JB Sentral Bus Terminal

JB Sentral Bus Terminal is a bus terminal in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Located beside the JB Sentral Railway Station, the terminal serves the Johor Bahru Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) Complex, City Square and Komtar JBCC shopping malls.

The terminal is one of two bus termini served by Singapore public bus operators, the other being Larkin Bus Terminal.


Name: JB Sentral Bus Terminal | Terminal Bas JB Sentral
Service Area: Johor Bahru City Centre
Address: Jalan Jim Quee, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia ‚Äé
Bus Operators: JB local bus operators (Causeway Link, Maju, S&S, Citybus, Kembara City), SBS Transit, SMRT Buses
Rail Connections: KTM JB Sentral Railway Station
Berths: East Zone: 11 end-on
West Zone: 10 roadside
Bus Services: 2 (SBS Transit), 1 (SMRT Buses), JB local bus services


JB Sentral Bus Terminal is a relatively new bus terminal built in the late 2000s as part of the new JB Sentral Railway Station and accompanying JB Customs Complex. Located as part of the JB Sentral Railway Station building, the terminal serves a number of local bus services to the outer regions of Johor Bahru.

This terminal initially started operations as a bus terminal for Zon Barat (West Zone) public bus services in Johor Bahru, referring to neighbourhoods and towns located at the west side of Johor Bahru City. As a general principle, West Zone bus services ply destinations that are located along Route No. 3 (Tebrau Highway) or west of Route No. 1 (Skudai Highway). When the JB Sentral terminal started operations, it helped to ease congestion along Jalan Wong Ah Fook (referred to ‘Bandaraya’ or ‘City Square’ by most JB commuters), which used to be the starting and terminating point for all buses in downtown JB.

Following the closure of Jalan Wong Ah Fook to all bus services, from 18th May 2015, all East Zone and West Zone public bus services were amended to start and terminate at JB Sentral terminal, which led to severe congestion and overcrowding at the terminal. While West Zone buses used to layover at the 11 bus berths before their next departure, bus operators such as Causeway Link and Maju now no longer layover their buses at the terminal. Buses will disembark passengers at the entrance ramp to the terminal, then proceed to layover on the side of the road along Jalan Jim Quee. Buses will only enter the berth a few minutes before their next departure.

The CWA Senai Airport Shuttle AA1 provides direct connection to Senai Airport.

The terminal:

Following the closure of Kotaraya II Bus Terminal on 01 Nov 2014, local bus services 160, 170X and 950 were made to loop at Jln Tun Abdul Razak before their relocation to JB Sentral Bus Terminal. This marked the first time that cross-border bus services were made to serve the terminal.

Owing to the shortage of berths, Service 160, 170X and 950 do not have designated berths at the terminal. They park for short periods at parking lots away from the passenger concourse, and timekeepers keep track of arriving and departing buses. See Gallery for the bus boarding area.

Due to the proximity of the bus terminal with the JB CIQ complex, few passengers would opt to take the bus between JB CIQ and JB Sentral Bus Terminal.

Takeover of Jln Wong Ah Fook services

The severely overcrowded terminal

As of 18th May 2015, all bus services previously calling at Jln Wong Ah Fook (except JB1) were relocated to JB Sentral Bus Terminal. The huge increase in bus and passenger traffic at the terminal has led to frequent jams along Jalan Jim Quee leading to the terminal.

Moving of West Zone Services (Zon Barat) to Jln Jim Quee

From 17 November 2o19, the boarding and alighting point for West Zone bus services at JB Sentral Bus Terminal was moved across the road, along Jalan Jim Quee, where new bus shelters and bus bays were built. Existing East Zone bus services (including Causeway Link LM1, JPO1), including cross-border routes 160, 170X and 950, remain at the Terminal.

Bus services to Singapore:

Board from JB Sentral Terminal:

Service Destination Description
160 Jurong East Cross-border service
170X Kranji MRT Station Cross-border service
950 Woodlands (Temporary Bus Interchange) Cross-border service

JB Local Bus Services:

