SBS Transit Bus Service 24

SBS Transit Bus Service 24 is a trunk route running from Ang Mo Kio and looping at Changi Airport, going via AMK Ave 1, Upp Paya Lebar, Paya Lebar, Bedok and Upper Changi. It also duplicates the MRT between Paya Lebar and Tanah Merah. It serves Terminals 3, 1, 2 & 4 in order at Changi Airport.

Bus Service 24 was amended to ply via Changi Airport Terminal 4 on 22 Oct 2017




Route Details (Click to expand)
Bus Service 24: Ang Mo Kio – Changi Airport (Loop)
  • Ang Mo Kio Ave 8
    – Ang Mo Kio Int  NS16 
    – Blk 422
    – Blk 420
    – Opp Christ The King Ch
  • Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
    – Aft Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
    – Golden Hill Est
  • Lor Chuan
    – Cardiff Ct
  • Boundary Rd
    – Blk 230
    – Opp Blk 257
    – S’goon Stadium
  • Upp Paya Lebar Rd
    – Blk 161
    – Aft Paya Lebar Cres
    – Raya Gdn
    – Paya Lebar Gdns
    – Aft Rochdale Rd
    – Opp Paya Lebar St
    – Opp Asiawide Ind Bldg
    – Opp Tai Seng Stn  CC11 
  • Paya Lebar Rd
    – Opp Trinity @ Paya Lebar
    – Citipoint Ind Cplx
    – Opp MacPherson Stn  CC10  DT26 
    – CISCO Ctr
    – Paya Lebar Stn  EW8  CC9 
  • Sims Ave
    – Aft Tg Katong Cplx
    – Blk 416
    – Eunos Stn  EW7 
  • Sims Ave East
    – Casa Sarina
    – Opp Hong San Si Tp
    – Kembangan Stn  EW6 
    – Opp Perpetual Succour Ch
  • New Upp Changi Rd
    – Chai Chee Ind Pk
    – Blk 32
    – Bedok Stn  EW5 
    – Blk 221A
    – Bedok Sports Cplx
    – The Tanamera Condo
    – Tanah Merah Stn  EW4 
  • Upp Changi Rd East
    – Aft Bedok Rd
    – Bef Simei Ave
    – Opp Expo Halls 1/2/3
    – Opp Expo Halls 4/5/6  CG1  DT35 
    – Upp Changi Stn/Opp SUTD  DT34 
    – Opp Changi Ct
    – Opp Mera Terr P/G
  • PIE (Express)
  • Airport Blvd
    – Airport Police Stn
    – Bef Changi Airport PTB3
  • PTB3 Basement
    – Changi Airport PTB3  CG2 
  • PTB1 Basement
    – Changi Airport PTB1
  • PTB2 Basement
    – Changi Airport PTB2  CG2 
  • Airport Blvd
    – Aft Changi Airport PTB2
  • T4 Cres
    – Changi Airport PTB4
  • Airport Blvd
    – Near SATS Flight Kitchen
  • PIE (Express)
  • Upp Changi Rd East
    – Mera Terr P/G
    – Changi Ct
    – Upp Changi Stn/SUTD  DT34 
    – Expo Halls 4/5/6  CG1  DT35 
    – Expo Halls 1/2/3
    – Aft Simei Ave
    – Bef Bedok Rd
  • New Upp Changi Rd
    – Tanah Merah Stn  EW4 
    – Blk 55
    – Blk 65
    – Blk 27
    – Bedok Stn  EW5 
    – Opp Blk 32
    – Opp Chai Chee Ind Pk
  • Changi Rd
    – Aft Perpetual Succour Ch
    – Bef Siglap Plain  EW6 
    – Masjid Kassim
    – Bef Lor 110 Changi
    – Bef Jamiyah Home
    – Aft GE Life Ctr  EW7 
    – Joo Chiat Cplx
  • Geylang Rd
    – Blk 14 Mkt/FC
  • Paya Lebar Rd
    – Bef Geylang Fire Stn  EW8  CC9 
    – Opp Paya Lebar Stn  EW8  CC9 
    – Opp CISCO Ctr
    – MacPherson Stn  CC10  DT26 
    – Opp Orion @ Paya Lebar
    – Le Crescendo
  • Upp Paya Lebar Rd
    – Aft Tai Seng Stn  CC11 
    – Asiawide Ind Bldg
    – Aft Paya Lebar St
    – Aft Bartley Rd
    – Wisma AUPE
    – How Sun Pk
    – Opp Bethany Presby Ch
    – Paya Lebar Camp
  • Boundary Rd
    – Blk 209
    – Blk 257A
    – Blk 233
  • Lor Chuan
    – Opp Cardiff Ct
  • Ang Mo Kio Ave 1
    – Opp Golden Hill Est
    – Bef Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
  • Ang Mo Kio Ave 8
    – Blk 332
    – Blk 354
    – Blk 346
    – Ang Mo Kio Int  NS16 
Technical Information
Route WAB_logo_20px
Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange  Changi Airport PTB2 Bus Terminal (Loop)
Passes Through AMK Ave 1, Upp Paya Lebar, Paya Lebar, Bedok, Upper Changi
Route Length 51.6 km
Travelling Time 180 mins
Operator Information
BCM Route Package Seletar Bus Package
Current Operator SBS Transit Ltd
Current Depot Ang Mo Kio Bus Depot (AMDEP)
Current Fleet 12-metre Single Deck Bus:
Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro
Departure Times from Ang Mo Kio
0530 – 2300 (Daily)
Departure Times from Terminal 2
0617 – 0013 (Weekdays)
0628 – 0011 (Saturdays)
0627 – 0012 (Sundays/PHs)
Frequency Loop Service  
0630 – 0830: 07 – 11 mins
0831 – 1659: 08 – 11 mins
1700 – 1900: 07 – 14 mins
After 1900: 12 – 15 mins


