SBS Transit Bus Service 10e

SBS Transit Bus Service 10e is a Fast Forward variant of Bus Service 10, plying between Bedok Road and Shenton Way, passing through East Coast Road while skipping Tanjong Katong and Old Airport.


Route Details (Click to expand)
Bus Service 10e: Bedok Road  Shenton Way / Anson Road
Direction 1
Towards Shenton Way
Direction 2
Towards Bedok Road
  • Bedok Rd
    – Opp Man Fatt Lam Tp
    – Opp Excelsior Gdns
    – Aft Bedok Meth Ch
    – Eastwood Ctr
  • Upp East Coast Rd
    – Bedok Camp 2
    – Opp Kew Green Condo
    – Temasek Sec Sch
    – Aft Bedok Sth Ave 3
    – Calvary Ably of God Ch
    – Opp The Summit
    – Aft Sennett Rd
    – Opp Evergreen Ave
    – Siglap Sth CC
    – Opp Goodwill Ct
  • East Coast Rd
    – Opp Springvale
    – Aft Siglap Rd
    – Aft Jln Buloh Perindu
    – St. Patrick’s Sch
    – St. Patrick’s Green
    – Opp Katong Omega Apt
    – The Holy Family Ch
    – Roxy Sq
  • Mountbatten Rd
    – Opp Katong Shop Ctr
    – One Amber
  • Nicoll Highway
    – Suntec City
    – Opp War Memorial Pk CC3
  • Collyer Quay
    – OUE Bayfront EW14NS26
  • Raffles Quay
    – One Raffles Quay
  • Shenton Way
    – UIC Bldg
    – Opp AXA Twr EW15
  • Anson Rd
    – Hub Synergy Pt
  • Robinson Rd
    – Aft Capital Twr EW15
    – Opp SO Sofitel S’pore
    – Raffles Pl Stn Exit F EW14NS26
  • Fullerton Rd
    – Fullerton Sq EW14NS26
  • Esplanade Dr (Express)
  • Nicoll Highway
    – Opp Suntec City
  • Mountbatten Rd
    – Opp One Amber
    – Katong Shop Ctr
  • East Coast Rd
    – Opp Roxy Sq
    – Opp The Holy Family Ch
    – Katong Omega Apt
    – NAFA Arts Kindergarten
    – Christ Meth Ch
    – Aft Dunbar Wk
    – Bef Siglap Rd
  • Upp East Coast Rd
    – Crescendo Bldg
    – Opp Chiang Ct
    – Opp Siglap Sth CC
    – Evergreen Gdn
    – Bef Sennett Rd
    – The Summit
    – Aft Parbury Ave
    – Opp Temasek Sec Sch
    – Kew Green Condo
    – Opp Bedok Camp 2
  • Bedok Rd
    – Country Pk
    – Excelsior Gdns
    – Man Fatt Lam Tp
Technical Information
Route WAB_logo_20px
[AM]: Bedok Road (Opp Man Fatt Lam Temple) → Shenton Way (Opp AXA Tower)
[PM]:Anson Road (Hub Synergy Point) →  Bedok Road (Man Fatt Lam Temple)
Passes Through Upper East Coast, East Coast, Nicoll Highway, Shenton Way
Route Length 16.1km (D1) | 16.8km (D2)
Travelling Time 47 mins (AM Peak) | 48 mins (PM Peak)
Operator Information
BCM Route Package Tampines Bus Package
Current Operator SBS Transit Ltd
Current Depot Bedok North Bus Depot (BNDEP)
Current Fleet 12-metre Double Deck Bus:
Volvo B9TL
Volvo B10TL
Departure Times from Bedok Rd
0730 – 0814 (Weekdays | 5 trips)
Departure Times from Anson Rd
1814 – 1844 (Weekdays | 4 trips)
Frequency Direction 1 Direction 2
AM Peak: 10 – 14 mins PM Peak: 15 mins

Service 10e is a Fast-Forward variant of Service 10, plying between Bedok Road and the Central Business District (CBD). Operating during the peak hours, It offers quicker journey times for commuters travelling between the City and the housing estates at East Coast more quickly than its parent route (Service 10) during the peak hours. It also charges express fares.

Serving Bedok Road, Upp East Coast Road, East Coast Road and Mountbatten Road, the route proceeds to skip all stops until Nicoll Highway, using the full stretch of Mountbatten Road instead plying Tanjong Katong Road and Old Airport Road. Depending on traffic conditions, buses can ply different routes along the express sectors, and some drivers choose to follow the Service 10 routing (via Old Airport Road) while skipping all stops.

By plying the full stretch of Mountbatten Road, Service 10e follows the old routing of Service 10 before it was amended to Tanjong Katong and Old Airport in 1994.

Route Variants: 

Departure Timings:

  • From Opp Man Fatt Lam Tp, Bedok Rd: 0730hrs, 0744hrs, 0754hrs, 0804hrs, 0814hrs
  • From Hub Synergy Point, Anson Rd: 1814hrs, 1824hrs, 1834hrs, 1844hrs

MRT Stations Served:

Fare: Charges regular distance-based express fares. See Bus Fares. Calculate your bus fare using LTA’s fare calculator on here.

Fleet: See Above


Route history:

  • 2005 (19 Sep): Introduced between Bedok Road and Shenton Way, 3 morning and 3 evenings departures.
  • 2009 (23 Feb): Increased to 4 morning departures, enhanced to call at Suntec City
  • 2011: Increased to 4 evening departures.
  • 2012 (16 Jan): Increased to 5 morning departures
  • 2016 (27 Jun): Designated wheelchair-accessible bus route (WAB)

Operator History:

  • 2005 – Present: SBS Transit Ltd

The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) for this route will be renewed in 2024 under the Tampines Route Package.

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