A. Larkin & East Zone Services (Zon Timur) – Board from JB Sentral Terminal

Bus Service Destination via Platform Bus Operator
T11 Setia Indah JB Sentral · Tebrau Highway · Pandan City · Kangkar Tebrau · Taman Daya 3 Causeway Link
Larkin Kebun Teh TBC Causeway Link
T20 Kota Masai 10 Causeway Link
T21 Permas Jaya 4 Causeway Link
39 Masai Tebrau Highway · Pandan City · Tebrau City · Plentong 8 City Bus
41 Kota Tinggi Tebrau Highway · Pandan City · Tebrau City · Desa Cemerlang · Ulu Tiram · Taman Sri Saujana 8 City Bus
123 Permas Jaya Stulang Laut · Taman Pelangi · Sri Stulang 4 City Bus
188 Ulu Tiram Tebrau Highway · Pandan City · Tebrau City 8 City Bus
205 / BET2 Ulu Tiram Tebrau Highway · Pandan City · Tebrau City 11 Maju
207 Larkin / Senai Airport Jalan Tun Abdul Razak · Larkin · Tampoi · Skudai · Senai · Taman Bintang 7 Maju
224 Pasir Gudang Tebrau Highway · Pandan City · Taman Molek · Taman Saujana · Taman Air Biru 7 Maju
227 Kota Tinggi Tebrau Highway · Pandan City · Tebrau City · Desa Cemerlang · Ulu Tiram · Taman Sri Saujana 11 Maju
Maju Larkin (224, 227) towards Larkin Maju
A1 Senai Airport Larkin · Tampoi · Skudai · Senai · Taman Bintang JB Central Line
AA1 Senai Airport Express Service 2 Causeway Link
CT Bayu Puteri Bukit Cagar · Stulang Laut · Taman Pelangi · Bakar Batu 10 Causeway Link
IM-17 KSL City Taman Pelangi Maju
JPO1 Johor Premium Outlets Tampoi · Skudai · Senai · Saleng 6 Causeway Link
LM1 Gelang Patah Larkin · Puteri Harbour · Legoland 6 Causeway Link
MV2 The Mall, Mid Valley Southkey Jln Ibrahim Sultan 2 Causeway Link
PM1 Paradigm Mall Express Service 2 Causeway Link
F100 KSL City Plaza Pelangi, Danga City Mall 2 Causeway Link
TD1 Twin Danga Residences Express Service 2 Causeway Link
P101 Larkin Jln Lingkaran Dalam · Jalan Yahya Awal 2 Causeway Link
P102 PPR Sri Stulang / MBJB Stulang Laut · Pasir Pelangi · Taman Iskandar 2 Causeway Link
P311 Pasir Gudang EDL · Bayu Puteri · Taman Megah Ria · Taman Rinting 7 Maju
S&S 1 Ulu Tiram Tebrau Highway · Pandan City · Tebrau City 5 S&S International
S&S 2  Permas Jaya Stulang · Taman Pelangi · Bakar Batu 5 S&S International
Kota Tinggi Tebrau Highway · Pandan City · Tebrau City · Ulu Tiram 5 S&S International
JDX Desaru Coast Express Service 2 Causeway Link

B. West Zone Services (Zon Barat) – Board from Jalan Jim Quee (opposite Bus Terminal)

Bus Service Destination via Berth Bus Operator
1B / 502 Bandar Selesa Jaya Danga Bay · Tampoi · Skudai · Taman Ungku Tun Aminah 5 Causeway Link
T32 Selesa Jaya 7 Causeway Link
BET3 Taman Universiti Danga Bay · Tampoi · Skudai 3 Causeway Link
7B Kulai Danga Bay · Tampoi · Skudai · Senai 1 Causeway Link
77B Kulai Danga Bay · Tampoi · Skudai · Senai 1 Causeway Link
T33 Taman Tan Sri Ya’akob Danga Bay · Tampoi · Taman Perling · Taman Nusa Bestari / Bukit Indah 1 Causeway Link
331 Taman Universiti Danga Bay · Tampoi · Skudai · Desa Skudai 3 City Bus
T31 Pulai Indah Danga Bay · Tampoi · Skudai · Sri Pulai · Kangkar Pulai 6 Causeway Link
777B Taman Puteri Kulai Danga Bay · Tampoi · Skudai · Senai · Kulaijaya 1 Causeway Link
S&S 7 Kulai Danga Bay · Tampoi · Skudai · Senai 2 S&S International


(Singapore Buses) Route to JB Sentral Ter:

Old Routing:

Buses from JB CIQ will follow the only exit out to the Inner Ring Road (Jalan Lingkaran Dalam), making a U-turn at the multi-tier flyover junction with Tebrau Highway (Lebuhraya Tebrau), right turn into Jalan Tanjung Puteri, another right turn into Jalan Jim Quee and entering JB Sentral Terminal on the left.

Buses from JB Sentral Terminal will exit to Jalan Jim Quee and head back to JB CIQ via Jalan Tanjung Puteri and Jalan Lingkaran Dalam, making a U-turn at the multi-tier flyover junction with Lebuhraya Tebrau. This is because public buses can only enter the checkpoint complex from Jalan Lingkaran Dalam (eastbound).

Service 160/170X/950 routing to JB Sentral Ter; Forward routing in green and return routing in blue
Service 160/170X/950 routing to JB Sentral Ter; Forward routing in green and return routing in blue

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