Seletar Bus Depot Carnival

Exhibition Booths

Light refreshments such as popcorn, ice cream and bottled drinks were offered to visitors. Other booths hosted activities or quizzes where participants could win prizes.

Several bus equipment related suppliers were invited to showcase their products during the Seletar Bus Carnival. These suppliers include:

  • SMC Pneumatics (Door Systems)
  • Volvo East Asia Pte Ltd (Engine)
  • ZF Asia Pacific (Drivetrain & Transmission)
  • Denso Corporation (Air-conditioning)
  • Eberspächer Climate Control Systems (Air-conditioning)
  • TNT Surveillance Pte Ltd (CCTV)
  • Cyclosystem Pte Ltd (Automatic Bus Wash Plant  and Vehicle Lifting System)
  • Bulox Equipment (Vehicle Lifting System)

In addition, SBS Transit also showcased the following:

  • Bus Mobile Maintenance System
  • Electrical Load Current Measuring Device

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