Early Retirement of Volvo B9TL (CDGE) and Scania K230UB buses (2022)

On 1 January 2022, SBS Transit (SBST) retired the bulk of its Volvo B9TL (CDGE) fleet, along with some Scania K230UB (Euro IV) buses.

These operational changes implemented by SBST are the result of a new Framework Agreement (or “FA”) announced by SBST and LTA in November 2021, in connection with the transition of the Downtown Line to the New Rail Financing Framework Version 2.

SBST had agreed to replace 241 of its own buses (comprising 144 double-decker buses and 97-single-deck buses) with newer government-owned buses, which are more environmentally friendly and cost-efficient to maintain.

Original Registration Period Useful Lifespan
(Registration date till 1 Jan 2022, both dates inclusive)
(% of 17-year statutory lifespan)
Volvo B9TL (CDGE) Jun 2006 – Sep 2006 15.3 – 15.5 years 90 – 91.1
Scania K230UB Oct 2007 – Jan 2009 13 – 14.2 years 76.5 – 83.5


Early Retirement Buses
Volvo B9TL (CDGE)

With the retirement of 144 Volvo B9TL (CDGE) buses from January 2022, there are only 20 buses left on revenue service, distributed among Ang Mo Kio Depot, Bedok North Depot, and Bukit Batok Bus Depot. A further two units remain allocated to Hougang Bus Depot for training duties (SBS7383A & SBS7385U).

Scania K230UB (Euro IV)

97 Scania K230UB (Euro IV) buses were taken off revenue service in January 2022, with the majority of them from Ulu Pandan Bus Depot.

Several of these buses were with SPAD Registration for cross-border bus services 160 & 170. With the retirement of these buses, several MAN A22 and Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses were prepared for SPAD Registration in April 2022.

Bus Scrapping

Similar to the previous batch of early retired Volvo B9TL (CDGE) buses, the retired buses will be sent for scrap at various scrapyards.

Reserved to RVS Global

20 of the retired Scania K230UB buses had a notice pasted on their windscreen which read “Reserved to RVS Global”. Some of these buses were spotted in Keppel in July 2022.

Replacement Bus Models

Double Deck

The retired Volvo B9TL (CDGE) buses are replaced by:

These buses were transferred from other operators / LTA Bus Storage, or newly registered to SBS Transit in Q4 2021. In addition, there were several buses which were re-deployed across various SBS Transit bus depots.


List of Double-Deck Buses to SBS Transit for Fleet Replacement (Q4 2021) (Click to expand)
Registration Former Operator
MAN A95 Euro 6 Batch 2
SG6189M – SG6202H SMRT Buses
SG6204C – SG6213B, SG6216T – SG6225S LTA Storage
SG6226P, SG6233T – SG6235M, SG6239C & SG6240Y N.A. (Newly registered to SBS Transit)
MAN A95 Euro V Batch 3
SG5841U, SG5847D, SG5851R, SG5852M, SG5856C – SG5858Y, SG5870K, SG5872E & SG5884X SMRT Buses
Volvo B9TL (Wright Eclipse Gemini 2)
SBS3509G, SBS3511Z, SBS3513T, SBS3514R, SG5108D – SG5118A, SG5438B – SG5440T, SG5536B, SG5537Z, SG5440M – SG5544C, SG5593K & SG5594H Go-Ahead Singapore
SG5008J – SG5012X, SG5014R – SG5021U, SG5023P – SG5038Y Tower Transit Singapore
Alexander Dennis Enviro500 (3-Door)
SG6333M – SG6335H, SG6337C – SG6339Y, SG6342L – SG6344G, SG6347Z, SG6348X, SG6351K – SG6356Y & SG6358S – SG6365X N.A. (Newly registered to SBS Transit)


Single Deck

The retired Scania K230UB (Euro IV) buses are replaced by:

The bulk of the retired Scania K230UB (Euro IV) buses are replaced by 68 Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses. These buses were formerly used by SMRT Buses and Task Force 50.

In October – November 2021, 19 MAN A22 Euro V (Batch 3) buses formerly with SMRT buses were leased to SBS Transit. Some of these buses retain the SMRT Pixel Livery, with SBS Transit Logos pasted on the front, side and rear of the bus. 15 of these buses were allocated to Ulu Pandan Bus Depot, while 4 units were allocated to Ang Mo Kio Bus Depot.

