Quarterly Review: April – June 2017

7. New Enviro500 and MAN Lion’s City DD Buses

15 Alexander Dennis Enviro500 buses and 122 MAN Lion’s City DD (Facelift) buses were ordered by the Land Transport Authority in late 2016. Both bus models feature USB Charging Ports, which were first introduced on 10 public buses earlier in August 2016. The latter feature a face-lifted design that was first used on the 3-door MAN Lion’s City DD L Bus, SG5999Z.

All 15 Enviro500 buses have been delivered to Singapore, but are awaiting registration before entering revenue service. These buses will be registered as SG5700D to SG5714D.

Delivery of the MAN Lion’s City DD buses is ongoing. While about 14 buses have been put on service, a large number of these buses have finished assembly and are awaiting delivery from Gemilang Coachworks, Malaysia.

8. Stroller-friendly Public Buses

Open pram in bus
Open stroller in bus, occupying the wheelchair bay

Since 2 April 2017, open strollers are allowed on public buses, in response to feedback from parents and caregivers and a step towards a more inclusive public transport system. A prototype stroller restraint system has also begun trials on SBS Transit Bus Service 69 since 29 June.

Previously, open strollers were not permitted on public buses as they pose a safety risk to the child and other commuters if the bus brakes sharply or swerves suddenly. Strollers had to be folded for boarding, often leaving parents or caregivers struggling to manage with carrying their child and the stroller onboard the bus.

9. MAN A95 bus models launched by Knackstop

Knackstop MAN A95 bus model - Front nearside
Knackstop MAN A95 bus model – Front nearside

Knackstop launched the “Singapore Bus Model”, featuring a Lush Green MAN A95 bus on 21 June 2017. The bus model is produced by Model1 (also known as Network Shuttle) based in Hong Kong. Apart from large numbers of Hong Kong buses, the company also produced the SMRT Alexander Dennis Enviro500 die-cast model commissioned by SMRT in its pixel livery.

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