Transitioning to Seletar Bus Package

SBS Transit has taken over all Bus Services under the Seletar Bus Package in March 2018. The takeovers were carried out in three tranches: on 11, 18 & 25 March 2018.

As the awarded tenderer of PT202: Bus Contracting – Seletar Bus Package, SBS Transit has won the right to operate the 26 Bus Services under the package. These 26 Bus Services are: 24, 70/M, 71, 76, 130, 133, 135, 138, 162/M, 261, 262, 265, 268, 269, 800, 803, 804, 805, 806, 807, 811, 812, 850E, 851, 852 & 860.

The bus services under the Seletar Bus Package will have their Bus Service Operating Licenses (BSOL) renewed for 5 Years (Starting from March 2018) under SBS Transit. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has an option to extend SBS Transit’s operating license for the Seletar Bus Package for another 2 years, before calling for another open tender for the Seletar Bus Package.

Ramping Up

Seletar Bus Depot

Seletar Bus Depot was officially handed over to SBS Transit in August 2017 for outfitting, following the completion of the main depot building.

On 23 December 2017, SBS Transit bus services under the Seletar Bus Package started refuelling and garaging at Seletar Bus Depot. This is in addition to the other bus services such as 13, 72, 128, 168 & CT8 which were then already garaging at Seletar Bus Depot. The non-Seletar Package bus services are likely to be shifted back to Ang Mo Kio Bus Depot upon the first transition phase on 11 March 2018.

On 27 January 2018, during the Seletar Bus Depot Carnival, Seletar Bus Depot was officially opened by Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure & Minister for Transport Mr Khaw Boon Wan. The bus depot was then already outfitted, and its Bus Operation Control Centre (BOCC) was coordinating the Seletar Bus Package services under SBS Transit.

Bus Captains

In SBS Transit’s bid for the Seletar Bus Package, they forecasted a manpower requirement of 925 staff members, inclusive of 777 Bus Captains.

As of January 2018, SBS Transit’s Seletar Bus Package Bus Captain breakdown are as follows:

  • 503 Existing SBS Transit Bus Captains driving Seletar Bus Package services with SBS Transit
  • 124 Affected SMRT Buses Bus Captains driving existing Seletar Bus Package services who have opted to transfer to SBS Transit
  • 150 New Hires

The hiring process for new Bus Captains under the Seletar Bus Package was completed in October 2017 and Bus Captains were attached to the various SBS Transit Bus Depots to undergo training prior to the commencement of the Bus Package.

Bus Fleet

SBS Transit operated Volvo B9TL, MAN A95 and Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses prior to the transition. They will be reallocated to the Seletar Bus Package on the transition date.

On 30 September 2017, SBS Transit received several MAN NL323F rigid buses and MAN NG363F articulated buses for training purposes in the lead up to the Seletar Bus Package takeover in March 2018. More buses are expected to be handed over to SBS Transit when they take over SMRT Buses Bus Services on 18 & 25 March 2018.

SBS Transit will be operating an initial fleet of 390 buses for the Seletar Bus Package across the five bus models mentioned above.

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Transitioning Dates

In an interview with the media on 27 Jan 2018, SBS Transit CEO Mr Gan Juay Kiat mentioned the Seletar Bus Package takeover dates as follows. These transition dates were only confirmed through SBS Transit press releases days before the implementation of the first tranche.

These takeover dates were changed from the LTA-planned 5-tranche takeover, as SBS Transit is already operating the Seletar Bus Package services from Ang Mo Kio & Yio Chu Kang.

Tranche Implementation Date Bus Services No of Routes
1 11 March 2018 24, 70/M, 71, 76, 130, 133, 135, 138, 162/M, 261, 262, 265, 268 & 269 14
2 18 March 2018 800, 804, 805, 807, 811 & 860 6
3 25 March 2018 803, 806, 812 , 850E, 851 & 852 6
Total: 26


Bus Service Changes

  • Short Trip Service 265A will also be withdrawn from 12 March 2018, as part of the Seletar Bus Package transitioning. SBS Transit will operate additional trips to Bus Service 265 instead.
  • Operating hours for Bus Service 807 will also be extended daily from 18 March 2018.
  • Intratown Bus Services 811 & 812 will be rebranded as Townlink Bus Services 811 & 812 upon their handover to SBS Transit.
  • 2 additional morning trips will be operated on SBS Transit Express Bus Service 850E from 26 March 2018. Operating hours revised to 0710hrs – 0750hrs in the morning.


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9 thoughts on “Transitioning to Seletar Bus Package

  • 8 December 2021 at 2:03 PM

    give all the services sbst took from yishun to sembAwang yishun bcm and take 110, 169 and 825 from that bcm instead. can also snag 136 from gas in return giving bus 50, 58 to GAS

  • 19 March 2021 at 11:36 PM

    Why is 3079 training in Compassvale when there’s no service there

  • 12 March 2018 at 12:08 AM

    Today 1st day of Seletar package got a few Scanias on AMK feeders. Are they cameoing or become part of Seletar package already? If yes then the Scanias going to turn green soon.

  • 11 February 2018 at 6:31 PM

    Frankly i would love to see this happen but unfortunately our current Tpt Minister loves the incumbents so much.

    Bulim:Go-Ahead Singapore
    Loyang:Transdev Singapore
    Seletar:Transdev Singapore
    Bukit Merah:Go-Ahead Singapore
    Sembawang-Yishun:SBS Transit
    Hougang-Sengkang:SMRT Corp Ltd
    Bedok:SMRT Corp Ltd
    CCK-Bukit Panjang:SBS Transit Ltd
    Woodlands:SBS Transit Ltd
    Tampines:SBS Transit Ltd
    Jurong West:SMRT Corp Ltd
    Serangoon-Eunos:Go-Ahead Singapore
    Bishan-TPY:SBS Transit Ltd


    • 11 February 2018 at 6:36 PM

      For MRT i would love to see this happened
      EastWest Line:SMRT Corp Ltd
      NorthSouth Line & BPJ LRT:SBS Transit Ltd
      NorthEast Line & SKG/PGL LRT:SMRT Corp Ltd
      Circle Line:SBS Transit Ltd
      Downtown Line:SMRT Corp Ltd
      Thomson-East Coast Line:Transdev Singapore
      Jurong Region Line:Go-Ahead Singapore
      Cross-Island Line:SMRT Corp Ltd

      • 19 March 2021 at 11:35 PM

        But…why? I do love sbst being in its current state and for smrt too, and go ahead wouldn’t want to operate a line not In Their area

    • 19 March 2021 at 11:38 PM

      No why you have to give Loyang to transdev? I think Loyang is good in go ahead hands

      • 1 December 2023 at 10:46 AM

        Yes it’s really good, just maintenance which is bad.

  • 11 February 2018 at 6:17 PM

    Ironic,SBST only transition 11 service under Yishun because AMK and YCK is all along SBST..Left hand give right hand pocketed.


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