Johor Bahru Bus Terminals

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Bus termini serve multiple roles in Johor Bahru. They are used as layover points for various bus services, and regionalization of bus terminals allow for easy transfer between different bus services. With the Johor Bahru bus network being relatively point-to-point, the use of terminals as a bus transfer point is more prevalent in the City areas like JB Sentral and less in the outlying towns. However, the introduction of Iskandar Malaysia (IM) and Bus Muafakat Johor (BMJ) bus services have encouraged more bus transfers in the outlying towns by serving neighbourhoods with poor bus connections.

List of Bus Terminals in Johor Bahru:

Taman Universiti is one of JB’s newest terminals
A. City Centre
B. Residential Towns
C. Places of Interest
D. Roadside
  • Selesa Jaya Bus Terminal
  • Setia Indah Bus Terminal
  • Taman Tan Sri Yaakob
E. Checkpoints

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