Foton C10 / C12 (Causeway Link)

Foton C10 & C12
Causeway Link Foton C12
Manufacturer BAIC Foton Motor Co., Ltd.
Bodywork Foton (integral)
Years in operation 2023—Present
Operators Causeway Link (Handal Indah)
Technical Data
Length 10.5m (C10); 12.0m (C12)
Motor Foton PMSM
Battery CATL LFP (303.4 kWh / 385 kWh)
Accessibility Low Entry
Emission Standard Zero tailpipe emissions

The Foton C10 and Foton C12 are single-deck city buses offered by Chinese bus manufacturer Foton (北汽福田). Diesel, natural gas, battery-electric and fuel cell versions of this bus are available.

In Johor Bahru, Causeway Link operates the Foton C10 and Foton C12. Both these electric buses have been deployed on passenger service since April 2023.

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Foton is a Chinese manufacturer of commercial vehicles. Based in Beijing, the company builds light, medium and heavy trucks, vans, buses, and other speciality vehicles, powered by either diesel or electric drivetrains.

In the city bus segment, the Foton C10/C12 can be configured as a low-entry, low-floor, or two-step bus. Battery-electric versions pair Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) traction batteries offered by CATL with a single permanent magnet synchronous traction motor. The hydrogen fuel cell version uses components developed by SinoHytec and Toyota.

In overseas markets, Foton electric city buses have a large presence in Santiago (Chile), where over 300 units were delivered between 2020 and 2022, accounting for nearly 40% of the city’s electric bus fleet. These are a mix of Foton U10 and U12 buses (also badged as C10 / C12). In August 2022, a further order of 1,022 buses was announced, representing Foton’s largest overseas order for electric buses. In Auckland, a Foton C12 was launched in 2022, fitted with a ZF CeTrax motor and a battery capacity of 422.9 kWh. In Sydney, two hydrogen fuel cell buses were delivered to Transit Systems in August 2022.

Causeway Link units

In Johor Bahru, Malaysia, electric buses were introduced as part of the Federal government-funded myBAS Johor Bahru scheme, which aimed to improve the quality of local stage bus services. It was announced in March 2023 that eight electric buses would be launched by the end of the year.

Two models of Foton electric buses were introduced by Causeway Link and entered service in April 2023. The Foton C10 and Foton C12 are 10.5 and 12 metres long, respectively, and built to similar specifications. Additional electric buses were procured by Causeway Link for its routes (outside the myBAS scheme), including the smaller Foton C8L midibus covered in a separate article.


These electric buses are deployed on:

Between April and late 2023, eight Foton electric buses were rolled out on bus routes F100 and T13; each route is served by four electric buses. According to Causeway Link, a further two electric buses are kept on standby to maintain electric bus availability.

In October 2023, electric buses were rolled out on cross-border routes via Tuas Second Link (CW3/CW4/CW6).

From May 2024, some Foton C10 buses (such as JWS6654, JWT3071) are deployed by Handal Indah to the Stage Bus Services Transformation (SBST) programme in Melaka.

Foton C10 / C12 – Causeway Link specifications
Model Foton BJ6105EVCA (C10) Foton BJ6123EVCA (C12)
Known registration no.
(as of May 2024)
JVT1237, JWG5132, JWG5133, JWG6029, JWG6030, JWG6035, JWG7689, JWJ5129, JWL3709, JWN1462, JWS6654, JWS6854, JWT2749, JWT2758, JWT3071, JWT9851, JWT9862, JWU3487, JWU3494 JVT1254, JWK7520, JWK8329, JWK8341, JWV1256
Length 10.5 m 12.0 m
Electric Motor Foton FTTB120G PMSM motor
Rated/Peak power: 120 kW / 200 kW
Foton FTTB135B PMSM motor
Rated/Peak power: 135 kW / 260 kW
CATL Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (Capacity: 303.4 kWh) CATL Lithium Iron Phosphate battery (Capacity: 385 kWh)
Bodywork Foton Integral bodywork Foton Integral bodywork
Passenger Capacity
(includes Driver)
28 Seated + 50 Standing = 78 Passengers*
+ 2 Foldable seats, 1 Wheelchair Bay
* based on interior sticker
35 Seated + 37 Standing = 72 Passengers*
+ 2 Foldable seats, 1 Wheelchair Bay
*based on interior sticker
Other Specifications • ManjaLink card readers
• USB charging ports
• ManjaLink card readers
• USB charging ports

Causeway Link also operates the shorter Foton C8L midibus.


Both the Foton C10 and C12 are configured as low-entry buses, offering step-free access between the front (entrance) and middle (exit) doors. The rear seating section is raised by two steps.

In the front section, the Foton C12 has a pair of forward-facing wheel-arch seats, followed by three rows of seat pairs. The shorter Foton C10 also has three rows of seats, but the frontmost row is a single back-facing seat. Metal storage racks and provided over the front wheel arch.

The wheelchair bay is located opposite the exit door. Passengers-in-wheelchair (PIW) board and alight via a manual wheelchair ramp installed at the middle door.

A backrest, retracting safety belt, and a dedicated PIW alighting bell are provided. Extra wall-mounted folding seats can be used when not occupied by a PIW.

The rear of the bus has five rows of seats for the Foton C12, but just four rows for the Foton C10.

USB charging ports (Type A and Type C) are offered for all seats. These chargers are of the PD/QC3.0 standard for fast-charging mobile devices and come with a dust cover.

Automatic fare collection is implemented on all myBAS Johor Bahru services, and fare validators are installed at both entrance and exit doors. All buses support the ManjaLink card issued by Causeway Link, and Visa payment is accepted on some routes.

The type of passenger seat installed is unknown, but is a close copy of the Ster NewCity installed on several Singapore buses. These seats feature the CCC mark moulded into the backshell, needed for products imported or sold in the Chinese market.

Driver’s Cab

Media appearance

On 28 March 2023, the Foton C10 (JVT1237) was featured at a media event commemorating the launch of the myBAS50 travel pass and electric bus for myBAS Johor Bahru.

At the event, this bus was decorated with additional decals promoting the myBAS50 travel pass, which grants unlimited bus rides for 30 days, priced at RM50.

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