot testing programme was undertaken in 2021 to evaluate several models of clean energy buses. Several models of electric buses were photographed, such as the CRRC CSR6105GLEV1-1 (Gemilang), Edison Motors New e-FIBIRD PIEV, CRRC Zhuzhou Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit (ART), DEFTECH Putra-NEDO EV, and Skywell NJL6101EV.

From left to right: 1. CRRC Zhuzhou ART; 2. Scania K250UB; 3. Putra-NEDO EV; 4. Edison Motors New e-FIBIRD, 5. Skywell NJL6101EV, 6. CRRC CSR6105GLEV1-1.

The outcome of the trial is not known.

Electric bus manufacturing

Gemilang Coachworks, based in Senai, is the most established bus manufacturer in the Johor Bahru region and has built electric buses for the Singapore bus industry.

Another up-and-coming electric bus manufacturer is Sun Bus Tech, a bus and bus body manufacturing company owned by the Sun Wah Group and staffed by ex-Gemilang executives. In November 2022, the company broke ground on its new headquarters and manufacturing & assembly facility in Senai Airport City.

Bus operator Handal Indah Sdn Bhd has also indicated an interest in building electric buses. In 2023, the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA) reported that the company was setting up an Assembly Plant for Electric Vehicles to support its operations in Malaysia, targeted for mid-2023.

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