Causeway Link Bus Service CW7

Causeway Link CW7 is a cross-border service linking CIQ 2nd Link in Johor with Tuas Link MRT Station in Singapore, via the Tuas Second Link. It is operated by Handal Indah (Causeway Link).

Passengers can a free transfer to/from other Causeway Link connecting services at CIQ 2nd Link to other parts of Johor, such as CW3L to Bukit Indah/Taman Perling, CW4G to Gelang Patah, and CW7L to Iskandar Puteri.

CIQ Second Link
Lebuhraya Hubungan Kedua
Tuas Checkpoint
Jln Ahmad Ibrahim
Opp Tuas Link Stn
Tuas West Dr
Opp Tuas Link Stn
Tuas West Dr
Tuas Checkpoint
Jln Ahmad Ibrahim
CIQ Second Link
Lebuhraya Hubungan Kedua

Route Overview
Route CIQ 2nd LinkTuas Link MRT Station
Passes Through Tuas Checkpoint
Operator Information
Current Operator Handal Indah Sdn Bhd (Causeway Link)
Operating Hours
Departure Timings from CIQ 2nd Link
05:00 – 22:15
Departure Timings from Tuas Link MRT
07:30 – 23:00
From CIQ 2nd Link / Tuas Link MRT
15–30 mins
Fare Information
Fare Section fare payment, ManjaLink Card accepted.
RM4.50 (Max) towards Tuas Link MRT, S$4.50 (Max) towards Johor

Causeway Link CW7 links CIQ 2nd Link in Johor with Tuas Link MRT Station in Singapore, via the Tuas Second Link and an intermediate stop at Tuas Checkpoint for customs clearance. This cross-border service is operated by Handal Indah (Causeway Link).

The terminating stop at Singapore, located at Tuas Link, is the third Singapore destination for Causeway Link services via the Tuas Second Link, after Jurong East and Boon Lay. Passengers can transfer to the East West Line for other parts of Singapore, or other bus services serving the Tuas industrial area.

The route complements existing Causeway Link bus services CW3, CW4, CW4S and CW6 across the Tuas Second Link.

Historical Information

Service CW7 was launched on 1 December 2018. The terminating stop at Singapore, located at Tuas Link MRT Station, is the third Singapore destination for Causeway Link services via the Tuas Second Link, after Jurong East and Boon Lay. The new dropoff point is in closer proximity to the Tuas industrial area and benefits people commuting to and from work in the area.

At the time of introduction on 1 Dec 2018, Service CW7 operated between Mall Of Medini ↔ Tuas Link, with its Mall of Medini ↔ CIQ Second Link sector a duplicate of Service CW7L that was introduced in 2016. Despite Tuas Link MRT being in close proximity to Tuas Checkpoint and existing Causeway Link services already serving the Tuas Second Link corridor, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) prohibited commuters from accessing Tuas Checkpoint on foot.

Prior to the introduction of CW7, bus connections between Tuas Link and Tuas Checkpoint / Gelang Patah were served only infrequently by Bus Service TS6.

In addition, commuters from Singapore can rely on Service CW7L for easy access to attractions in Iskandar Puteri, such as LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort, Mall of Medini, CI Medini and Hotel Ramada. Transferring to other bus services at CIQ Second Link, other destinations like Sanrio Hello Kitty Town & Thomas Town, Johor Premium Outlets, Senai International Airport, Giant Nusa Bestari, AEON Bukit Indah and Sutera Mall are within easy reach.

Post-pandemic resumption of Service from 1 May 2022

Between 18 March 2020 and 30 April 2022, Causeway Link CW7 suspended operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

When services resumed on 1 May 2022, Service CW7 was also formally shortened to CIQ 2nd Link ↔ Tuas Link. Further bus connections on the Johor side were offered by Service CW4G to Gelang Patah. Service CW7L, only resumed on 1 January 2023.

Boarding Point – Tuas Link MRT

Tuas Pick up and Drop Off Point 1
Tuas Pick up and Drop Off Point 1

The boarding point at Tuas Link MRT is Bus Stop 25421 (Opposite Tuas Link Station) along Tuas West Drive.

Passengers can connect to the East West Line at Tuas Link MRT Station, and Bus Services 182, 182M, 192, 193, 247 and 248 to other parts of the Tuas and Jurong Industrial Estates.

