SMRT Bus Service 858

SMRT Bus Service 858 operates between Woodlands and Changi Airport, passing through Sembawang, Yishun, Punggol and Sengkang. It utilizes the Tampines and Seletar Expressways between Yishun and Changi Airport. At 73.5km long, it is the longest bus route in Singapore.

Alight at Changi Airport Terminal 1 for direct access to Jewel Changi Airport through the arrival hall.

W'Lands Temp Int ↺ Changi Airport (Loop)
46009 Woodlands Temp Int NS9TE2 Woodlands Sq
46281 Blk 825 Woodlands Ave 7
46391 Blk 853 Woodlands Ave 7
46401 Blk 864 Woodlands Ave 4
46411 Blk 869 Woodlands Ave 4
46461 Opp Blk 757A CP Woodlands Ave 9
46471 Opp Blk 773 Woodlands Ave 9
46481 Aft Woodlands Ind Pk E6 Woodlands Ave 9
46731 Yew Huat Scaffolding Work Gambas Ave
46741 Seagate Gambas Ave
47621 Aft Gambas Ave Woodlands Ave 7
58381 Blk 469B Sembawang Way
58229 Blk 358A CP Sembawang Way
58219 Opp Sembawang Stn NS11 Sembawang Way
58159 Aft Admiral Hill Canberra Rd
58109 Opp Blk 311 Canberra Rd
58029 The Nautical Sembawang Rd
58019 Aft Sembawang Shop Ctr Sembawang Rd
57139 Aft Jln Kemuning Sembawang Rd
57129 Blk 114 Sembawang Rd
57119 Blk 101 Sembawang Rd
59119 Opp Blk 701A Yishun Ave 5
59149 Blk 145 Yishun Ave 5
59073 Opp Yishun Stn NS13 Yishun Ave 2
59069 Opp Blk 757 Yishun Ave 2
59619 Yishun Community Hosp Yishun Ctrl 2
59059 Blk 608 Yishun Ave 2
59049 Opp Khatib Stn NS14 Yishun Ave 2
59039 Yishun Sports Hall Yishun Ave 2
59029 Aft Yishun Ave 1 Lentor Ave
59019 Aft Sg Seletar Bridge Lentor Ave
55289 LP 94 Lentor Ave
68111 Bef Seletar Camp G Jln Kayu
65199 Aft Punggol Rd TPE
95151 Airport Police Stn Airport Blvd
95011 Bef Changi Airport PTB3 Airport Blvd
95109 Changi Airport PTB3 CG2 PTB3 Basement
95029 Changi Airport PTB1 PTB1 Basement
95129 Changi Airport PTB2 CG2 PTB2 Basement
95019 Aft Changi Airport PTB2 Airport Blvd
95159 Near SATS Flight Kitchen Airport Blvd
65191 Bef Punggol Rd TPE
68119 Aft Seletar Camp G Jln Kayu
55281 Aft SLE Lentor Ave
59011 Bef Sg Seletar Bridge Lentor Ave
59021 Bef Yishun Ave 1 Lentor Ave
59031 Opp Yishun Sports Hall Yishun Ave 2
59041 Bef Khatib Stn NS14 Yishun Ave 2
59051 Blk 790 Yishun Ave 2
59611 Opp Yishun Community Hosp Yishun Ctrl 2
59061 Blk 763 Yishun Ave 2
59079 Yishun Stn NS13 Yishun Ave 2
59141 Blk 741 Yishun Ave 5
59111 Blk 701 Yishun Ave 5
57111 Opp Blk 101 Sembawang Rd
57121 Opp Blk 115B Sembawang Rd
57131 Opp Jln Kemuning Sembawang Rd
58011 Opp Sembawang Shop Ctr Sembawang Rd
58021 Opp The Nautical Sembawang Rd
58101 Blk 311 Canberra Rd
58151 Bef Sembawang Stn NS11 Canberra Rd
58211 Sembawang Stn NS11 Sembawang Way
58221 Blk 339 CP Sembawang Way
58389 Opp Blk 469B Sembawang Way
47629 Seagate Woodlands Ave 7
46749 Opp Seagate Gambas Ave
46739 BLK 782 Gambas Ave
46489 Aft Gambas Ave Woodlands Ave 9
46479 Blk 774 Woodlands Ave 9
46469 Blk 759 Woodlands Ave 9
46419 Evergreen Pr Sch Woodlands Ave 4
46409 Blk 701A CP Woodlands Ave 4
46399 Aft 888 Plaza Woodlands Ave 7
46289 Blk 891C CP Woodlands Ave 7
46009 Woodlands Temp Int NS9TE2 Woodlands Sq
Technical Information
Route WAB_logo_20px
Woodlands Temporary Bus Interchange ↺ Changi Airport PTB2 Bus Terminal (Loop)
Passes Through Woodlands Ave 9, Sembawang, Yishun, Lentor, TPE, Jln Kayu, TPE
Route Length 73.4 km
Travelling Time 177 mins
Operator Information
BCM Route Package Sembawang–Yishun Bus Package
Current Operator SMRT Buses Ltd
Current Depot Ang Mo Kio Bus Depot (AMDEP)
Buses park at: Woodlands Bus Park (WLBP)
Current Fleet 18-metre Articulated Bus:
– MAN NG363F
12-metre Single Deck Bus:
– MAN A22
Mercedes-Benz Citaro
Departure Times from Woodlands
0515hrs – 2314hrs (Daily)
Service 858A | Terminates at Opp Yishun Stn, Yishun Ave 2
2324hrs – 0030hrs (Weekdays)
2326hrs – 0030hrs (Saturdays, Sundays/PHs)
Departure Times from Terminal 2
0625hrs – 0032hrs (Weekdays)
0626hrs – 0025hrs (Saturdays)
0624hrs – 0024hrs (Sundays/PHs)
Frequency Loop Service
0630 – 0830: 05 – 09 mins
0831 – 1659: 05 – 09 mins
1700 – 1900: 05 – 09 mins
After 1900: 06 – 10 mins

