Pasir Panjang MRT Station

Pasir Panjang
巴西班让 | பாசிர் பாஞ்சாங்
Station exit A
Address 119 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 117424
Lines Served   Circle Line
Operator SMRT Trains
Structure Underground
Platform Island
Opened 8 Oct 2011

Pasir Panjang MRT Station (CC26) is an underground station along the Circle Line (CCL). It is built underneath Pasir Panjang Road, and located next to Pasir Panjang Food Court and near the Currency House.

Pasir Panjang, which means “long sand” in Malay, is a reference to the long sandy beaches that once stretched along the coast. The land has since been reclaimed for Pasir Panjang Port, and the area is home to private homes, condominiums and commercial buildings, which this station serves.

First / Last Train Timings

Circle Line – (CC26) Pasir Panjang
Destination First Train Last Train
Weekdays & Sat Sun & Public Holidays Daily
CC1 Dhoby Ghaut 5:30am 5:51am 11:10pm
CC7 Mountbatten 11:47pm
CC12 Bartley 12:11am
CC29 HarbourFront 5:40am 6:04am 11:42pm


Station Layout

L2 Overhead bridge Overhead Bridge across Pasir Panjang Road
L1 Street level Bus stops, Pick-up/drop-off point
B1 Ticket Concourse Faregates, Top Up Kiosks, Passenger Service Centre
B2 Platform A Circle Line towards CC29NE1 HarbourFront
Platform B Circle Line towards CC1NS24NE6 Dhoby Ghaut
Circle Line
towards CE2NS27TE20 Marina Bay (Peak Hours)


Circle Line (B2):
MRT_rail (2)
Platform A: Circle Line towards CC29NE1 HarbourFront via CC27 Labrador Park (→)
Platform B:
Circle Line towards CC1NS24NE6 Dhoby Ghaut via CC25 Haw Par Villa (←)
Circle Line towards CE2NS27TE20 Marina Bay via CC25 Haw Par Villa (Peak Hour Alternate Trains) (←)
MRT_rail (2)

Pasir Panjang Station has two platforms in an island platform arrangement.


Art in Transit: “Lieutenant Adnan” by Ho Tzu Nyen

Lieutenant Adnan Saidi was a 27 year old infantry officer whose bravery and eventual sacrifice, in one of the fiercest battles in Singapore’s history, makes him the stuff of legends. This is the Battle of Pasir Panjang, fought against the Japanese during World War Two. Situated in close proximity to the battle site, this artwork at Pasir Panjang station honours the fighting spirit of this war hero, by taking the form of an imaginary film, featuring in the leading, titular role, popular real-life action star, Aaron Aziz. The artwork comprises three sets of images, namely: a vertical centrepiece at the lift shaft, a diptych at both ends of the platform, and a quartet of images at the concourse, near to the station control. The vertical centrepiece takes the form of film-stills that sequentially reconstruct a heroic action, while the platform diptych narrates the life story of Lieutenant Adnan. Finally, the concourse quartet enacts a moment of the battle in the classical style of western ‘history paintings’. These three sets of images are positioned to encourage commuters to actively piece the artwork together through the exploration of the station space, while uncovering a fragment of Singapore’s history.

Gift of Art: “Stride Alongside the Bo-men” by Daisy Boman

Donated by PSA International, 2022. A similar piece is also featured at Shenton Way MRT Station.

The Bo-men transcend race and nationality, connected by the common thread of their shared humanity. Generally displayed in groups, through form and posture they convey a sense of being ‘Alongside’ each other, by striving together towards a shared goal. The sculptures celebrate human potential, resilience and the spirit of collaboration, which echo themes central to the core ethos shared by PSA and Singapore. Daisy Boman is a world-renowned artist who creates unique pieces that pay tribute to the shared bonds between individuals and their potential to create movements of purpose and passion towards a shared vision.

At Pasir Panjang station, similar sculptures stride towards PSA Horizons, leading commuters to the nearby PSA International’s headquarters.

Station Amenities

  • Public Toilets at concourse level
  • Bicycle Racks at station exits


Pasir Panjang MRT station has only one exit.

Exit Location Nearby
A Pasir Panjang Road
Pasir Panjang Food Centre, Pasir Panjang Neighbourhood Police Post, Pasir Panjang Park, Currency House, Soka Youth Centre, Poh Ern Shih Temple, Phoh Teck Siang Tng Temple, Golden Agri Plaza, Reflections at Bukit Chandu (Opium Hill), Kent Ridge Park

An overhead bridge with escalators connect Exit A to the Eastbound side of Pasir Panjang Road. For barrier-free access across the road, commuters can use the pedestrian crossing at the junction with Harbour Drive.

Transport Connections

Pasir Panjang station connects to several bus stops in the vicinity, as well as a passenger pick-up/drop-off point.


There are two official bus stops linked to Pasir Panjang station. Additional bus stops are added to better reflect transport connections.

No. Bus stop Exit Bus Routes
B/s 1 15191 – Pasir Panjang Rd (Pasir Panjang Stn/Fc) A 10, 30, 51, 143, 175, 176, 188
B/s 2 15199 – Pasir Panjang Rd (Opp Currency House) A 10, 30, 51, 143, 175, 176, 188, 188e
15201 – Pasir Panjang Rd (Aft Pasir Panjang Stn) A 10, 30, 51, 143, 175, 176, 188
15209 – Pasir Panjang Rd (Bef Pasir Panjang Stn) A 10, 30, 51, 143, 175, 176, 188


Pick-up/drop-off points are located next to station exits:

Exit Road Provisions
A Pasir Panjang Road (Westbound) Pick-up/drop-off point

MRT Bus Bridging Service

In the event of a MRT service disruption affecting Pasir Panjang station, MRT Bridging Buses may be activated to ply affected stretches of the Circle Line. In which case, the buses can be boarded from the following bus stops:

Towards Bus stop Exit
Circle Line (CCL Bridging Bus)
CC1NS24NE6 Dhoby Ghaut B/s 1: 15191 – Pasir Panjang Rd (Pasir Panjang Stn/Fc) A
CC29NE1 HarbourFront B/s 2: 15199 – Pasir Panjang Rd (Opp Currency House) A

In addition, passengers can board free regular bus services at Bus Stops 1 & 2 when activated.

Passenger Usage Patterns

Serving residential and commercial areas, Pasir Panjang station is utilized by residents and workers alike, encountering low to moderate demand across the day.


Circle Line Stage 5 (CCL5) Contract C856 for the construction of West Coast, Pasir Panjang, Alexandra, Telok Blangah and HarbourFront stations and associated tunnels was awarded to local company Sembawang Engineers & Constructors Pte Ltd.


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