Hitachi small-type monorail (Sentosa Express)

Hitachi small-type monorail (Sentosa Express)
Sentosa Monorail (Green)
Sentosa Monorail (Green)
In service 15 January 2007 – Present
Manufacturer Hitachi Asia
Number built 14 cars (7 trainsets)
Operators Sentosa Development Corporation
Line(s) served Sentosa Express
Technical Data
Car body Welded Aluminium
Doors 2 per car
Electrification 750 V DC third rail
Track gauge Beam guideway

The Hitachi small-type monorail (Sentosa Express) is a straddle-type monorail operating on the Sentosa Express. Entering service in January 2007, these two-car trains are the sole rolling stock operating on the line, with a total of 7 train sets currently in operation.

The Hitachi small-type Monorail system was adopted for the construction of the Sentosa Express, over the medium-type and large-type systems also offered by Hitachi. In the two-car configuration, the train has a maximum capacity of around 154 passengers, with an operators cab at both ends.


The Small-type Monorail System was developed by Hitachi of Japan for compact and cost-effective urban monorail solutions, ideal for small and medium sized cities, where passenger demand along transit corridors are similar to that designated for Light Rail Transit (LRT). The System is able to tackle steep gradients and tight curves, and its elevated beam guideways appear far less obtrusive than large viaducts requited for other modes of transit.

Trains operate on dedicated grade-separated guideways and are rubber-tyred for minimized operating noise and vibration. They continue to rely on a train operator for everyday operations, with an operators cab at both ends.


The Sentosa Express replaces the older Sentosa Monorail system, which opened in 1982 and operated a unidirectional, counter-clockwise loop through seven stations located around the western half of the island. It closed on March 16 2005.

The first trains entered service in 15 January 2007 with the opening of the Sentosa Express. Originally equipped with just 4 trainsets, 2 more were procured in 2009 to cope with increasing demand on the line.

On 19 November 2014, Hitachi was awarded a S$30 million contract with Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) to enhance the capability of the Sentosa Express light rail system, with a new Wireless Signaling System (CBTC) and another train set (comprising two carriages).

Current Design

The exterior of the seven Hitachi small-type monorails are each painted in a different color scheme: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple and Pink.

Commenced Service
Train Colour
2007 Green, Blue, Purple & Orange
2009 Pink & Red
2017 Yellow

Train Interior

Train Formation

The Hitachi small-type monorail train comprises two end-cars permanently coupled with a gangway connection in between. All trains are based out of the Sentosa Express depot next to Beach station, which also stables maintenance vehicles.


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