SBS Transit Bus Service 123

SBS Transit Bus Service 123 is a trunk route connecting Bukit Merah Int and Beach Station Bus Terminal in Sentosa, passing through Queensway, Napier Road, Orchard, Clemenceau Avenue, Havelock, Tiong Bahru and Lower Delta Road, while also operating a supplementary route variant, Service 123M.

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10009 Bt Merah Int Bt Merah Ctrl
10659 Blk 1003 Bt Merah Ctrl
10101 OPP BT MERAH SEC SCH Jln Bt Merah
10111 Opp Blk 28 Jln Bt Merah
10131 Opp Blk 2 Jln Bt Merah
11021 Aft Queenstown NPC HQ Queensway
11031 Opp Queen's Cl Queensway
11041 Aft C'wealth Dr Queensway
11051 Opp Queenstown Polyclinic Queensway
11061 Opp Queensway Sec Sch Queensway
11071 Blk 97 Queensway
11081 Viz Holland Queensway
11229 Les Jardins De Holland Holland Rd
11219 Great Eastern Mansions Holland Rd
11209 Opp Peirce Rd Holland Rd
13029 Bef Tyersall Ave Holland Rd
13019 S'pore Botanic Gdns Napier Rd
09149 Opp British Council Napier Rd
09159 Aft Tomlinson Rd Tanglin Rd
09169 Delfi Orchard Orchard Rd
09179 Royal Thai Embassy Orchard Rd
09048 Orchard Stn/Lucky Plaza NS22 Orchard Rd
09038 Opp Somerset Stn NS23 Orchard Rd
08137 Orchard Plaza Orchard Rd
08019 Aft Haw Par Glass Twr Clemenceau Ave
04329 Opp UE Square Clemenceau Ave
06161 Blk 2 Havelock Rd
06151 Hotel Miramar Havelock Rd
06069 Aft Furama RiverFront Outram Rd
06051 Blk 55 Tiong Bahru Rd
10141 Blk 18 Tiong Bahru Rd
10151 Ctrl Green Condo Tiong Bahru Rd
10161 Opp Tiong Bahru Stn EW17 Tiong Bahru Rd
10379 Blk 25B Lower Delta Rd
10369 Opp Cendex Ctr Lower Delta Rd
14039 Opp St. Theresa's Convent Lower Delta Rd
14389 Opp Blk 109 Bt Purmei Ave
14381 Blk 109 Bt Purmei Ave
14029 Blk 105 Lower Delta Rd
14019 Opp Mt Faber Lodge Kg Bahru Rd
14519 Resorts World Sentosa Sentosa Gateway
14521 Village Hotel Artillery Ave
14539 Beach Station Bus Terminal Beach View
14539 Beach Station Bus Terminal Beach View
14529 Opp Village Hotel Artillery Ave
14011 Bef Mt Faber Lodge Kg Bahru Rd
14021 The Pearl @ Mt Faber Lower Delta Rd
14379 Blk 40 Lower Delta Rd
14389 Opp Blk 109 Bt Purmei Ave
14381 Blk 109 Bt Purmei Ave
14031 St. Theresa's Convent Lower Delta Rd
10361 Cendex Ctr Lower Delta Rd
10371 Blk 129 Lower Delta Rd
10169 Tiong Bahru Stn EW17 Tiong Bahru Rd
10149 Blk 1 Tiong Bahru Rd
06071 Blk 2B Zion Rd
06081 Blk 94 Zion Rd
06149 Opp Holiday Inn Atrium Havelock Rd
06159 Opp Hotel Miramar Havelock Rd
06169 River Pl Condo Havelock Rd
04321 UE Square Clemenceau Ave
04311 Aft River Valley Rd Clemenceau Ave
08011 Opp Haw Par Glass Twr Clemenceau Ave
08111 Winsland Hse Penang Rd
08121 Somerset Stn NS23 Somerset Rd
09059 Natl Youth Council Grange Rd
09022 Bef Orchard Stn Exit B NS22 Orchard Blvd
09111 Opp Four Seasons Hotel Orchard Blvd
09121 Bef Tomlinson Rd Orchard Blvd
09131 Grange Residences Grange Rd
09141 British Council Napier Rd
13011 Opp S'pore Botanic Gdns Napier Rd
13021 Aft Min Of Foreign Affairs Holland Rd
11201 CSC Dempsey Clubhse Holland Rd
11211 Aft Peirce Rd Holland Rd
11221 Lien Twrs Holland Rd
11089 Opp Holland Hill Lodge Queensway
11079 Opp Blk 95 Queensway
11069 Queensway Sec Sch Queensway
11059 Queenstown Polyclinic Queensway
11049 Opp Blessed Sacrament Ch Queensway
11039 Blk 19 Queensway
11029 Blk 166 Queensway
11019 Pk Hotel Alexandra Jln Bt Merah
10139 Blk 1 Jln Bt Merah
10119 Opp Pacific Tech Ctr Jln Bt Merah
10651 Blk 161 Bt Merah Ctrl
10009 Bt Merah Int Bt Merah Ctrl

  • Bus Service 123 towards both Beach Station and Bukit Merah duplicates along Bukit Purmei Ave. Check the bus destination before boarding.
    – Buses displaying the Red 123 Plate head towards Bukit Merah
    – Buses displaying the White 123 Plate head towards Beach Station


