Delivery of North East Line C851E Trains to Singapore

This article was originally titled: Third-generation North East Line trains arrive in Singapore

The third-generation North-East Line trains have arrived in Singapore!

Six of these new trains were procured by the Land Transport Authority back in April 2018 for the North East Line. They are manufactured by Alstom in Barcelona, Spain.

The new trains were procured in tandem with additional Circle Line trains for approximately S$250 million. These new trains will boost the capacities of both train lines, ahead of the opening of the North East Line extension (1.7km, projected 2024) and the Circle Line Stage 6 (4.3km, projected 2025).

According to Facebook post by the Land Transport Authority, the new C851E trainset was delivered from Spain to Singapore by sea, a voyage which took about a month. Subsequently, they were moved by road from the Port of Singapore to North East Line’s Sengkang Depot, where they arrived in the early hours of 5 April 2021. Operated by SBS Transit, these trains will now undergo extensive testing and commissioning prior to entering revenue service.

Background to C851E trains:

Alstom Metropolis C851E trains are the third generation of Alstom Metropolis metro trains for the NEL, with the earlier Alstom Metropolis C751A and Alstom Metropolis C751C trains entering service in 2003 and 2015 respectively. The six new C851E trains will increase the NEL fleet from 43 to 49 trains.

To enable a more robust maintenance regime, all the new trains are equipped with condition monitoring systems. This enables continuous monitoring of the health of the equipment and allows the operator to carry out predictive maintenance for the trains.

While being awarded under the same contract, C851E trains built for the NEL and CCL differ in technical specifications, the most significant being the different electrification used on both lines (1500V DC overhead catenary for NEL; and 750V DC third rail for CCL).

North East Line Extension

Scheduled for opening in 2024, the 1.6-kilometre North East Line Extension (NELe) sees the addition of Punggol Coast MRT Station to the north of Punggol Station. Upcoming developments in Punggol North include residential estates at Northshore District and Punggol Point District, the Punggol Digital District comprising mixed-use developments, and the new campus of the Singapore Institute of Technology’s (SIT).

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  • 6 April 2021 at 6:55 PM

    Mmm… From the video it seems like there is no LCD PIDS on top of the doors, is it so? The video was good but somehow it didn’t seem to show that aspect very clearly.

  • 5 April 2021 at 8:17 AM

    Why the livery so ugly one? Why cannot like DTL, NSEWL and TEL like that, have white background and purple-pink stripes? Why must use this very ugly livery? Ugly sia. 🙁

    • 5 April 2021 at 8:39 PM

      who cares lol the train is underground anyway


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