Design modifications to MAN A95 (Euro 6) buses

Several modifications have been made to the interior of the Euro 6 MAN A95 Production Batch buses since the delivery of the first batch. Earlier buses featured more crude design elements which were slightly finetuned on subsequent buses.


As part of the¬†Bus Contracting Model, the¬†Land Transport Authority (LTA)¬†had initiated further purchases of¬†MAN NL323F¬†(or MAN A22) as well as MAN A95 buses under¬†Contract PT337 ‚Äď Procurement of 250 MAN Buses.

These are the fourth batch of MAN A95 buses to be built for the Singapore market and were procured under a negotiated contract, as opposed to procuring them via an open tendering process.

These buses are Euro-VI compliant and are bodied by Gemilang Coachworks with the MAN Lion’s City bodywork. Also in compliance with new LTA specifications, buses are equipped with a suite of new features, such as Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS) and two wheelchair bays.

Front EDS

The first 25 buses registered under this batch (SG5921Y – SG5945D) feature a smaller Front Electronic Display Sign (EDS), as compared to the remainder of the buses registered under this batch, which have an enlarged Front EDS. However, both types of EDS units have the same number of pixels in length and width (i.e. same overall pixel count).

This gives the newer, updated EDS a poorer overall resolution due to its larger size. However, programmed EDS data contained within both types of EDS units is the same.


A new feature required on new buses is the aisle-facing foldable handlebar at each wheelchair bay, for the benefit of wheelchair-bound passengers. It contains a wheelchair stop request button and can be manually deployed and stowed depending on the needs of the passenger.

The handlebar can be manually repositioned by lifting the bar itself, and then sliding down the handlebar into its desired position. The original handlebar design is fitted on buses registered before November 2018.

Newer buses, registered after November 2018, have a protective casing for the handlebar mechanism, reducing the likelihood of injury while operating the mechanism, hence improving safety.

Operating instruction stickers for the foldable handlebar located at each wheelchair bay were first spotted in March 2019. The illustration features the unmodified mechanism without the protective casing.

USB Ports

For the new MAN A95 and MAN A22 Euro 6 buses procured under this contract, the USB Ports are located between and below seats, instead of the side panels of previous batches of MAN A95 buses.

Some buses, registered SG6000Z onwards, have their upper deck USB Ports located at the side, instead of below the seats. The lower deck USB Ports continue to be located below the seats for these buses.

Later 6xxx-series buses would have their USB Port placement reverted to underneath the seats on the upper deck, and USB Ports on the lower deck moved to the side, for reasons unknown.

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  • 22 December 2018 at 5:50 PM

    Love the new design modification.Thou the seats are the same as the Man A22 batch 4 euro 6.


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