Autonomous Bus Trial @ Jurong Island

The Jurong Island SAKRA Lunchtime Autonomous Shuttle Bus is undergoing a four-month trial from 4 January 2021 to 30 April 2021.

During the pilot, the autonomous bus plies a fixed route between Oasis @ SAKRA (Jurong Island’s amenities centre) and Sakra Road / Sakra Avenue, covering 10 bus stops. The service operates from 11.30 am to 2.30 pm on Mondays to Fridays (excluding Public Holidays).

Commuters may book rides through the SWATRide mobile app. A $2.00 fare is charged.

This trial is held concurrently with the On-demand Autonomous Shuttle @ Science Park 2, another autonomous shuttle.


The STROBO Series 12 Autonomous Electric Bus registered RD3165D is being deployed on the trial. Based on the Linkker 12 LF electric bus platform and bodied by Gemilang Coachworks, the low-floor, 3-door bus is fitted with an array of exterior sensors to support autonomous operation.

The bus was first unveiled at ST Engineering’s Singapore Business Night (October 2018) and officially launched at the 26th Intelligent Transport Systems World Congress (October 2019), where it was branded as the “STROBO Series 12” bus. The bus has been undergoing trials without passengers on Jurong Island since June 2019.

The bus is one of two Linkker electric buses used by ST Engineering for autonomous bus development, the other being a Linkker 12+. The buses are covered in detail at ST Engineering-Linkker Autonomous Electric Buses.

The bus was developed by ST Engineering, with mapping technology provided by map tech firm GPS Lands. Buses are staffed by SBS Transit personnel.

The Autonomous Bus Trial was officially launched Monday, 25 January 2021, despite having commenced several weeks earlier.

Trial Details

The Jurong Island SAKRA Lunchtime Autonomous Shuttle Bus connects industries along Sakra Road / Sakra Avenue with Oasis @ SAKRA, Jurong Island’s amenity centre. While catchment areas are similar to that of Jurong Island Bus Service 716, Service 716 is not in operation during the lunch hours.

Jurong Island SAKRA Lunchtime Autonomous Shuttle Bus Trial
4 January 2021 to 30 April 2021
Route Oasis @ SAKRA ↺ Sakra Road / Sakra Avenue
Operating Hours 1130hrs – 1440hrs (Weekdays, except Public Holidays)
Fare Free from 4 Jan 2021 to 24 Jan 2021
$1.00 from 25 Jan 2021 to 12 Feb 2021
$2.00 from 13 Feb 2021 to 30 Apr 2021
Route List

  • Sakra Road
    1. Oasis Sakra
    2. SMAG
  • Sakra Avenue
    3. Opp Sembcorp (Sakra Ave)
    4. Kuraray
    5. Celanese
    6. Sembcorp (Sakra Ave)
  • Sakra Road
    7. Chevron Oronite
    8. Dic Alkylphenol
    9. Opp Chevron Oronite
  • Sakra Avenue
    10. Mitsui Bisphenol
  • Jurong Island Highway (non-stop)
  • Sakra Road
    1. Oasis Sakra

On the SWATRide mobile app, the route is labelled as JI AV 001 (AM) between 11:30 – 12:54 and JI AV 001 (PM) between 14:00 – 14:24.

S/N Bus Stop Trip 1 Trip 2 Trip 3 Trip 4
1 Oasis Sakra 11:30 am 11:58 am 12:26 pm 2:00 pm
2 SMAG 11:33 am 12:01 pm 12:29 pm 2:03 pm
3 Opp Sembcorp (Sakra Ave) 11:36 am 12:04 pm 12:32 pm 2:06 pm
4 Kuraray 11:39 am 12:07 pm 12:35 pm 2:09 pm
5 Celanese 11:41 am 12:09 pm 12:37 pm 2:11 pm
6 Sembcorp (Sakra Ave) 11:43 am 12:11 pm 12:39 pm 2:13 pm
7 Chevron Oronite 11:47 am 12:15 pm 12:43 pm 2:17 pm
8 Dic Alkylphenol 11:50 am 12:18 pm 12:46 pm 2:20 pm
9 Opp Chevron Oronite 11:53 am 12:21 pm 12:49 pm 2:23 pm
10 Mitsui Bisphenol 11:55 am 12:23 pm 12:51 pm 2:24 pm
11 Oasis Sakra 11:58 am 12:26 pm 12:54 pm (end) 2:27 pm (end)

Timings are retrieved from the SWATRide mobile app. Commuters may ride past the start point (Oasis Sakra) for non-terminating trips, i.e. Trip 1 and Trip 2 only.

Mobile Application

Commuters may download the SWATRide app via the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

An earlier autonomous bus trial in Sentosa used the Ride Now Sentosa app, developed by ST Engineering Land Systems. The concurrent Science Park 2 autonomous trial uses the Zipster app.

Safety Measures

Every autonomous vehicle on the route is manned by a safety driver who is trained to take over immediate control of the vehicle should the need arise. The safety driver is further supported by a vehicle fault system that will immediately alert the safety driver of any faults, and cede control of the AV to the safety driver.

Safety drivers for the trial are staffed by SBS Transit personnel.

In addition, the autonomous vehicles use electronic signs to signal that they are operating autonomously, for easy recognition by road users and pedestrians.


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