Jurong Industrial Services

Jurong Industrial Services, commonly abbreviated as JIS, are bus services that serve the industrial areas of Jurong, with routes operating from Boon Lay Bus Interchange, Joo Koon Bus Interchange and Tuas Bus Terminal., carrying the 24_ and 25_ service numbering.

As a subset of regular Trunk Bus Services, the “Jurong Industrial Service” branding has largely disappeared from regular use as these services operate no differently from regular trunk services. In addition, several other trunk routes such as 182/182M, 192 and 193 serve the Jurong Industrial Area, but are not designated as Jurong Industrial Services.


Bus Services Area of service Bus Interchange
246 Chin Bee, Tukang Boon Lay Bus Interchange
247 Tuas Biomedical Pk I, Tuas Bay Tuas Bus Terminal
248 Tuas Biomedical Pk II Tuas Bus Terminal
248M Tuas Biomedical Pk II, Tuas Port Tuas Bus Terminal
249 Tanjong Kling, Samulun Boon Lay Bus Interchange
251 Shipyard Road, Pioneer Rd North Boon Lay Bus Interchange
252 Soon Lee, Joo Koon Boon Lay Bus Interchange
253 Benoi Sector, Benoi Rd Joo Koon Bus Interchange
254 Pioneer, Tuas West, Tuas Basin Joo Koon Bus Interchange
255 Gul Joo Koon Bus Interchange
257 Pioneer Sector Joo Koon Bus Interchange
258 Jln Ahmad Ibrahim, Jurong West Residential Area Joo Koon Bus Interchange

Boon Lay Interchange is home to the following Jurong Industrial Services:

  • Service 246: Loops at Boon Lay Drive
  • Service 249: Loops at Jalan Samulun.
  • Service 251: Loops at Shipyard Road
  • Service 252: Loops at Joo Koon Road

Joo Koon Interchange took over several Jurong Industrial Services from Boon Lay when it was opened in Nov 2015:

  • Service 253: Loops at Benoi Road
  • Service 254: Loops at Tuas Avenue 11
  • Service 255: Loops at Gul Crescent
  • Service 257: Loops at Pioneer Sector
  • Service 258: Loops at Jurong West St 64

Tuas Bus Terminal is home to the following Jurong Industrial Services introduced after the opening of the Tuas West Extension:

  • Service 247: Loops at Tuas Bay Link
  • Service 248: Loops at Tuas South Avenue 14

All JIS routes are grouped under the Jurong West Bus Package and controlled by Soon Lee Bus Depot.


Jurong Industrial Services were introduced in the 1970s-1980s to cater to the development of Pioneer and Tuas as an industrial area. Originally operating from Jurong Bus Interchange, they were shifted to Boon Lay Bus Interchange when the interchange closed down. Unidirectional services between the industrial estate and Boon Lay Gardens Bus Terminal were offered during peak hours in the 1980s (with an A suffix), but were subsequently withdrawn due to low demand.

In Nov / Dec 2015, the opening of Joo Koon Bus Interchange resulted in Services 254, 255 and 257 shifting over from Boon Lay and new services 253, 256 and 258 being launched.

In June 2017, new Bus Services 247 & 248 were launched under the Bus Service Enhancement Programme in tandem with the opening of the Tuas West Extension of the East West Line. Bus Service 256 was withdrawn while Bus Services 192 & 258 were amended to cover the lost sectors of Bus Service 256.

The On-Demand Public Bus (ODPB) trial from 17 December 2018 and 14 June 2019 involved Bus Services 253, 255 and 257.

With the award of the Jurong West Bus Package to SMRT Buses in August 2023, JIS will be operated by SMRT Buses from September 2024.


Older or retiring bus models are usually deployed on Jurong Industrial Services, as newer ones are generally reserved for urban routes. However, services under the Bus Services Enhancement Programme receive brand new buses, such as Service 247 and 248.


Fares for Jurong Industrial Services follow the current distance-based fare scheme (DBF) for trunk services.

Operating Hours:

Jurong Industrial Services operate daily from 5:45am to 11:30pm. Demand is significantly higher during peak hours compared to off-peak hours, and hence many split-shift buses are added to the fleet during peak periods. These services usually operate at low frequencies on Weekends and Public Holidays.

The On-Demand Public Bus (ODPB) trial from 17 December 2018 and 14 June 2019 involved Bus Services 253, 255 and 257. Between 1100hrs – 1500hrs & 2030hrs – 2330hrs on Weekdays, these services would operate at degraded frequencies, and commuters could use a mobile application to hail a bus between any pair of bus stops within a designated geofenced area.


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    The list of current services should simply state the current routes. Including previous routings (such as old 247, old 250, old 257 with lost sectors replaced by 256) will confuse the reader, so best to either omit or list under a separate header.


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