1 in 2 public buses to be electric by 2030

Half of Singapore’s public bus fleet will be powered by electric buses by 2030, as announced in the Committee of Supply Joint Segment on Singapore Green Plan 2030 on 8 March 2022.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) aims to have half of its public bus fleet be electric by 2030. This is about 3,000 buses, as mentioned in a speech by Minister for Transport, Mr S Iswaran.

This is also in line with the Land Transport Master Plan 2040, where LTA has committed to a 100% cleaner energy public bus fleet by 2040.

All bus buys from now till 2030 will primarily be electric.
– Land Transport Authority

While earlier commitments to clean energy buses had left the door open for the possibility for hybrid or electric buses, this announcement is the first firm commitment that electric buses have been selected for the large-scale replacement of diesel buses.

Over 400 diesel buses will also be replaced by 2025 as they reach the end of the statutory lifespan.

LTA will replace over 400 diesel buses with electric buses by 2025.
-S Iswaran

These buses would include:

Currently, 60 electric public buses procured by LTA in 2018 are operating on Singapore’s roads. The contract, which was fulfilled by three tenderers, included a mix of charging solutions with BYD and Yutong opting for overnight charging at depots, and ST Engineering/Linkker buses opting for opportunity charging (via pantograph) at bus interchanges.

It remains to be seen which charging solution will be adopted by LTA at scale.

Tenderer Electric Buses Charging Solution Offered
BYD (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. 20 BYD K9 (Gemilang) 150kW Overnight Cable Charging (ABB)
@ Seletar Depot
ST Engineering Land Systems 20 Linkker LM312 450kW Overhead Pantograph (ABB / OppCharge)
@ Bedok ITH & Bukit Panjang ITH
Yutong-NARI Consortium 10 Yutong E12DD
10 Yutong E12
90kW Overnight Cable Charging (NARI)
@ Bulim DepotLoyang Depot

The CRRC TEG6125BEV03 electric bus currently on trial with Go-Ahead Singapore uses NARI chargers at Loyang Depot.


6 thoughts on “1 in 2 public buses to be electric by 2030

  • 11 March 2022 at 10:17 PM

    You forgot to list Volvo B9TL CDGE in the buses to be replaced

  • 11 March 2022 at 5:22 PM

    Why is there no elecric buses in Bukt Merah area? I hope there are mor eelectric buses there in the future rather than concentrating them in the newer estates

  • 10 March 2022 at 12:18 PM

    i hope LTA to buy MB Citaro EV or Volvo BZL SD & DD

  • 9 March 2022 at 10:16 PM

    i hope to LTA buy more BYD K9 E12 E12DD LM312 Volvo BZL & MB Citaro EV

  • 9 March 2022 at 2:24 PM

    I think it is a good step to make all buses electric however we worry about the maintenance of such buses and the cost to maintain the charging ports to these buses.


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