Transfer Point – CIQ Second Link

As of 1 Jan 2023, all the following services have yet to resume, with the exception of CW4G, CW3S and CW7L:

Passengers can connect at CIQ Second Link to and from other destinations around Johor Bahru:

  • CW3/ CW3L: Bukit Indah, Taman Perling, Perling Mall
  • CW3SBukit Indah, Sutera Mall
  • CW4: Gelang Patah, Pekan Nanas, Pontian
  • CW4G: Gelang Patah, GP Sentral
  • CW4S: Gelang Patah, Sutera Mall
  • CW6: Bukit Indah,  Giant Nusa Bestari
  • CW7L: Iskandar Puteri, Mall of Medini
Through Ticketing

Passengers boarding from Singapore with a valid CW7 ticket can enjoy free transfers to other Causeway Link connecting services at CIQ Second Link to other parts of Malaysia. Check with ground staff for further details.

Passengers starting their journey in Malaysia via Causeway Link’s connecting services can present a valid ticket to board any Causeway Link service to Singapore destinations (Jurong East, Boon Lay or Tuas Link).


Charges section fares, effective 1 May 2022. ManjaLink Card payment is accepted on this bus service. Only Singapore currency is accepted when boarding the bus in Singapore, and Malaysian currency is accepted when boarding from Malaysia.

Destination Bus Fare
From 2nd Link CIQ / Gelang Patah (CW4G) RM4.50
From Tuas Link MRT Station, Singapore SGD4.50
  • Cashless payment (EZ-Link / ManjaLink Card) only from Singapore.

As the ManjaLink card is loaded with values in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR), passengers boarding from Singapore and paying fares in Singapore Dollars (SGD) will be charged based on the prevailing exchange rate determined by ManjaLink. For example, the published ManjaLink fare for JB-bound CW4 is S$4.50, and as such when ManjaLink is used, 4.50×3.02= 13.59, thereby deducting RM13.60 from the card, as the Manjalink system rounds up the fare to the nearest 10 cents.

The prevailing exchange rate for ManjaLink is regularly updated and can be found on their website. (3.02 as of 15 November 2018)

Section Fare:

  • CIQ Second Link → Singapore: RM4.50
  • Tuas Checkpoint → Tuas Link: S$4.50
  • Tuas Link → All Johor destinations: S$4.50
What is Manjalink?
Manjalink Card
Manjalink Card

ManjaLink card is a smart card with travel credits (TCr) as a means of payment on Causeway Link cross-border buses. It is ideal for daily and frequent Causeway Link commuters between Johor Bahru and Singapore.

Topping up ManjaLink card is available on the ManjaLink website, Causeway Link Counters in Malaysia and Singapore, and the LUGO app.

Other means of topping up ManjaLink card is through retailers such as Pointshops at Larkin Bus Terminal, CIQ 2nd Link, or BSI Mart at CIQ 1st Link.  Commuters can also top-up their cards at Taman Daya Caltex Petrol Stations in Johor Bahru.

Lugo App

The LUGO mobile application enables commuters to view Causeway Link bus information, such as fares, arrival times and real-time bus tracking. Commuters can also top up their ManjaLink cards easily using LUGO. The app is created by Manjalabs from Singapore and is available for download on Google Play and App Store.

Comparison of cross-border transport modes

Causeway Link has provided a comparative analysis of the economic benefits of commuting by bus as compared to other modes of transportation between Mall of Medini (former terminus) and Tuas Link, Singapore.  CW7 will provide a good alternative travel option to motorcyclists, car-pooling commuters and private car owners to save on transport costs.

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Route Map towards Tuas Link
Route Map towards CIQ Second Link


  • 2018 (01 Dec): Introduced between Mall of Medini and Tuas Link
  • 2019 (26 Feb): Bus stop at Mall of Medini driveway relocated to bus stop pair along Persiaran Medini
  • 2019 (15 Jul): Free Wi-Fi offered
  • 2019 (01 Aug): Additional stop at Hotel Ramada Meridin Johor Bahru (along Jalan Legoland)
  • 2020 (01 Jan): Additional stop at CI Medini (along Persiaran Medini Sentral 4)
  • 2022 (01 May): Resumed service after suspension from Mar 2020, route shortened toCIQ Second Link–Tuas Link

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