LTA to Purchase 100 Three-door Double-Decker buses

On 15 May 2018, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has put up a tender for the Procurement of 3-Door Euro 6 Double Deck Diesel Buses (Contract Ref. PT342). As part of the tender, 100 buses will be procured. These buses are slated to be deployed on the roads in 2020.

Tender submissions close on 23 July 2018 at 4:00PM.


Similar to the previous tender of Euro 6 Double Deck buses released in December 2017, these new buses are Euro 6 (or Euro VI)-compliant, representing the latest in emission standards which came into effect since 1 January 2018 for all new diesel vehicles registered in Singapore.

Similar to the ADL Enviro500 Mock-Up Bus exhibited in 2016, the 3-door double-deck bus will have one entrance and two exit doors. The rearmost exit door will be behind the rear axle. In addition, the bus will have two staircases and built in a fully-low-floor design.

New requirements imposed by the LTA for new buses include an enhanced Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) comprising LED text displays, LCD display screens and interior speakers. In addition, an exterior-facing display screen and an external speaker is included. An Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), driver anti-fatigue detection system, high-definition CCTV cameras, and passenger counters at entrance and exit doors of the bus are among the additional specifications required by LTA.

The buses will also be equipped with 2 wheelchair bays. The Diesel-Hybrid buses (Volvo 7900 Hybrid), conventional Euro 6 Double Deck Diesel buses and Electric buses will also feature 2 wheelchair bays.

Tender Process

As of tender closing time, participants of the tender are as follows:

S/No Tenderer
1. Alexander Dennis (Singapore) Services Pte Ltd
2. ST Engineering Land Systems Ltd
3. Volvo East Asia (Pte) Ltd


Previous Three-door Bus Trials

Previous three-door bus trials included the MAN Lion’s City DD L Concept Bus with Tower Transit (on Bus Service 143), the MAN Lion’s City SD 3-Door trial with SMRT Buses (on Bus Service 190 & 901), as well as the Alexander Dennis Enviro500 Concept Bus Mock Up featured during the Our Bus Journey Bus Carnival in 2016.

Currently, the MAN Lion’s City DD L Bus is operated by SBS Transit on Bus Service 7.

MAN Lion’s City DD L Concept Bus:

MAN Lion’s City SD 3-Door Bus:

Alexander Dennis Enviro500 Concept Bus Mock Up:

Note: Tender submission deadline extended to 23 July 2018, 4:00pm on 21 Jun 2018 from 25 Jun 2018 4:00pm


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  • 29 July 2018 at 10:29 PM

    Hi! I think they should not just order single or double decker buses with 3 doors but more articulated with 4 doors. And better…… Double-articulated as to upgrade the seating capacity.


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