Sultan Abu Bakar CIQ Complex

Sultan Abu Bakar CIQ Complex (also known as CIQ Second Link) is an immigration checkpoint on the Malaysia side of the Malaysia–Singapore Second Link, at the end of the Second Link Expressway. All people and goods moving across the Second Link must clear the Checkpoint before they can continue on their journey.

For bus passengers, they must alight from the bus with all their belongings and pass through immigration on their own before being allowed to re-board their buses.

Photography is likely discouraged in the Checkpoint building.


Name: Sultan Abu Bakar CIQ Complex
Address: —
Berths: Straight boarding and alighting berths

The terminal:

Sultan Abu Bakar CIQ Complex (Second Link CIQ) contains two processing areas for bus commuters, one for each direction of traffic flow (in and out of Malaysia). When a bus arrives at the Checkpoint, it alights all passengers at the alighting berth, where passengers walk to the immigration clearance area. After clearing immigration, passengers proceed to the boarding berths, where passengers re-board their buses.

At the same time, after alighting passengers, the empty bus will be subjected to security checks by immigration officials before being allowed to continue. The bus driver will then clear immigration and proceed to the berths to pick up passengers. While public buses have dedicated queuing berths, private buses must use the end-on berths. The flow is similar for buses entering and leaving Singapore.

For Causeway Link services that terminate here, buses loop back towards Malaysia without clearing customs via an underpass underneath the immigration building.

Bus Services:

The terminal serves all bus routes plying the Malaysia–Singapore Second Link, such as Causeway Link services.


Local Bus services: (Inbound)

Bus Service Destination via Bus Operator
CW3 Perling Mall Bukit Indah, Taman Perling Causeway Link
CW3E Larkin Ter Bukit Indah Causeway Link
CW3S Terminal TUTA Bukit Indah, Sutera Mall Causeway Link
CW4 Pontian Gelang Patah, Pekan Nanas Causeway Link
CW4G Gelang Patah Sentral Gelang Patah Causeway Link
CW4S Sutera Mall Gelang Patah Causeway Link
CW6 Giant Nusa Bestari Bukit Indah Causeway Link
CW7 CIQ 2nd Link Terminating Stop Causeway Link
CW7L Mall Of Medini Legoland Causeway Link
TS6 Gelang Patah Sentral Mall of Medini / Legoland / Puteri Harbour Transtar Travel


Local Bus services: (Outbound)

Bus Service Destination via Bus Operator
Jurong East (Venture Ave) Tuas CIQ, AYE (express) Causeway Link
CW3E CIQ 2nd Link –Terminating Stop– Causeway Link
CW3L CIQ 2nd Link –Terminating Stop– Causeway Link
CW3S CIQ 2nd Link –Terminating Stop– Causeway Link
CW4 Jurong East (Venture Ave) Tuas CIQ, AYE (express) Causeway Link
CW4G CIQ 2nd Link –Terminating Stop– Causeway Link
CW4S Jurong East (Venture Ave) Tuas CIQ, AYE (express) Causeway Link
CW6 Boon Lay MRT Tuas CIQ, AYE, Pioneer Rd North (express) Causeway Link
CW7 Tuas Link MRT Tuas CIQ Causeway Link
CW7L CIQ 2nd Link –Terminating Stop– Causeway Link
Buona Vista Tuas CIQ, Tuas Link MRT Station, one-north Transtar Travel


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