Technical Information
Route WAB_logo_20px
Bukit Merah Bus Interchange ↔ Beach Station Bus Terminal
Passes Through Queensway, Napier Rd, Orchard, Clemenceau Ave, Havelock, Tiong Bahru, Lower Delta Rd, Resorts World Sentosa
Route Length 21.3 km (D1) | 19.7 km (D2)
Travelling Time 61 mins – 104 mins
Operator Information
BCM Route Package Bukit Merah Bus Package
Current Operator SBS Transit Ltd
Current Depot Ulu Pandan Bus Depot (UPDEP)
Current Fleet 12-metre Single Deck Bus:
– Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro
– Scania K230UB
– Volvo B5LH
12-metre Double Deck Bus:
– Volvo B9TL
Departure Times from Bukit Merah
0545 – 2345 (Weekdays, Saturdays)
0600 – 2345 (Sundays/PHs)
Departure Times from Beach Station
0600 – 2345 (Weekdays, Saturdays)
0615 – 2345 (Sundays/PHs)
Frequency Direction 1
Direction 2
0630 – 0830: 10 – 12 mins
0831 – 1659: 12 – 15 mins
1700 – 1900: 12 – 16 mins
After 1900: 15 – 16 mins
0630 – 0830: 11 – 12 mins
0831 – 1659: 11 – 15 mins
1700 – 1900: 13 – 14 mins
After 1900: 14 – 15 mins

Service 123 is a trunk route connecting Bukit Merah Int and Beach Station Bus Terminal. It primarily serves the residential estates along Bukit Merah, Queensway, Tiong Bahru and Bukit Purmei, offering connections to activity nodes such as the Orchard Road district, including Tanglin and Dhoby Ghaut, and Sentosa.

This service calls at several bus stops in Bukit Purmei estate twice in different directions, i.e. towards Bukit Merah and towards Beach Station. Red and white service plates are used to distinguish the direction of travel in addition to Electronic Display Signages (EDS) on buses. Red plate indicates buses heading for Bukit Merah; white plate indicates buses heading for Beach Station.

Service 123: Route extension to Sentosa
Service 123: Route extension to Sentosa

2017 Route Amendment

From Sunday, 30 July 2017, Service 123 will be amended to terminate at Beach Station Terminal within Sentosa Island, calling at intermediate stops along Artillery Avenue. It will also call at Resorts World Sentosa in the direction of Beach Station only. The route will enhance connectivity to Sentosa Island, linking it with Tiong Bahru MRT Station and the Orchard Road shopping belt.

The route amendment will make Service 123 the first regular trunk service to terminate at Sentosa. Currently, Express Services 188R and 963R terminate at Sentosa, which operate only on weekends and public holidays and charge express fares.

Service 123M will not be amended, and will continue to offer connections between HarbourFront Bus Interchange and Tiong Bahru.

White plated Service 123 buses will head towards Beach Station instead of Harbourfront.

Special Departures:

  • Kg Bahru Rd (Bef Mt Faber Lodge) → Bukit Merah Int
    Weekdays & Saturdays: 0550hrs
    Sundays & Public Holidays: 0605hrs

Route Variants:

  • Service 123M: HarbourFront Bus Interchange ↺ Tiong Bahru Road (Loop)

MRT / Sentosa Monorail Stations Served:

Fare: Charges basic distance fares. See Bus Fares.


Operator History:
  • 1971 (11 Apr) – 1971: Singapore Traction Company
  • 1971 (06 Dec) – 1973: United Bus Company
  • 1973 (01 Nov) – 2001: Singapore Bus Services Ltd
  • 2001 (01 Nov) – Present: SBS Transit Ltd

The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) for this route will be renewed in 2023 under the Bukit Merah Bus Package.

  • 1971 (11 Apr): Introduced between Jln Aman Ter and South Canal Rd Ter as part of the 1971 Bus Reorganisation
  • 1971 (09 May): Amended to Kg Bahru Ter
  • 1974 (24 Feb): Amended to ply Grange Rd and Orchard Blvd with the conversion of Orchard Rd to one-way road, skipping Orchard Rd.
  • 1975 (02 Feb): Amended to ply Zion Rd and Ganges Ave towards Jln Aman Ter with the partial conversion of Outram Rd to one-way road
  • 1976 (08 Aug): Amended to serve New Bridge Rd
  • 1985 (26 May): Amended to Whampoa Rd Ter
  • 1987 (01 Oct): Amended to ply Eu Tong Sen St towards St. Michael’s Ter to facilitate the second stage of road expansion along New Bridge Rd.
  • 1993 (04 Apr): Shortened to loop at Tomlinson Road when service 124 was amended.
  • 1993 (23 May): Merged with service 14 and amended to ply between Bt Merah Int and Bt Purmei Ave via Queensway, Holland Rd & Orchard Rd.
  • 2008 (14 Jul): Designated wheelchair-accessible bus route (WAB)
  • 2008 (28 Jan): Service 123M was introduced to replace Shortworking trip 123B.
  • 2013: Service improvement under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP)
  • 2014 (24 Aug): Extended to HarbourFront Int and converted to a bi-directional route.
  • 2017 (30 Jul): Extended to Beach Station Bus Terminal. Start of Double-decker deployments.
  • 2018 (18 Nov): Start of operations under Bukit Merah Bus Package (Tendered Contract)
Past Routings:

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