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Gemilang Coachworks frequently supplies buses to the Hong Kong market, notably on Scania and MAN chassis.

For single-deck buses, the Hong Kong market has previously been supplied with bodywork types for the MAN NL263, MAN NL273, MAN NL323, MAN 12.240, MAN 14.250, MAN 18.280, MAN 18.310, MAN 18.320 (A69) and MAN LE 19.320 (RC2) buses. Operators who have received such buses are Discovery Bay, Park Island, New Lantau Bus and the Lok Ma Chau-Huanggang Shuttle Service among others.

For double-deck buses, Gemilang supplies the MAN A95 as a standard double-deck bus, or an open-top bus. Bus companies such as Kowloon Motor Bus, New World First Bus, New Lantau Bus and Kwoon Chung Bus took delivery of standard variants.

More recently in early 2017, Gemilang has been bodying BYD K9R buses for Kowloon Motor Bus and Long Win Bus. Seen here is a Long Win BYD K9R and an unknown KMB bus in the company’s “City Red” livery unveiled in 2017.

In late 2017, Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau MAN A95 buses and KMB Volvo B9TL / MAN A95 buses were spotted at Gemilang Coachworks.

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  • 25 June 2017 at 10:59 PM

    The unknown KMB bus looks like either enviro 400 or 500 facelift


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