Design modifications to MAN A95 (Euro 6) – 3-Door Batch Buses

Several modifications have been made to the interior of MAN A95 (Euro 6) – 3-Door Batch buses after their initial rollout on revenue service. Refinements were made to the interior to enhance the commuter experience, as well as to address teething issues brought up by the additional Third Door.

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50 units of the MAN A95 (Euro 6) – 3-Door double-deck bus were procured by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in April 2019 as part of a tender for 100 3-Door Euro 6 Double Deck Diesel Buses.

The bus made its revenue service debut on Go-Ahead Singapore Bus Service 83 on 28 January 2021. On that day, several teething issues surfaced with the third door which led to subsequent modifications to improve passenger safety.

Third Door
Door Sensor & Arm

On the first day of revenue service, the rearmost exit door appeared to be misconfigured, stopping whenever an alighting passenger triggered the proximity sensor. This safety feature should have been triggered only when the door is closing. However, this configuration could have been intentionally designed to prevent alighting commuters from being struck in the head by the opening sliding third door arm.

This led to the following modifications made:

  • Interior third door proximity sensor re-configured; to be disabled while the door is opening
  • Repositioning of advisory stickers “Stand clear of doors”, “Please mind your head” and “No sitting / standing on steps”; shifted to the top right corner of the third door
  • Additional foam padding wrapped around third door arm, with edge guards around cornered portions

After these modifications to the third door were made, the 3-door MAN A95 buses returned to revenue service.

Additional Advisory Stickers

In mid-February 2021, an additional advisory sticker “Stop! Wait for door to fully open” was placed at the third door.

Subsequently, a “Caution Watch Your Step” sticker was added.

Lower Deck Space before Third Door

There have been three design variations observed for the lower deck space beside the third door, as follows:

Original Specification:

At the time of debut, some buses originally had a flat platform beside the third door (above the left wheel well of the rearmost axle). This is believed to be the original specification, as observed from the LTA video detailing the bus assembly process (Making of our three-door double-deck bus – LTA Singapore).

‘Version 1’ Specification:

The first version of modifications features a sloped panel installed on the lower deck. An additional vertical divider was also installed in this area, separating the flat panel area from the passenger steps. This modification was carried by some buses at their debut.

‘Version 2’ Specification:

The second version installs a large storage cabinet on the flat platform, in place of the sloped panel in the first modification. No vertical divider is installed. This version was spotted in mid-2021 and appears to be rolled out across the fleet.

Upper Deck Ceiling Panel

At the rear of the upper deck, the passenger aisle is directed to the side of the bus to accommodate the unique rear seating layout (Photo). As a result, the ceiling panels above the aisle is modified for additional headroom.

The original design uses cushioned pieces to minimize head injury, with air-con outlets in multiple places.

In mid-2021, a revised design was rolled out that further increased the headroom by several centimetres. At the same time, the air-con outlets and speakers were moved to the edge of the panel, thus offering a smooth roof surface that reduces the chance of head injury.

Upper Deck Headrests

A padded vertical divider (similar to a headrest) was also mounted to rear-facing upper deck seats which are located behind the staircases. Each bus has two pairs of such seats.

These dividers were installed prior to revenue service. A screengrab from an LTA video detailing the bus assembly process (Making of our three-door double-deck bus – LTA Singapore) does not feature this headrest.

Exit Door Padding

A padded strip was added to the middle exit door to cushion the impact against commuters knocking their head there.

Upper Deck Additional Side Handgrabs

Additional side handgrabs were installed near the rear facing seats after the first staircase on the upper deck.

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