Yutong ZK6128BEVG (E12)

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Driver’s Compartment

Yutong E12 buses are fitted with the ACTIA Podium 2 dashboard.

In place of analogue dials, the Yutong E12 dashboard features a digital display screen in the centre, displaying the speedometer, throttle, state-of-charge, and air pressure among other parameters. Notably, the dashboard graphics depict a Yutong E12 with all its roof battery packs mounted in front of the air-conditioning unit, which differs from the split-battery design used on local units.

Mounted around the dashboard are the various fare collection equipment as well as the Trapeze Common Fleet Management System (CFMS) driver display unit.

A CCTV monitor, located above the driver, assists with monitoring of the surroundings. The Electronic Display Sign (EDS) controllers are co-located with the CCTV monitor above the driver.

The Yutong E12 buses come equipped with the Golden Eye Driver Anti-Fatigue System, supplied by TNT Surveillance. The camera monitoring unit is installed on the top of the dashboard.

Collision Warning System

A Collision Warning System is offered by TNT Surveillance. The front collision warning camera (Front Alert Camera T-FA) integrates Forward Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Distance Monitoring and Pedestrian Detection features. The side collision warning camera (Side Alert Camera T-SA) detects pedestrians or cyclists in the blind spot on both sides of the vehicle.

Both camera systems are each connected to identical display units mounted on the left and right of the dashboard console, which issue visual and audio alerts in real-time. The Side camera is connected to the left-side display unit, while the Front camera is connected to the right-side display unit.

Features in-depth:

Wheelchair Bay

Wheelchair accessibility is offered via a manual wheelchair ramp installed at the rear door. LTA specifications call for two wheelchair bays on new buses in line with providing for an ageing population. They also offer more standing space, as well as room for unfolded prams.

Both wheelchair bays are located opposite the exit door. Each bay accommodates one passenger-in-wheelchair (PIW), and the wheelchair backrest contains a foldable seat that doubles as a rear-facing seat. These seats do not contribute to the licensed seating capacity of the bus.

The forward wheelchair bay is also equipped with a stroller restraint system. USB Charging ports are also provided at both bays.

A unique feature of these buses is the pivoting handlebar at each wheelchair bay, for the benefit of PIWs. It can be manually deployed and stowed depending on the needs of the passenger.

Handlebars are deployed by lifting the bar, rotating it 90 degrees or 180 degrees towards the aisle, then dropping it in place. At full reach (180 degrees), the design allows for PIWs to easily manoeuvre in and out of the wheelchair bay.

Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)

The Yutong E12 buses are equipped with Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS) for commuters. One roof-mounted LCD interior display panel is mounted above the centre aisle, near the exit door of the bus. A second, exterior-facing LCD panel is placed near the entrance door, next to an Electronic Display Sign that shows the bus route number.

The interior LCD display shows the next bus stop, and up to 3 subsequent bus stops served by the bus route, along with rail connections at these bus stops. The bus service number, destination and current time are also displayed.

The exterior-facing LCD display shows the next few MRT stations that the bus serves and the number of bus stops to that MRT station.

The LCD display panels are accompanied by a LED Colour Text Display mounted at the front and rear of the bus interior. This unit shows the service number, destination, and name of the next bus stop. All display units are supplied by LECIP.

Mood Lighting

White LED lamps, installed along the length of the bus, provide the main source of cabin illumination. In addition, cove lighting is stylishly integrated into recessed ceiling elements.

Five such rounded-rectangle ceiling elements span the length of the cabin. These mood lights are offered in 3 colours—Dark Blue, Sky Blue and Orange.

The light colours are manually toggled by the Bus Captain.

USB Charging Ports

The bus is equipped with USB charging ports for all seats on the side panels of the bus. Each charging port has room for two USB cables, rated 5V, 2.1A.

A spring-loaded dust cover protects the USB ports when not in use.

Doors & Passenger Counter

Yutong E12 buses are configured with two double-leaf doors: an entrance door at the front, and an exit door in the middle. Door systems are supplied by SMC Transit, similar to those used on Volvo B9TL and Scania K230UB buses.

The entrance uses conventional inward-swinging leaf doors, while the exit uses outward-swinging plug doors, all of which are electro-pneumatic operated.

An automatic passenger counter by TNT Surveillance (Model: P2) is installed above the front and rear doors. This feature enables the gathering of more accurate passenger loading data.


Bus Display at Ulu Pandan Bus Depot

On 11 November 2019, a Yutong E12 bus (SG3098L) was displayed at a press event at Ulu Pandan Bus Depot, alongside a BYD K9 and the ST Engineering Retrofitted Electric Bus. These electric buses would be deployed for revenue service in early 2020.

As part of LTA’s efforts to build a more inclusive public transport system, electric buses procured by LTA will no longer feature the centre pole at the entrance door, to allow easier access for parents with open strollers.


On 2 August 2021, SG3091E was involved in an accident inside Jurong East Bus Interchange, with damage to the front of the bus.


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Original publish date: 1 September 2019

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  • 23 April 2022 at 8:44 PM

    Earth Day wishes more electric buses to give Singapore air better

  • 3 April 2022 at 7:02 PM

    This ebus model is the best in terms of passenger comfort and experience. Perhaps LTA should consider buying large quantities of the E12 SDs in its next bus purchase to replace the KUBs and OC500LEs.

  • 9 June 2020 at 10:46 AM

    For the Yutong E12 electric buses under SMRT (services 944 & 983), they will park at Bulim Bus Depot.

  • 8 April 2020 at 1:10 PM

    maybe tower dont like man for some rsn thats why they were reluctant to trial sg5999z but lta forced them to…

  • 4 April 2020 at 12:00 PM

    TTS deployment is superb having svc 66 & 990 as a test bed for the Yutongs..66 endurance test from Jurong East to Bedok and 990 from Bukit Batok to Jurong East.For Bukit Batok there’s option to deploy on 106 also.

    SMRT only short feeder for 944 and one of the bus is on split duty while the other is from CCK ie 983.Actually can just deploy to 985 and 184 since both also park at Bulim Depot.

    TTS deploy all on svc 15,Can deploy 1 bus for Punggol svc like 34 or 82.

    • 8 April 2020 at 1:06 PM

      g-as deploy on 15 not tts

    • 19 January 2021 at 11:46 AM

      @Pubg But the redeployments honestly suck. Now all of them run on fairly short routes.


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