Quarterly Review: April – June 2017

4. Launch of New Generation C151B Trains

Kawasaki Heavy Industries & CSR Qingdao Sifang C151B
Kawasaki Heavy Industries & CSR Qingdao Sifang C151B

SMRT’s fifth generation rolling stock for the East West and North South Lines, Kawasaki Heavy Industries & CSR Qingdao Sifang C151B, made its revenue service debut on 16 April during the first full-day CBTC signalling system trial. Subsequently, these trains have been regularly deployed on the North South Line, during the CBTC weekday trials.

These trains also made a day’s stint on the Tuas West Extension during the open house on 16 June 2017. However, they will not be seen on the East West Line as it continues to operate under the legacy Westinghouse fixed-block signalling system.

With 45 trainsets procured, these trains will soon become a common sight on the North-South and East-West Lines.

5. City Direct Services transferred to SBS Transit and SMRT

SMRT Volvo B9TL Wright (SG5598Y) - City Direct 653
SMRT Volvo B9TL Wright (SG5598Y) – City Direct 653

In an unexpected move, operations of City Direct Bus Services 653, 655656 and 657 were transferred to public transport operators SBS Transit and SMRT.

The two-year contracts for the 4 City Direct Bus Services had expired earlier this year. At the time of the re-tender, LTA found that the tender prices from the Private Bus Operators were too high. Therefore, the contracts were not awarded. As a result, LTA approached PTOs SBS Transit and SMRT Buses to ask if they were interested in taking over the City Direct routes. Both companies agreed to operate these routes based on terms similar to the Negotiated Contract Bus Packages under the Bus Contracting Model.


6. Downtown Line Stage 3 to open in October

Overhead of DTL3 Jalan Besar Station
Overhead of DTL3 Jalan Besar Station with ventilation building and station exits on both sides of the road

The long-awaited Downtown Line Stage 3 will open on 21 October 2017, as announced earlier in May. With its opening, trains will run the full stretch of track from Bukit Panjang to Expo, interchanging with the Circle Line at MacPherson, and the East West Line twice at Tampines and Expo.

To facilitate more time for testing of the entire DTL as an integrated line, train services have been starting later on Sundays since 14 May 2017. Temporary rail replacement services (DTL Shuttle Service) between Bukit Panjang – Chinatown have been operating across Sunday mornings till 27 August 2017 (Except on 25 June) to facilitate later Downtown Line train service commencement times.

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