SBS Transit Bus Service 42

SBS Transit Bus Service 42 is a residential trunk route, serving the landed housing areas of Kembangan and Siglap with connections to Kembangan MRT.

Route Information
Route Jalan Kembangan (Kembangan Stn) ↺ Fidelio Street (Loop)  WAB_logo_20px
Passes Through Lengkong Empat, Taman Kembangan, Siglap Rd, Fidelio St, Frankel Ave
Route Length 5.8km
Travelling Time 25mins
Operator Information
Current Operator SBS Transit
Current Depot Bedok North Bus Depot (BNDEP)
Current Fleet Scania K230UB
Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro
Shifts 2AM-2PM / 1S (3 buses)
Departure Times from T1 0600 – 2330 (Daily)
Frequency Loop Service
0630-0830: 10 – 15 mins
0831-1659: 10 – 20 mins
1700-1930: 17 – 20 mins
After 1930: 10 – 14 mins

Route History

Service 42 is a residential route serving the private residential estates of Kembangan, Siglap and Opera Estate, connecting them to Kembangan MRT station along the East-West Line. Formerly known as M2, it was renumbered to Service 42 only in 1997.

The route operates in a continuous loop fashion, with drivers taking a short break at Jalan Kembangan (Kembangan MRT) while passengers may board or alight, or stay onboard for the next journey.  Buses terminating at Jalan Kembangan will display a terminating signage. It is one of the few bus routes not operating from a bus interchange or terminal.

Formerly operating with Dennis Dart midibuses, they were retired in 2011 and replaced by standard 12-metre buses. A BSEP fleet addition in 2014 saw the addition of a third bus to the fleet.

Special Departures:

  • Fidelio St (Bef Tosca St) → Jln Kembangan (Kembangan Stn)
    Weekdays: 0600hrs

Fare: Charges fares for regular trunk services. See Bus Fares for exact fares.

Fleet: Service 42’s fleet comprises of Scania K230UBs, and additional Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses under the BSEP scheme. This route used to operate on 10.4m Dennis Darts before they were retired in 2011. Low demand and steep slopes do not justify the use of high-capacity buses.

Route Information:

Loop Service
  • Jln Kembangan
  • Lengkong Tiga
  • Lengkong Empat
  • Jln Selamat
  • Taman Kembangan
  • Jln Kembangan
  • Sims Ave East
  • Fidelio St
  • Siglap Rd
  • Siglap Dr
  • Frankel Ave
  • Jln Kembangan
Service 42 at a glance. Click for larger image.
Service 42 at a glance. Click for larger image.

Operator History:

  • 1989 – 2001: Singapore Bus Services Ltd
  • 2001 – Present: SBS Transit Ltd

The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) for this route will be renewed in 2016. 



  • 1989: Introduced as Service M2, Jln Kembangan – Opera Estate (Loop)
  • 1993: Serves Siglap Drive and Frankel Avenue in one direction, following the conversion of Siglap Drive and Cheriot Hill to one way traffic
  • 1997: Renumbered to Service 42, loop service between Kembangan MRT station and Fidelio St.
  • 2014: Service improvement under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP)
  • 2014 (29 Sep): Designated wheelchair-accessible bus route (WAB)

Past Routings:


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