Seletar Bus Depot Carnival

Static Bus Displays

Seletar Bus Depot Carnival - Static Bus Displays
Seletar Bus Depot Carnival – Static Bus Displays

4 Buses were on static display at the Bus Carnival, namely a Volvo B8L, two MAN A95 buses, and a Mercedes-Benz Citaro.

  1. Volvo B8L (SG4003D)
  2. MAN A95 3-door (SG5999Z)
  3. MAN A95 (SG5835M)
  4. Mercedes-Benz Citaro (SG1217Z)

A:  Volvo B8L

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A key highlight of the event was the public appearance of SBS Transit’s newest model of double-deck bus, the Volvo B8L, registered as SG4003D. This is the first time the bus was showcased to the public. Previously, the bus was only spotted on test runs around the island, usually plying the routes of several trunk services.

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B:  MAN A95 (3 Door)

Main Article & More Pictures: MAN Lion’s City DD L (3-Door) Bus

The MAN A95 – Lion’s City DD (3-Door) Concept Bus, registered as SG5999Z, was also showcased. This was its first public appearance after the conclusion of its 6-month Trial with Tower Transit back in September 2017.

Presently allocated the SBS Transit, the bus is affixed with SBS Transit logos and interior stickers, and expected to commence revenue service trials with SBS Transit in the near future. SG5999Z was spotted inside SBS Transit’s Bukit Batok Bus Depot back in November 2017 and the bus is expected to operate on a Bus Service which is based there.

This bus was previously displayed at the Our Bus Journey series of carnivals back in 2016 as part of LTA’s Concept Buses.

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C:  MAN A95 (Auto Ramp)

Main Article & More Pictures: SBS Transit MAN A95 with Auto Ramp

A MAN A95 fitted with an automated wheelchair ramp was displayed at the carnival. Registered as SG5835M, it was the first bus in Singapore to be fitted with an automated ramp, which was trialled since September 2017.

It comes equipped with Masats RT1 Dual Telescopic Ramp, installed underneath the exit door.

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D:  Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro

An SBS Transit Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro, SG1217Z, was also on display.

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Bus Depot Tour & Bus Wash

Two double-deck buses (SG5441R & SG5483U, both Volvo B9TLs) were deployed on the roving depot tour.

Seletar Bus Depot - Refueling Lanes with AdBlue Tanks
Seletar Bus Depot – Refueling Lanes with AdBlue Tanks

The roving depot tour consisted of a short drive around the parking area, passing by five Bus Models intended for the Seletar Bus Package, namely the MAN A22, MAN A24, MAN A95, Mercedes-Benz Citaro and Volvo B9TL. At the time the carnival was held, the MAN A22 and MAN A24 buses bore the SMRT base livery and had yet to be repainted into Lush Green.

Visitors also got to experience a ride through the refuelling bay and automated bus washing machine while on board.

Commentary for the tour was provided by another Bus Captain tagged along with the bus.

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