Service 24 is a lengthy loop trunk route between Ang Mo Kio and Changi Airport, serving Serangoon, Upper Paya Lebar, Paya Lebar, Eunos, Bedok and Upper Changi. Introduced as part of the 1983 Changi Airport Bus Plan, it replaces previously existing bus routes and remains today as a unique connection along much of its route. This service duplicates the East-West Line between Paya Lebar and Tanah Merah, and closely follows Service 22 between Ang Mo Kio and MacPherson.

Due to the loop-route nature of Service 24, as well as irregular demand across the day, this route is very prone to bunching-up. Frequencies during peak hour can exceed 20mins. Sectors of high demand are between Bedok and Upper Changi where the route connects to private housing and new developments along Upper Changi Road East.

The former shortworking trip 24A operates daily from Ang Mo Kio Int to Tanah Merah MRT Station, where the bus would do a u-turn and operate as service 24 back to Ang Mo Kio Int. Departures from Ang Mo Kio Int alternated between the main service 24 and the shortworking service 24A then.

Changi Airport:

Service 24 serves Changi Airport Terminals 3, 1, 2 & 4 in order.

Changi Airport Passenger Terminal Buildings (PTBs) 1, 2 and 3 have their bus stops integrated into their basement levels, which also serves as a cargo loading and unloading bay. Security checks for any unattended or suspicious articles are carried out before a bus enters Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Bus Captains may take a short toilet break at Terminal 2. Because of height restrictions, double-decker buses are unable to enter Changi Airport basement.

Occasionally when Changi Airport basement is closed, buses will be diverted to to T1/T2/T3 Departure Drive where a temporary bus stop will be set up.

A fleet restriction for Changi Airport appears to be in place, with only Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro buses deployed on airport-plying bus services.

Announcements for passengers to inform the Bus Captain if they see any suspicious person or article are played on board public buses at Changi Airport as well.

Special Departures:

  • Upp Paya Lebar Road (Blk 161) Changi Airport  Ang Mo Kio
    Daily: 0530hrs, 0537hrs
  • New Upp Changi Rd (Bedok Stn Exit B) Changi Airport  Ang Mo Kio
    Weekdays: 0540hrs, 0548hrs
    Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays: 0540hrs
  • PTB1 Basement (Changi Airport PTB1) Ang Mo Kio
    Weekdays: 0545hrs, 0558hrs
  • Airport Blvd (Near SATS Flight Kitchen) → Ang Mo Kio
    Weekdays: 0555hrs
  • New Upp Changi Rd (Blk 65) → Ang Mo Kio
    Weekdays: 0600hrs
    Saturdays: 0600hrs, 0612hrs, 0624hrs
    Sundays & Public Holidays: 0600hrs, 0616hrs

MRT Stations Served:

Fare: Charges basic distance-based fares. See Bus Fares. Calculate your bus fare using LTA’s fare calculator on here.

Fleet: See Above.


Operator History:

  • 1983 – 2001: Singapore Bus Services Ltd
  • 2001 – Present: SBS Transit Ltd

The Bus Service Operating License (BSOL) for this route will be renewed in 2018 under the Seletar Bus Package.


  • 1983 (25 Jun): Introduced as Service 24 to replace services 392 (Bedok Int – Changi Airport), 394 (Somapah Int – Changi Airport) and 727 (Ang Mo Kio – Changi Airport), all withdrawn due to low demand and overlapping routes.
    Route plying Ang Mo Kio Int – Changi Airport PTB1
  • 1990: Amended to serve Changi Airport PTB2
  • 2007 (11 Nov): Amended to serve Changi Airport PTB3
  • 2010 (02 Dec): Designated wheelchair-accessible bus route (WAB)
  • 2012 (09 Jan): Converted to loop service
  • 2017 (22 Oct): Extended to serve Changi Airport PTB4

Past Routings:

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