Service 858 is a residential and inter-town route plying between the housing estates of Woodlands, Sembawang, Yishun, and stretching far east to Changi Airport. Much of its route plies express sectors along the Seletar Expressway (SLE), Tampines Expressway (TPE) and Pan-Island Expressway (PIE). At 73.5km long, it is the longest bus route in Singapore (after the shortening of NightRider NR7 in 2014). The ride from Yishun to Changi Airport takes about 38 minutes in smooth traffic.

After 2314hrs to 0030hrs daily, buses leaving Woodlands Temp Int will be renumbered as 858A, and terminate at Yishun Ave 2 (Opp Yishun Stn).

As the quickest transport link from housing estates of the North to Changi Airport, as well as providing valuable inter-town connections in the North, this service encounters moderate to high demand throughout the day. Due to its extended length, bus bunching is relatively common, which BSRF is attempting to minimize.

Changi Airport:

Service 858 serves Changi Airport Terminals 3, 1 & 2 in order.

Changi Airport Passenger Terminal Buildings (PTBs) 1, 2 and 3 have their bus stops integrated into their basement levels, which also serves as a cargo loading and unloading bay. Security checks for any unattended or suspicious articles are carried out before a bus enters Terminals 1, 2 and 3. Bus Captains may take a short toilet break at Terminal 2. Because of height restrictions, double-decker buses are unable to enter Changi Airport basement.

Occasionally when Changi Airport basement is closed, buses will be diverted to to T1/T2/T3 Departure Drive where a temporary bus stop will be set up.

A fleet restriction for Changi Airport appears to be in place, with only Mercedes-Benz Citaro and MAN A24 buses deployed on airport-plying bus services. Announcements for passengers to inform the Bus Captain if they see any suspicious person or article are played on board public buses at Changi Airport as well.

MRT Stations Served
Special Departures
  • Yishun Avenue 2 (Opp Yishun Sports Hall) → Woodlands Temp Int
    Daily: 0530hrs – 0700hrs
    Caters to inter-town commuters before the first bus arrives from Changi Airport.
  • PTB3 Basement (Changi Airport PTB3) → Woodlands Temp Int
    Saturdays: 2133hrs, 2150hrs, 2224hrs, 2234hrs & 2254hrs
    Sundays / Public Holidays: 2131hrs, 2146hrs & 2208hrs
Short Trip Services
  • Service 858A: Woodlands Temp Int → Yishun Ave 2 (Opp Yishun Stn)
    Weekdays: 2327hrs, 2335hrs, 2346hrs, 2357hrs, 0008hrs, 0019hrs & 0030hrs
    Saturdays: 2326hrs, 2338hrs, 2351hrs, 0004hrs, 0017hrs & 0030hrs
    Sundays / Public Holidays: 2326hrs, 2339hrs, 2352hrs, 0005hrs, 0017hrs & 0030hrs
  • Service 858B: Jalan Kayu (Bef Seletar Camp G) → Jalan Kayu (Aft Seletar Camp G), via Changi Airport
    Weekdays: 0634hrs, 0648hrs, 0750hrs & 0804hrs

Fare: Charges basic fares for regular trunk services. See Bus Fares.

14 thoughts on “SMRT Bus Service 858

  • 12 December 2020 at 9:01 PM

    It would be cool to have bendy buses serving all routes that go to Changi Airport, subjected to demand. Since LTA now prefers Double Deckers over Bendy buses, why not make Bendy buses exclusive to all airport routes only? Services being 24, 27, 34, 36, 53, 110 and 858. With the exception of service 24 and 110 which seems to be less crowded, the other services will benefit greatly from bendy buses.

    • 31 March 2021 at 11:22 PM

      No use to put bendy on 36, the demand would probably be reduced with the opening of the TEL in the Marine Parade area

  • 16 June 2020 at 11:03 AM

    I don’t really understand why need only Citaro for Airport service?If they opt for announcement system then the Batch 3 A22 & Euro VI A22 also have that feature.

    • 14 November 2020 at 4:42 PM

      WLBP services 858 and 859 uses MAN A22s along with the SG plated citaros, can update fleet


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