Seletar Bus Depot Carnival

Our Bus Showcase

At the Our Bus Showcase room, several historical items were put on display. Other items on display include photos of historical buses and disused destination signage.

Several systems that SBS Transit uses to train Bus Captains are also showcased in the room. These systems include:

Depot Facilities Tour

A walking depot tour was conducted during the carnival, showcasing the various facilities that Seletar Bus Depot has to offer.

On the ground floor is a parking area for 525 buses, as well as bays for repair and maintenance. A separate area contains washing and refuelling facilities.

Located on the second floor are the Depot offices and Operations facilities, such as the Bus Operations Control Centre and NTWU Office.

Crew rest and recreation areas are also located on the second floor. Facilities offered include a recreation room, a gym and various crew rest rooms.

The NTWU Canteen on the second floor offers three food stalls for staff to choose from: Malay Food, Drinks, and Mixed Vegetable Rice. Television screens are placed around the canteen to display staff notices and reminders. Corner tables are also equipped with power sockets and USB charging ports for staff to recharge their mobile devices.

As part of the event, visitors were given a meal coupon which could be exchanged for food and drinks at the NTWU canteen.

More photos at the Seletar Bus Depot article.

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