10 MAN A22 Euro 6 buses were leased to SBS Transit in December 2021 and were allocated to Ulu Pandan Bus Depot. These buses are relatively new, having formerly leased to Tower Transit for the start of its Tendered Package term for the Sembawang-Yishun Bus Package.

List of Single-Deck Buses to SBS Transit for Fleet Replacement (Q4 2021) (Click to expand)
Registration Former Operator
MAN A22 Euro V (Batch 3)
SG1703L – SG1705G, SG1709X – SG1711M, SG1713H – SG1716A, SG1722G, SG1723D, SG1738L & SG1743X – SG1746M SMRT Buses
SG1747K & SG1748H LTA Storage
MAN A22 Euro 6
SG1839D, SG1847E, SG1859X, SG1860R, SG1862K – SG1867Y LTA Storage
Mercedes-Benz Citaro
SG1030U – SG1050L, SG1103T, SG1104R, SG1113P, SG1143C, SMRT Buses
SG1020Z – SG1022T, SG1028C, SG1029A, SG1117D – SG1119Z, SG1121R – SG1123K, SG1128Y – SG1130P, SG1134D – SG1137X, SG1142E, SG1196A, SG1198U –  SG1201T, SG1209Y – SG1227U LTA Storage


22 thoughts on “Early Retirement of Volvo B9TL (CDGE) and Scania K230UB buses (2022)

  • 24 January 2022 at 3:10 PM

    bruh lta should actually give lta storage, Citaro hybrid and b8l BACK to sbs instead of taking buses from other operators

    • 4 February 2022 at 9:57 PM

      Citaro Hybrid C2 trial has ended and is currently laid up in Mercedes Benz HQ in Singapore not used while the Volvo B8L is returned to Volvo Buses. All this happened in 2020.

  • 23 January 2022 at 8:10 AM

    Honestly, as per the principle of public buses deployed on the cross border bus services, it is always the cheapest model, since these bus services are going to another country.

    Therefore, it is highly likely that 170 and 160, or whatever is the cross border public bus service that will go to Malaysia when the public buses can once again go to Malaysia, will use the cheapest model, which is the MAN A22 Euro V (Batch 3).

    Although now 170 and 160 have the Mercedes-Benz Citaro running on them, nonetheless, that is because right now they are only running in Singapore. If they resume the travelling to Malaysia in the future, I’m pretty sure the fleet will change to MAN A22 Euro V (Batch 3).

  • 22 January 2022 at 3:48 PM

    Really hate how everything is nowadays. Miss the 90s n early 2000s.

    • 28 January 2022 at 2:42 PM

      Totally agree with you. Bus redeployments have been very messy since LTA took over the planning. Painting these CDGEs with Lush Green and retrofitting them; and then retiring them early is really of waste of taxpayers’ money.

  • 20 January 2022 at 12:28 PM

    Why were the CDGE B9TLs repainted while the €5 KUBs weren’t?

    • 20 January 2022 at 8:32 PM

      I honestly dont know why CDGES are repainted green while kubs are not considering CDGES are still SBS property. Anyways i suspect the E5 Kubs are in for early retirement as well. Their lifespan of 17 years end on 2027 but if they were retire early as well, probably 2025. Another factor to consider is the e5 kubs are only operated by SBS, lta probably plans to standardise the bus model and fleet in all 4 bus company eventually. Dont be surprise too, lta is more in favour of electric/hybrid buses, so this early retirement might be apply to the current diesel buses. This is probably lta plan to phased out the remaining diesel buses and bring in those newer electric or hybrid buses sooner. To summarise, likely E5 kubs will not be repainted and also will be due for early retire

      • 21 January 2022 at 1:52 PM

        Thing is some OC500LEs were turned over to TTS. Pretty sure it is possible that some €5 KUBs from HGDEP might have gone over to GAS if Hougang package was farmed out to them this year.

  • 20 January 2022 at 2:07 AM

    Very sad to see all this buses go. All of them were good work horses. Will miss them greatly.


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